Hello Hero Epic Battle: Tips, Tricks, and Cheats

Hello Hero Epic Battle is the much anticipated sequel to Hello Hero – arriving on Android and iOS devices earlier this month. As an action RPG there’s a fair amount to get to grips with though, but have no fear …

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Hello Hero Epic Battle is the much anticipated sequel to Hello Hero – arriving on Android and iOS devices earlier this month.

As an action RPG there’s a fair amount to get to grips with though, but have no fear – here’s our top tips for the game. You’ll be winning battles with ease in no time.

  • Over a hundred heroes – It’s one of the major selling points for the game, but there are over a hundred heroes to pick from in Hello Hero Epic Battle. That’s a lot of combinations, and making sure you pick a team with a good balance is essential when it comes to winning battles – especially later on in the game’s Adventure mode.
  • Don’t be sentimental – Don’t be sentimental if you were a fan of the original Hello Hero. Although you may be attached to the heroes from the first game they may not be the best options when it comes to certain battles in this sequel.
  • Hero combos – You can grow every hero you have through seven rating tiers, but combining them also gives them a boost. Making sure they’re kitted up in the best equipment and costumes is also key to make them more effective in battles.
  • Passive and Active – Your heroes learn a range of skills, including Passive and Active ones as they level up. Make sure you use both types of skill effectively and know how they work – as using just one type will mean you could end up struggling in the more intense battles.
  • Playing your cards right – Make sure when you have duplicate Hero cards that you combine and use them to upgrade your squad. Depending on the number of cards you’ve collected your heroes’ stats can increase too.
  • Equipment – Know what kit to best equip your heroes with as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each piece of equipment. Weapons are offense orientated for example, whereas Armor will help boost your defense and health. Accessories can boost both attack and defense though, as well as improve a range of other abilities including health, speed, evasiveness, resistance, defense, and the critical damage you can dish out.
  • Random stats – Stats for equipment are random and are not set in stone. Please note that the higher your equipment tier the stronger the stats will be for your kit though.
  • Material goods – Equipment works on the same seven tier rating system that’s used for Heroes – and you can get material to upgrade your kit through equipment extraction. Your equipment’s stats and options improve as you acquire more items in the game too.
  • Class war – There are four hero classes and it’s well worth learning what each one can do. Defense heroes have strong physical and magical defense skills, as well as high health and protection skills. Melee/Ranged Attack heroes meanwhile have potent physical and magical attacks, but are saddled with small health bars. Melee/Ranged Hybrid characters possess strong physical and magical attacks, as well as a special utility. Support heroes have weak physical and magical attacks, but can regain health from attacks well and have reliable support skills.
  • Adventure – It’s best to start the game by playing the Adventure mode, which allows you to explore seven regions – each with ten stages. There are four difficulty settings to pick from too, so this is a good place to learn the ropes of the game and improve your battle skills.
  • Going on an Expedition – Once you’ve picked up the basics you can challenge yourself in the Expedition mode, where you have to clear dungeons with just one hero in your party. This isn’t easy, but the rewards you’ll pick up for doing well in this mode make it well worth it.
  • Games Workshop – The Workshop mode has you creating and reinforcing equipment and Heroes. It’s great to learn about elixirs and the other items you need to boost the levels of your team.
  • Rank up – There are three Ranking modes in Hello Hero Epic Battle, and you should check them all out as they offer a range of different challenges and rewards. World Boss sees you battling different boss creatures on specific days of the week, Conquest mode asks you to fight waves of enemies until you’re defeated, and Battlefield tasks you with killing all ten of an opponent’s Heroes. Doing well in these modes will boost your ranking, which will ultimately only benefit your heroes.
  • Toying around – There are plans to release a range of Smart Toy Figurines which will allow you access exclusive downloadable content such as special Heroes. Watch this space for more news on these!

So why not use these tips to your advantage and download Hello Hero Epic Battle right now via the App Store and Google Play?