Hello City Walkthrough

Welcome to the Hello City strategy Guide at Gamezebo! Hello City is a real time simulation game that lets you build your very own well, Happy City! at Facebook. Happy City was developed by Crowdstar Games and can be played on Facebook. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide on how to get your best score on Hello City!

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General Game Information

Hello City
  • Hello City was developed by Crowdstar games and was released on Facebook in June of 2010.
  • Hello City allows you to build a cheerful City with all kinds of fun attractions such as food carts, hopscotch, playgrounds and more. You can build houses to move in residences and businesses for them to work in. Buildings can be upgraded to support even more people which means higher profits for you.
  • Every 6 hours each business, and residence in your City earns money for you which you can collect by clicking on the money bag which hovers over each building. The more you upgrade the houses and attractions, the more money they will make for you in even less amounts of time.
  • Click on trees, shrubs and plants that sparkle for an extra coins and XP.
  • Click on the towns people as they walk around Hello City! They are always friendly and will give you XP points for clicking on them to wave Hello.
  • Play the “Hello Game” three times each day in your own City and Once a day in each of your neighbor’s Cities for bonus coins.
  • Some of the buildings and decor are animated and follow special themes.
  • Crowdstar has a special forum devoted to Hello City where you can post questions and suggestions for future game additions.
  • Other great games by Crowdstarthat you can play onFacebook are Happy Island, Happy Aquarium, Zoo Paradise, and Happy Pets.

Game Elements

Hello City
  • Below is a description of the game elements, where they are located and what they are used for.
  • A. Level/XP Indicator – Here you will see your current level and how many XP points you currently have.
  • B. Currency Indicator – Here you can see how much of each type of currency you have and can order more from link in the center.
  • C. Worker Indicator/Support – Here you will see how many workers you have in your City. If you click on the “?” you will be taken directly to the Crowdstar Hello City Forums where you can post questions about the game.
  • D. Countdown Clock – This Clock is counting down until your next pay out. All of your buildings will come due at the same time which is every 6 hours.
  • E. Game Controls – (Top to Bottom) These are your basic game controls. First you have a slide panel Zoom in and out feature. Closer to the “+” brings the images closer to you and closer to the “-” zooms the image out so you can see everything at once. The additional controls are toggle buttons meaning you can click them to turn things on and off. Here you can turn off the game sounds, the game music, put the screen in full screen mode and toggle the image quality. (If your computer is running slow you can turn off the animations here which will most likely help things.
  • F. Camera/Snapshots – Here you can take pictures of your City which will be saved in your Facebook photo albums.
  • G. Send free Gifts – (This area has 2 locations in image above) Click on the lighted billboard with the gift or on the send gift icon at the bottom left of page to send a once daily free gift to your neighbors.
  • H. Coin/Heart XP – Here you will see a coin and a heart XP which comes out of a tree or Flower Bed when it sparkles.
  • I. Leave Town – Click on any of these signs on the perimeter of your City and you will be taken to a random Neighbor’s City.
  • J. Build/City Store – Click on the Bulldozer icon to access the City Store menu which allows you to purchase houses, businesses or decor for your City.
  • K. Storage – Here is where your gifts are stored when you accept them from your Neighbors.
  • L. Neighbor Menu – This is your Neighbor menu where you can see the ranking of your Neighbor and can click on their image to visit their City.
  • M. Music Box Bonus – When you see this symbol click on the top part of the guy (near music note) to start the bonus. See “Music Box Bonus”

Strategies and Game Tips

  • The longer you let the game sit the more people you will see walking around your city. Once you have a significant amount of people then you should start your Hello Game to earn the most profits possible.
  • Since all funds are due at the same time it is easier to keep track of Hello City than other games. If you can set an alarm and come into the game every 6 hours to collect you will earn optimum profits.
  • The game resets each day at 8PM EST.
  • Be sure to send free gifts to your Neighbor and encourage them to send to you as the items they send you can make you a lot of money and you can upgrade them to make even more for you.
  • Use the Music Box Bonus to earn you extra coins. Click on him when he is in a large group of people as they will be attracted to the music. It’s best to do this after the game has been opened a few minutes. More people will come to your City over time.
  • NOTE – There is currently no way to expand the physical size of your City so you will need to be strategic about your placement of items within it. As you level up and start to earn more income you may want to sell your small houses for larger houses you can upgrade for optimal use of land. Be sure to study the houses to make sure you are getting the best deal for your money.
  • When you visit your City after being away a long time you will get a message saying your City is very Unhappy. As you collect funds from businesses this will change and the dark cloud over your City will disappear.


Hello City
  • There are currently 50 levels for the game. (This may change in the future)
  • Each level is reached by earning a certain number of XP points. (See XP below for more information)
  • As you advance up through the levels you will unlock items in the store you can purchase to decorate your city (Items have this level information listed next to them in the Store.)

Getting Started

Hello City
Hello City

  • When you start the game you will be given 800 coins, 3 Facebook Credits, 2 businesses, a playground and a house along with the City Hall building which is where you will start the “Hello Game” from.
  • NOTE – For a limited time in June and July you will be give 5 Free Facebook credits when you begin to play Hello City.
  • You will be prompted to invite friends at this time and you will need at least 4 neighbors to expand your city for the first time. “See Inviting New Neighbors below)
  • You will be able to collect from the money bags over the businesses and house in your city right away by clicking on them. After you do the countdown clock will start at 6 hours which is when you can collect again.
  • You will be shown a brief instructional message about the Hello Game which you will want to play for coins each day at your and at your neighbor’s cities for coins and XP and how to collect coins from houses and businesses every 6 hours.
  • It’s a good idea to look through the City Store menu and see what items are there and how much they cost so you can make a plan.

Daily Bonus

Hello City

  • Each day you will be awarded a daily coin bonus that you will receive the first time you log in each day. The amount varies based on level and number of Neighbors you have.

Game Currency

Hello City

  • Gold Coins – Gold coins are the main currency of the game and you are given 800 Gold Coins to start out with.
  • Facebook Credits –This is virtual currency purchased through Facebook that allows you to purchase exclusive decorations and attractions for the game. It also allows you to instantly upgrade an attraction versus waiting for it after purchasing with gold coins. NOTE – Facebook Credits can be used with multiple applications not just Hello City. You are given 3 Facebook credits to start out with. (See purchasing additional currency below)
  • XP (Experience Points) – You must earn XP points to level up in the game. (See levels above) Each time you purchase an item there is a specific number of XP associated with it that will add on to your total as soon as you make a purchase. You will also earn XP for clicking on Citizens and when you see a heart appear click on it right away before it disappears for 1 XP. This will add up fast over time.

How to earn and Collect Currency in the game

Hello City
Hello City
Hello City

  • Businesses/Attractions – Each building or attraction you place in Hello City will earn you a certain number of coins in an allotted amount of time. When that amount has been reached there will be a moneybag over that area. When you click on the moneybag you will be credited with the amount of money inside the bag right away. The more you upgrade a business the more coins and XP it will give you
  • Sparkling Trees and Flower Beds – If you see a tree or flower bed sparkling click on it and coins and XP will come out of it that you also have to click on.
  • Boom Box – When you see the little guy carrying a music box “Boom Box” around town be sure to wait until you have a lot of people near him and click on the music note and play button seen in image above. He will start to play his music and others will be attracted to him. They will start giving lots of coins so be sure you are ready to devote the time to this. You will see this music man in your City and your Neighbors and there does not appear to be any limit to the number of times you can click on him.
  • Hello Game – You are given 3 free turns each day for the “Hello Game” (See “Hello Game for more information) You can earn many coins with this if you take the time to do it correctly. (See Strategy and Tips above or “Hello City Game”) You can request more turns which friends can send you or you can take 1 turn daily at each of your Neighbor’s Cities to earn coins and XP.
  • Visit Neighbors – Play the “Hello Game” once per day in each Neighbor’s City.
  • Sell items back to store – You can sell items that are gifted to you or that you have too many of back to the store for coins if you wish. They sell back for 2/3 of the original cost.

How to purchase additional currency for the game

Hello City
Hello City

  • To purchase additional Coins click on the “Get More” button at the center top of the screen between the currency indicators and you will be taken to the “Coin Store” where you can purchase coins in various amounts using Facebook Credits.
  • If you would like to purchase additional Facebook Credits for the game click on the attraction or decoration you wish to purchase and then click on “Instant Upgrade” which will take you to a screen allowing you to purchase Facebook Credits with a Major Credit Card, Paypal Account, or Mobile Phone.
  • If you have Facebook credits and need to see your balance you can click on this link to see your Facebook Games Page which shows a summary of all of your games and at the lower right corner shows how many Facebook Credits you currently have and a link to purchase more: http://www.facebook.com/?sk=games

XP/XP Hearts

Hello City

  • XP (Experience Points) Experience points are what you earn when you purchase items, upgrade items, click on sparkling trees and flower beds and click on the people walking around the town you can earn XP. These XP accumulate and are what determines what level you are on.
  • If you click on a person walking around the City a heart will come from that person and it will land on the ground near them. It will fade away very fast so click on it right away. Each time you do this you will add 1 XP to your score. This takes a long time but will help you level up faster in the game.
  • You can also do this with your Neighbor’s city members and clicking on sparkling trees and flower beds can give XP hearts as well. Usually worth 1 but sometimes 2 for the trees.
  • When you purchase a new house and cut the ribbon on it one heart per person that can live in the house will come from it. For example if you purchase a house that holds 4 people right after you cut the ribbon 4 hearts will fly out and you must click on them right away to get the credit. Once they are gone you can no longer get credit for them.

Sparkling Trees and Flower Beds

Hello City
  • Whenever you see sparkling trees or flower beds in your city be sure to click on them as you will receive 1 coins and 1 XP heart. (Sometimes 2 coins and 2 XP Hearts)
  • You must click on them before they fade or you will not get credit for them.
  • Trees and Flower beds only cost 10 coins each so it is a wise investment to place several of them in your City and collect from them regularly each day.
  • The trees give several coins per hour and the type of tree does not seem to effect how often or how much is offered at this time.

The “Hello Game”

Hello City
Hello City
Hello City

  • Each player is given 3 turns per day of the “Hello Game” which is a great way to make extra income for your City.
  • Once your 3 turns are over you can request more from your friends.
  • You will also get to play 1 turn per day per Neighbor’s City when you visit them.
  • How to play:
  • Look for the hand symbol at the top of the City Hall Building.
  • Wait until you see several people in close proximity then click on the hand symbol.
  • Find a person in the center of the crowd and click on them and they will wave to you and say Hello.
  • You will next see a yellow cloud type circle come from that first person you clicked on and it will start to reach other people in town. Causing them to throw coins.
  • You want the circles to reach as many people as possible.
  • Click on as many people as you can and they will outline in green.
  • You have a time limit of one minute per turn.
  • You will be given the option to post your score on your Facebook Profile if you would like to.

The “Silver Man” Music Box Bonus

Hello City
Hello City

  • While playing the game you will notice a “Silver Man” carrying around silver crates and a music box. He also has a music note and a play button above him.
  • He is similar to the “Hello Game” in that the area around him will expand and anywhere the the music reaches people will give money.
  • People in the general vicinity will be attracted to the music so be sure to wait until he walks into a very crowded area. This may take some patience but it is well worth it.
  • Click on the play button shown in image above.
  • As the silver circle area starts to grow more and more coins will be thrown in. You must click on these coins to get credit for them.
  • You will find several of these music box Bonuses available to you each hour so make the best use of them.

Trapped Person

Hello City
Hello City
Hello City

  • When you start the game you will notice someone is trapped in a crate!
  • You must have 6 of your friends help you by giving you keys to unlock the crate
  • Post on the live feed and your profile page.
  • When 6 people help you this special exclusive guest will be released and will walk around your city with a special treat for your residents every 24 hours.
Hello City
  • Be sure to unlock the crate to find out who it is!

How to purchase items from the City Store

Hello City
Hello City

  • At the bottom left of the game screen you will see a bulldozer icon with the word “Build” under it. Click on this to open the game’s store.
  • This menu is broken into four categories: Housing, Businesses, Landscape, and Hot.
  • Choose the category you wish to purchase from and note that some items will be sold for coins and some for Facebook Credits.
  • Some items will only unlock for purchase once you reach a certain level.
  • NOTE – Some items will be locked until you reach a certain level in the game but will instantly unlock if you are willing to pay Facebook credits. These items are instantly accessible for instant purchase no matter what level you are currently on.

How to place, move, rotate or sell items in your City

Hello City
  • Once you purchase a building or choose to “place” an item from the gift storage area the item will stick to your cursor.
  • Place your cursor on the land where you want the building. Note that the buildings shadow outline will show and if it is red you can not place the item. When the item is green you can click on the land and lock the item in.
  • If you are not happy with the location simply click on it and at the top there are two buttons. The one of the left allows you to move items and the one on the right allows you to rotate items.
  • Once the item is locked into place you will be given the option to post a message on your life feed to announce your new building on the live feeds.
  • Next the building will have a bow over it and you must click on the bow to unlock the building and it will immediately begin to save up coins for you. You can place your cursor over the building at any time to see how much time is left before money will be paid out to you from that building.
  • To sell an item click on it and choose the “Sell” option. You will be asked once more to confirm and once you do the coins will be instantly credited to your account.
  • NOTE – You may sell an item purchased with Facebook credits back to the store but you will be given coins instead of Facebook credits and it will be at a value approximately 2/3 of the original purchase price or less.

Mystery Gifts

Hello City
Hello City

  • Mystery gifts can be sent from the daily free gift menu and contain all kinds of prizes.
  • If you get a mystery gift it will be announced to you what is inside once you enter the game after accepting it.
  • Usually it is a landscape decorative item but could also be a house or business.


Hello City
Hello City
Hello City

  • Each Business and home in the game can be upgraded one time for a cost. You can usually pay in coins for an upgrade which will take several hours to complete or you can pay with Facebook Credits for an instant upgrade. Most upgrades take a minimum of 8 hours to complete.
  • Businesses make much more money than houses do so you will want to upgrade them first. You will need people in the houses to work in the businesses so you will want a nice balance of each.
  • Once you have a business in place and you want to upgrade it simply click on it and a menu will appear. Click on “Upgrade” and you will be shown what the item will be upgraded to, the cost, time to complete, the new amount of income the structure will make for you, and how often.
  • Once you are sure you want to upgrade choose whether you will pay in coins or Facebook credits and if you opt for coins you will see a construction set up around the building. (Cones, blocking tape, etc.) which will stay in place until the building is finished upgrading. During this time you can place your cursor over the area and a countdown clock will show you how much time is left until the upgrade is completed.
  • Once it is complete a bow will be around the building just as it was when you first purchased it.
  • Click on the bow to cut it and if it is a house you will see hearts fly out of it. These are XP hearts. You must click on them to get credit for them.

How to take images for a Facebook Album

Hello City
Hello City

  • The game allows you to take snapshots of your City which are placed in your Facebook Photo Albums in a special album allotted just for Hello City.
  • To take a snapshot place the game in full screen mode then click on the camera icon shown in the image above.
  • You will be prompted to give permission for the photos to be taken and once given the photo will be shown in a small sample screen for your approval and for you to add a caption at the bottom if you wish. Type in your caption and then click on “Accept” the image will then be instantly placed in your album and on your profile page and live feed at Facebook for friends to see.
  • You can delete images by going into the photo album and deleting them there.
  • There is no limit to the number of photos you can take per day.

How to send and Receive Daily Free Gifts

Hello City
Hello City
Hello City

  • You are allowed to send 1 free gift to your neighbors once every 24 hours.
  • To send a gift click on the gift icon at the lower left side of the game screen.
  • The gift menu will open up and you can either choose 1 gift to send to multiple people or send different gifts one at a time.
  • Once you choose your gift(s) hit “Send” and your neighbors will be notified via the Facebook gift notification page.
  • A gift must be accepted by the neighbor before it is in their inventory.

Receiving Daily Free Gift
Hello City
Hello City
Hello City

  • When in your Facebook account click on the tab at the upper right corner that says “Home”
  • At this page you will see the daily live feed where announcements and messages are posted throughout the day.
  • At the middle right of the screen there is a summary of gifts sent to you.
  • If you see “Hello City” gifts click on the link and if not click on “Other Requests”
  • Now you will be in the gift acceptance page at Facebook.
  • Scroll down until you see the game you are looking for.
  • Any gifts sent to you will be listed individually.
  • Click on “Accept” and the gift will be put into your gift storage inventory.
  • Go back into the game and click on the storage crate icon at the bottom left corner.
  • You have the option of clicking on “Place” or “Sell”.
  • If you want to place the item in your city click on “Place” and if you want to sell the item for coins click on “sell” and you will be automatically credited.

How to Invite Neighbors

Hello City
Hello City
Hello City

  • To invite a Facebook friend to become your Neighbor go to the bottom of the game screen into the Neighbor menu and click on “Expand City” You will be taken to a screen listing your Facebook friends. Simply check off the ones you want an invitation sent to and they will find it in their Notifications page at Facebook.
  • If you do not have a lot of friends on your list or would like to meet new people also looking for neighbors for Hello City visit the Hello City fan page at Facebook located here –
  • Look for people posting “Add Me” or “Looking for Neighbors” You can then click on their profile link and send them a friend invitation.
  • IMPORTANT – When you send an invitation from this site be sure to send a personal message letting the person know you want to be “Hello City” Neighbors. Many people will not accept your invitation if you do not send a personal message.
  • Once they accept you as a friend on Facebook go into the game and send them an invitation to be your Neighbor Usually the person who initiates the friendship sends the Neighbor request.
  • You may also post “Add Me” at the Facebook Hello City Fan site and wait for others to send you friend requests. Again, make sure they send you a personal message so you know their intentions.
  • The more Neighbors you have the more successful you will be in Hello City.

Visiting your Neighbor

Hello City
Hello City

  • You may visit your Neighbors as many times a day as you like but you will only be able to collect funds from the Hello game once per day per neighbor.
  • You can also click on people in your Neighbor’s cities for XP hearts.
  • You may access your Neighbors by clicking on their icon at the bottom of the game screen where you will see the neighbors listed in order of rank. The highest scoring friend will be number 1 and they will be listed in order down the line.
  • You may also access your Neighbors by clicking on any of the signs that outline the perimeter of your City. You will be taken to a random Neighbor if you use this method.
  • When finished with your visit you can click on “My City” at the bottom left to return to your City or click on another Neighbor’s picture at the bottom or on the Billboards outlining the perimeter of your City.

Hello City Links

Hello City

Duties of a Hello City Mayor

Being mayor of your city means you are responsible for several activities such as budgeting, city planning and meeting the citizenry to ensure your city grows. Below is a screenshot as reference as we go through the tools to do just that.

Hello City

The status of your city is shown through progress bars, which are found at the top of the screen. Your current level and number of experience points is shown first, how much you have in your city vault in terms of coins, and lastly the number of citizens that are idle and need to work. Just below it is a timer when you need to come back and collect your taxes.

The tools below are needed when you need to grow your city. The Build tool will allow you to construct houses, business structures and do some landscaping. The Storage tool is used to keep gifts sent by your neighbors. Be sure to return the favor and send gifts through the Send tool.

At some point you would like to show the world what your city looks like. You can do this by clicking on the camera icon found on the upper left side. This will take a snapshot of your city and post it on your wall for everyone to see.

Constructing Houses

To grow your city, you need to build houses for new citizens to live in. Using the Build tool, you will can choose from different types of residential buildings. You can choose between constructing a home or an apartment. Each building has its own cost and it increases depending on the type and style.

The image below shows that purchasing a cream cottage will cost you 95 coins and can house 2 people while a rose farm cottage will cost 158 coins and can house twice that.

Hello City

Most houses will be built in a few seconds and once done, you need to “cut the ribbon” for citizens to move in. This means the collection timer starts and you can now earn from the home.

Adding Business Establishments

What’s a city without stores, cinemas and restaurants? You can add different types of business establishments to set the culture and look of your city. You don’t necessarily have each one unless you want to. Considering the total land area can’t be expanded just yet, you can be creative and choose which restaurants and shops your city will have.

Expect a little bit of interaction from these buildings. When you’ve just built one (remember to cut the ribbon), it will remain closed until you open it for business. Clicking on a closed shop will open a window which will let you choose how long you want it open to serve customers.

Hello City

There are about 8 time frames you can choose from. From 5 minutes to 2 days, each has a cost tied to it to keep it open. Take note that the longer you keep it open, your costs increase. In the example above, you will notice that some are grayed out. This means you don’t have enough coins to invest to open the business that long.

There is one more you need to open it. Workers. The Manage button, when clicked, will show you how many you need. You can then check your available workers by looking at worker status bar. You will need to add more houses to fulfill the requirement if you lack people.

Collecting Coins

To further improve your city, you need coins to spend. Your main source of income will come from businesses and houses.

Each house and store has its own collection time. For restaurants, entertainment buildings and stores, you can choose how long you want the business to be open. The longer it is open, the more coins you will earn plus more experience points.

When it’s time to collect, a money bag will appear on top of the building to notify you. Clicking it will add coins to your treasury and also gain experience points. It’s important that you collect the coins in time or you lose the money you’ve invested and earnings. Money bags that have exclamation marks indicate that you missed the deadline.

Hello City

Houses on the other hand, the collection time has been automatically chosen for you. Take note that money from houses don’t get lost if not collected in time. Different types of houses also earn more than others.

Another way of collecting extra coins is to play the Hello game and adding neighbors by removing road blocks within the perimeter of your city, which are collected automatically for you every few minutes.

Removing Roadblocks

You will notice 4 roadblocks at the edge of your city. This is a way for you to expand your city by adding neighbors. Clicking on it will post an invitation to your wall. If he accepts, he becomes your neighbor. Take note that “expanding” doesn’t mean adding more space to your existing one.

Hello City

Free Facebook Credits

You get 5 free Facebook credits when you start playing Hello City. The notice appears after a few minutes playing the game and you’ve finished the tutorial. It will give you a choice to purchase from three buildings, which are available in higher levels. You can also share it to your friends so they get the freebie when they play the game.

Hello City