Hello Adventure Walkthrough

Hello Adventure is a Facebook game developed by Free Lunch Design that sends you on an exciting adventure. Gamezebo’s Hello Adventure strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips and tricks, hints, and cheats to make your adventure as easy and fun as possible.

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Hello Adventure – Game Introduction

Hello Adventure is a Facebook game developed by Free Lunch Design that sends you on an exciting adventure. Gamezebo’s Hello Adventure strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips and tricks, hints, and cheats to make your adventure as easy and fun as possible.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • Hello Adventure is played on Facebook and you will need to have a current account to play. If you need to register for a free account click here – http://www.facebook.com
  • Once you have a Facebook account you are ready to play and can click on the “Free – Play Now” button at the top of this page.
  • You will be asked to give permission to allow the developer to post messages on your profile page at Facebook. Click on “Allow” and proceed to the game.
  • After saving Felikh, this mysterious character will walk you through a tutorial, explaining the basics of the game and introducing you to the adventure that awaits you.


Your camp is the base of all your operations. Basically, in your camp you can do three things: cook food over the campfire, visit your friends’ camps, or go out on an adventure.

Hello Adventure

When you click on the campfire, you have a choice of foods that you can roast over the fire. When an item is roasted, pick it up to put it into your inventory. Beware though, that foods will spoil over a certain time, so make sure you eat it before it spoils.

Hello Adventure

On your adventure, you will encounter several new allies, who will join your camp. After helping them build their building, they will be able to craft skill tokens for you; special moves or attacks that will help you on your adventure.

Hello Adventure

You can see the skill tokens you have on the top-left corner of your screen; scroll over them to view their use, and click on them to activate it.

Hello Adventure


To progress in your adventure, simply click on the “Adventure” sign in your camp to go to your map, and from there, select the location you want to go to.

Hello Adventure

Moving around and fighting in Hello Adventure is very straight-forward: simply click which tile you want to go to, and click on enemies to attack them.

Hello Adventure

Tip: You might sometimes come across sections that are completely dark, and where you can’t see where the path goes. This is no problem; you can simply click where you ultimately want to go (or click somewhere in the dark), and your character will find the path for you.

While some might argue an adventure is a spiritual journey, no adventure is complete without some treasure to be found. After clearing the objective of a certain location, make sure that you explore the rest of the location. Look under rocks, open jars, and find those hidden corners of the maps for coins, items, and treasure chests.

Hello Adventure

Tip: In many Facebook games, you either have to click on an item to pick it up, or wait a few seconds for it to be picked up automatically. In Hello Adventure, items will not be picked up automatically, but to pick it up, all you have to do is scroll your mouse over them; no need to click.

Weapons and Outfits

As you progress, you will encounter stronger enemies along the way, so upgrading your gear is a good way to stay alive. Sometimes you will come across new weapons or outfits on your adventure, but you will mostly get these from the shop.

Better weapons mean that you can do more damage when you attack an enemy, while a better outfit means you have more health. Helmets (at least in the beginning of the game) do not actually have an influence on the game play, but are purely a visual change.

Both in the shop and when viewing your inventory in your backpack, you can compare the strength of your current gear, and see if you have enough coins to upgrade to better gear. If an item has a lock with a number in it, it means that you have to reach that level to unlock it, before you can buy it.

Playing Hello Adventure, you are not limited to a certain amount of moves or energy per time; your only limit is your health, which will automatically regenerate over time. This means that if you’re almost out of health, rather than sitting around doing nothing, you could spend some time simply exploring while your health regenerates.

While losing all your health doesn’t actually have severe consequences (you’ll simply exit the adventure and need to come back when you have enough health again), wasting it is always a shame. If you are facing multiple enemies, consider your options. If it’s possibly to attack one enemy, while staying out of range of the other (the red squares indicate the range of an enemy’s attack), you will not be attacked by two enemies in one turn while only being able to attack one enemy yourself.

Hello Adventure

If you’re dealing with a lot of enemies with a long range, like in the image below, consider using a a skill token to take out some of the enemies, since otherwise, every step you take, you will receive damage from multiple enemies and lose your health very fast.

Hello Adventure

Tip: Your health will be completely filled up when you level up. If you see that you’re close to leveling up, it might be worth simply waiting for your health to regenerate until you level up, thus saving healing items.

Visiting Friends and Neighbors

By visiting your friends every day, you can get one free item of their grill, and send them a grill item as well. Make sure to visit your in-game friend Molgan as well, for an even better item from the grill.

Hello Adventure

While there is not much other involvement from your friends, you will need a certain number of friends to be able to visit some special locations later on in your adventure.


You have completed the quick start guide for Hello Adventure by Free Lunch Design. Be sure to check back often for game updates, Staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments, and much more here at Gamezebo.