Haze Piece Sword Tier List – All Weapons Ranked

Our Haze Piece Sword tier list ranks all of the swords in the One Piece-inspired Roblox game. Each sword is ranked from S-tier to D-tier!

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This Haze Piece Sword tier list can help you decide which sword is the best for your character! There are a range of abilities available with each sword, which can vary in strength. That’s where this tier list comes in! Those in S-tier have the strongest abilities, whereas the swords in D-tier are the weakest.

Haze Piece is a Roblox experience inspired by One Piece. With plenty of immersive quests and familiar faces, you can explore the lands and become the strongest pirate! (Or marine, but who is really choosing that option?). Consume devil fruits to become even stronger with strange and powerful abilities. Battle alongside or against friends, and watch as your bounty soars the more fun you have.

For more information about Haze Piece, visit the game’s official Roblox page. If you’re looking for more Haze Piece content, we’ve got plenty! Check out our Haze Piece Gear 4 guide, and our Haze Piece Fruit Tier List!

Haze Piece Sword Tier List

So, which sword is the best to wield in the game?

What Each Tier Means

  • S Tier: The best weapons in the entire game at this current time – try to unlock and equip one of these swords as soon as you get one!
  • A Tier: Brilliant weapons, but not as strong as those in S-tier. However, utilising an A-tier weapon will help you clear content just as efficiently
  • B Tier: Average weapons through and through – they should be swapped out when you eventually unlock an A-tier or S-tier weapon
  • C Tier: Below average weapons that need to be replaced as soon as possible! They’re only useful when you’re new to the game, or when you have no other weapons
  • D Tier: The worst weapons in Haze Piece – don’t waste your time trying to unlock them!

S Tier

  • Fishman Trident
  • Shusui
  • Operation Blade
  • Yoru (Dark Blade)

A Tier

  • Raiu Sword
  • Bisento V2
  • 2 Sword Style V2
  • Sea Beast Hammer

B Tier

  • Golden Hammer
  • Soul Cane
  • Bisento V1
  • Krampus Scythe

C Tier

  • Mace
  • Shark Blade

D Tier

  • Pipe
  • 2 Sword Style
  • Katana

Haze Piece Swords

If you’d like to learn more about each sword, check out our Haze Piece Swords guide! It covers all you need to know about the abilities of each weapon (plus the required level for the ability!)  and how to obtain them.

When to Expect a Tier List Update

Tier lists updates usually occur when a new weapon/character is added to a game. In terms of this tier list, it’ll be updated when a new sword is introduced after a major in-game update! The weapons that are currently in the tier list above may change rank if they receive a nerf or buff during balance patches.

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