Haze Piece Books – The Everything Guide!

Where are books? What are they used for? Our guide has everything you need to know about the journey books will take you on in Haze Piece!

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Evidently, you like reading to be on the lookout for some Haze Piece Books! Our guide will run you through what the books in Haze Piece are used for, and where best to use them!

Haze Piece is the Roblox experience inspired by One Piece. With plenty of immersive quests and familiar faces, you can explore the lands and become the strongest pirate! (Or marine, but who is really choosing that option?). Consume devil fruits to become even stronger with strange and powerful abilities. Battle alongside or against friends, and watch as your bounty soars the more fun you have.

Want to meet the straw hat team yourself? Head to the Roblox page to learn more. We have covered a Haze Piece Gear 4 Guide, Haze Piece Fruit Tier List, and Haze Piece Swords Guide. If you’re a fan of anime-inspired games why not also check out what we wrote for Jujutsu Chronicles Codes?

Haze Piece Books

Only a little more reading to go!

Path Of The Books

Your journey begins.

Obtaining The Book

Your first challenge awaits you in Logue City, where your foe, the Dual Swordsman resides. Defeating him is the beginning of your journey, and the book is within reach! However, with a drop rate of 50%, may luck be on your side!

2 Sword Style V1

Secondly, to unlock it’s fullest potential you will need to obtain the mastery of the “2 Sword Style V1”, which you can purchase from Doc. White in Logue City. Once this path is mastered, and book obtained, you will be ready to meet with Doc. White again.

Learning 2 Sword Style V2

Finally, present the book to Doc. White as a vow to your dedication and skill growth. Here he will vibe-check you, before bestowing a 2 Sword Style V2 upon you. The Sword Style V2 is a vast upgrade with increased stats all around! You have obtained a sword that truly represents your unwavering dedication and exceptional skill.

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