Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery friendship guide — How to make friends and influence people

It’s no fun to go through School for Witchcraft and Wizardry alone. Everyone needs friends, and that’s as true in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery as it is in real life.

Beginning with Rowan, the first person you’ll meet as a brand new Hogwarts student, you’ll have the opportunity to cultivate friendships with a number of students — seven, to be exact, at least at the time of this article. Leveling up your friendships not only unlocks more story-driven scenes in the game, it also can earn you free Gems, which are always welcome.

How can you make more friends and grow closer to the ones you already have? Alllow our friendship guide to show you the way.

Keep playing to unlock more friendships

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Simply continuing to progress through Harry Potter: Hogwart’s Mystery will have you crossing paths with more characters, some of whom can become friends. Rowan, Ben and Penny will all unlock fairly early on.

Bill Weasley can be unlocked in Year 2, while Nymphadora Tonks and Tulip Karasu arrive in Year 3. Barnaby Lee is a mystery, but if you simply keep going forward, it’s one you’ll likely figure out on your own.

Always have coins on hand

It costs coins to interact with a friend, which makes them seem pretty mercenary. In any case, even though coins are pretty easy to earn along the way in a variety of ways, you’ll want to avoid spending your total all the way down to zero lest you have to wait before you can jump into a friendship interaction.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Then simply look for an icon that looks like a handshake and tap on it to start hanging out with that particular friend. You can also find available friendship interactions from the menu you access by tapping on the scroll with the ‘H’ icon on it on the left side of the main game screen.

Recognize the mood

The key to successful friendship interactions is to identify what mood your friend is in and tailor your answers accordingly. To help you figure it out, you can tap on the character’s picture in the upper-left corner. That will highlight one of the three attributes, either Courage, Empathy or Knowledge.

Once you do, you should answer your friend’s questions based on the answer that depends on that attribute. Don’t see one? That’s probably because you aren’t strong enough in that stat. Which brings us to …

Don’t be afraid to wait

Every friendship interaction in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery will list suggested values for all three attributes before you jump into it. If you don’t have the right levels in those stats, consider just waiting and returning to that friendship when you do.

Because you only have a limited number of tries to answer questions correctly, going into a friendship interaction with insufficient attribute levels will likely just frustrate you.

Social questions guide

Between formal friendship interactions, you’ll also have some dialogue scenes where you’ll speak to one of your friends and have to choose from multiple answers. Some answers are “better” than others, and will lead to better rewards.

With that in mind, here’s a cheat sheet for the best answers to some early game social questions:


  • Q: Have you had visions before? A: I’ve heard things before.
  • Q: Visions can be dangerous. A: That’s why I need your help.
  • Q: How can I help? A: With knowledge and friendship.
  • Q: Do you think it was a warning? A: Or a clue, maybe both.


  • Q: There’s so much to be afraid of. A: Everyone feels afraid sometimes.
  • Q: Our friends aren’t scared. A: We’ll keep each other safe.
  • Q: Why was I put in [name of Hogwarts class]? A: You’re braver than you know.
  • Q: I belong in the Muggle world. A: You belong at Hogwarts, Ben.


  • Q: What if we get caught? A: We won’t. We’ll be prepared.
  • Q: What about Snape? A: You’ll work out a brilliant plan.
  • Q: What about the Cursed Vaults? A: We’ll break the curse.

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