HappyVille: Quest for Utopia Walkthrough

Welcome to the Happyville: Quest for Utopia walkthrough on Gamezebo. Happyville: Quest for Utopia is an building simulation game created by Gogii Games for PC. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide to complete Happyville: Quest for Utopia.

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General Tips

Welcome to the Happyville: Quest for Utopia walkthrough on Gamezebo. Happyville: Quest for Utopia is an building simulation game created by Gogii Games for PC. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide to complete Happyville: Quest for Utopia.

A. Useful Items:

The screenshot below shows several items you will become familiar with throughout the game; the in-game tutorial at the beginning of the game does not explain these in detail:

 Quest for Utopia

1. Gamespeed: Adjusts as N, x2, or x3 with the left and right arrows on either side.

2. Money: This is the available amount you have to spend. You can have a negative balance by accepting the letter requests, but you cannot have a negative balance by building the items you need for your city.

3. Income: The minimum amount of money you will have as income per day will be $100. This will increase as the citizens build houses and businesses. It is lowered by building civic buildings and increasing them. You can raise taxes to the high level either on the stats popup or by clicking on the city hall, but happiness will quickly diminish. You can also lower taxes, but then it will take much longer to meet your goals and expand the city. I left it on medium and didn’t seem to have any problems with happiness or growth.

4. Village: Population total is shown to the right. Happiness and growth meters are shown below.

5. Stats: Clicking on this will bring up the stats popup sheet.

6. Map Zoom, Build Roads, and Eraser: Clicking on the map zoom tools will bring the view closer or further away; you can adjust 5 times, and can also use the scroll wheel on your mouse. Click on the road building tool to build roads. Use the eraser to get rid of the trees that are already on the map when they are in your way, or to erase a building, road, monument, etc, that you have placed in error or do not need.

B. Stats:

 Quest for Utopia

1. Taxes: You can adjust taxes to low, medium, or high here.

2. Statistics: These will be your biggest concerns. The homeless and unemployed will change over time, so be careful to watch the pattern for awhile. For example, you may have 1 homeless person and 5 unemployed, with 6 jobs available on one day. A few days later, you may have 20 homeless people, 17 unemployed and only show 3 jobs available. Check again in a few days and see if this improves before changing businesses, houses, and civic buildings once you have your map full. The citizens will die, opening up homes and jobs, and the homeless will move into the unoccupied homes and take the old jobs that are now available once you have your map full.

The most important statistic is how many people you have who are sad. You can either find sad people by clicking on each individual person, or by clicking on the houses, businesses, and civic buildings to see if there are any concerns. The screenshot below is an example of a house where people need a grocery store and restaurant (businesses) built near them:

 Quest for Utopia

People may become sad for many reasons:

a. Homeless

b. Jobless

c. Do not have enough food (build a farm lot)

d. Are too close to a farm and it smells (put a row of trees or flowers on any side of the house or business). You can build your farms away from the city to avoid this, or in town; neither seems to affect the happiness or area needed:

Farms away from most buildings in one area:

 Quest for Utopia

Farms in town, with rows of flowers for the school, and rows of trees for the houses shown:

 Quest for Utopia

e. Does not have the business required near the house. It appears that a business needs to be within 2 houses in any direction. Check the houses frequently throughout the game. You may need to tear down an existing house to build a new business. Choose one that has few or no occupants. Tearing down the house with needs in a neighborhood appears to just move the problem to the next available open house. Tearing down an existing business to rebuild a new business doesn’t seem to work; the same business is rebuilt, leaving you with the same needs. If there is no feasible means of placing the needed business near the house, for example, if you have a house on the edge of the map, tear down the house. This doesn’t seem to have the “real world” effect of making people homeless; they seem to find another house within a day or two.

f. Needs a hospital or police station: Build a hospital or police station. If the house is on the edge of the map, you may want to consider tearing down the house.

C. Miscellaneous:

1. Elections: There will be random elections throughout the game. A newspaper will flash up, showing it is time for an election. Then it will appear nothing is happening for a few days. Use this time to find sad people/houses and meet their needs. Be sure to accept any pleas for help during the campaigning time, until the election is over. Ensure you have less than half of your total population as a sum of 1) homeless, 2) unemployed, 3) sad.

At 4 days before the election, the election countdown will show at the top of the screen beside the clock:

 Quest for Utopia

2. Events: There are also random events that occur. You can lose a neighborhood of homes to fire, or lose businesses due to the economy. Go back over your map carefully and rebuild the lost homes or businesses.

3. City Growth:

Your city will grow as follows:

Hamlet = 10 people

Village = 20 people

Municipality = 50 people

Citiy = 100 people

Metropolis = 150 people

Megapolis = 250 people

The max people I have seen in the city is 301. Be sure to have 31 farms.


A. At the beginning of the game, you start with a city hall and 6 citizens. There will be several steps at the beginning that you have to follow the prompts in the game to get the items you need to continue:

1. When you are prompted, click on one of the people to see his/her needs. You will then be able to build houses. Build 3 houses. Build the roads as prompted.

2. You will be prompted to click on one of the houses to see the people’s needs. You can then build farms. Build about 3 farms to start with.

3. Letters will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen. Decline the requests for home schooling and a clinic; you will be able to make enough money to build a school and hospital. Help the people who are robbed; you may not be able to build a police station before the first election, and declining the letter for help may hurt your outcome in the first election.

4. Leave the taxes set at medium, and only employ one city worker to start with. Making money will be very slow to start with.

5. Build houses and businesses within the radius of the hospital. Increase the workers and hospital area when you have the first radius full. Example of a hospital area at the highest level is shown below. You can see the area covered by clicking on the building to get its information:

 Quest for Utopia

Increase or the area covered and the number of workers possible by clicking on the building, then using the up or down arrows for the coverage:

 Quest for Utopia

6. Continue adding farms, as needed. You need one farm for 10 citizens, so you will need a total of 31 farms.

7. Build another hospital in the next area you want to expand, and then build the houses, police station, businesses, etceteras. This keeps the citizens happy.

8. Keep building the items shown in the goals tab, and continue to build houses and businesses. Don’t forget to have everyone covered by a hospital and police station. Increase the radii of the hospital and police stations as soon as you build them.

9. Build lots for “future” neighborhoods, and then let the city expand on its own.

10. Keep watch on the stats; you want to be sure you have homes for the homeless, jobs for the jobless, and satisfy the needs of the sad people.

11. Once you have a Megapolis of 250 people, you remaining goal will be to have everyone happy. I have played the game through at least a dozen times, and in the version I have, nothing happens when I have no homeless, unemployed, and sad people all at the same time.