Happy Wheels Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Happy Wheels has just landed on mobile devices after enjoying a lengthy span of internet fame as a former browser-based title. This silly little physics-focused arcade game has players scooting through dangerous levels on the clumsy scooter that the protagonist insists on using. The following Happy Wheels tips, cheats and strategies will ensure that players hit the ground rolling as best that they can as they start out their Happy Wheels adventure.


Happy Wheels tips cheats strategies

Happy Wheels is all about knowing what is coming. The initial charm of the game is that your character gets absolutely demolished as each new trap is revealed. However rushing through a level, even a familiar one, is a sure way to get killed.

Take your time, anticipate what the next challenge is and mentally prepare yourself for all the fine-tuned acrobatics you’ll undoubtedly have to pull off to beat the next obstacle and all the rest that lay between you and the finish line.


Happy Wheels tips cheats strategies

Jumping is a key aspect of Happy Wheels. Jut rolling everywhere will get you killed super quickly. Being ready to jump at a moments notice is a requirement in every level, so with that said it’s a good idea to always keep your finger hovering just over the jump button.

Just don’t forget that sometimes jumping can decrease your momentum, so consider leaning into jumps to increase your velocity to go a bit further, or leaning back for shallower jumps.


Happy Wheels tips cheats strategies
Maybe you shouldn’t jump right into the later levels, though.

It took me a little bit to realize this, but all the levels in Happy Wheels are open from the start. You don’t need to play them in order to access the next level. If you want, you can start at the last level and work your way backwards. The choice is yours.

This is a great way to  avoid getting too pissed off at the game, as you won’t get stuck on one level forever. You can just skip it and come back to it later.


Happy Wheels tips cheats strategies
If only I had taken that Danger sign seriously.

If you follow the first tip, you’ll undoubtedly notice that there are small clues and indicators withing each level as to what the traps and obstacles do. Pay attention and learn them.

For example, some platforms will scoot up when you get on them and are indicated with some little arrows, while other platforms that are completely red will vanish after a few seconds. Look ot for these little directions and you can save yourself lots of frustration.


Happy Wheels tips cheats strategies

Some of the traps and obstacles may seem impossible at first, but know that there may be a way to nullify the difficulty of a particular section with a switch or even an alternate pathway.

My best advice is to poke around each level, looking for a hidden switch or a second way around before you declare Happy Wheels to be impossible.

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