Happy Theme Park Walkthrough

Happy Theme Park for the iPhone and iPod Touch will provide you with countless hours of theme park fun! Purchase fun land and water attractions for your park which are animated and fully upgradable. Set up amazing exhibits such as kissing booths, ice cream and cotton candy stands and more. Complete goals for large cash rewards and play around in the lab to see what you get when you cross two premium rides then place it in your park for outrageous profits. Invite your friends to play along and visit their theme parks too! Gamezebo’s Happy Theme Park quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

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Game Introduction – Happy Theme Park

Happy Theme Park for the iPhone and iPod Touch will provide you with countless hours of theme park fun! Purchase fun land and water attractions for your park which are animated and fully upgradable. Set up amazing exhibits such as kissing booths, ice cream and cotton candy stands and more. Complete goals for large cash rewards and play around in the lab to see what you get when you cross two premium rides then place it in your park for outrageous profits. Invite your friends to play along and visit their theme parks too! Gamezebo’s Happy Theme Park quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Happy Theme Park
  • Happy Theme Park is a free application and can be found by clicking on the “Free Play Now!” button at the top of this page or by searching for it in the iTunes store.
  • You will be asked if you want push notifications for this application the first time you load it. This means you will be notified via a text alert when it is time to collect money from various attractions or if you are about to run out of time on a project. These can configured in the settings area of the game at any time.
  • You must have an Internet connection to play Happy Theme Park.
  • There is a brief tutorial to get you started. You will learn to purchase an attraction, place it on your land and upgrade it. This will help you learn how to navigate around the main menu.
  • Tap on any attraction to see detailed information about it and tap on any game screen element to see additional information about it.
  • Settings – Tap on “Main Menu” then on the gear icon at the upper right corner to toggle game music and sounds on or off.
  • Zoom in or Out – You can double tap on the screen twice quickly to zoom in or out and you can use the pinch method on your screen to zoom in or out as well.
  • XP – You will earn XP or (Experience points) as you collect from various attractions, make purchases, complete goals, work in lab, upgrade attractions, hire employees, pick up trash purchase mascots and more. These XP allow you to level up in the game. When you collect from an attraction by tapping on it you will see a blue star icon. These represent XP. Be sure to tap on them when you see them. There is an XP indicator at the top of the game screen marked with a blue star. Tap on this any time to see how many XP you need to make it to the next level.
Happy Theme Park
  • Population – Each time you add an attraction to the park you increase the visitor population. There is a meter at the top right of the screen which shows your current population. The first number shows your current population and the second number indicates your population maximum.
  • Population Limits – There is a maximum number of population that you can have at any given time. This can be increased by marketing strategies and by purchasing mascots for your park. These can both be found in the main menu area and you can read more about each near the end of this guide.
  • Park Grade – If you are doing well your park will earn a high letter grade. (See “Park Report Card” for more information) Be sure to keep adding attractions and keep the population growing and happy to maximize profits.

Game Currency

Happy Theme Park
  • There are two types of currency in Happy Theme Park. You are given a small amount of each when you start the game and earn more as you collect money from your attractions and complete goals.
  • Coins – You are given 2,000 coins to start the game. These are the basic game currency and can be used to purchase attractions, shops, decorative items, hire employees, purchase mascots, upgrade attractions, experiment in the lab and more.
  • Them Park Bucks – You are given two theme park bucks when you start the game. This is the premium game currency and is much harder to obtain. You can sometimes earn it for leveling up and completing certain goals but you will have to purchase it if you want enough to purchase attractions. You can purchase special privileges with these bucks such as instant upgrades, and instant ride times. You can also purchase attractions that will make you a considerably larger amount of money over time.
Happy Theme Park
  • How to get more currency – Tap on the currency meter at the top center of the game screen or go to the main menu and tap on “More coins and bucks” and you will be taken to the purchase menu. You can purchase coins or bucks in bundled form. The more you buy the more you save overall. This will be charged to your iTunes account and will count as an “in app” purchase.
  • How to get free bucks – Tap on the bottom of the currency purchasing screen to see offers for free bucks. You will be asked to purchase items or visit sites of sponsors in exchange for the free park bucks.
  • Spend your bucks wisely. Try not to use them for instant upgrades if at all possible focus them on purchasing attractions that will yield you high profits so you can earn some of your investment back.

Purchasing Attractions, Food Shops, Paths, Facility and Accessory items for your Theme Park.

Happy Theme Park
Happy Theme Park
  • Purchasing Attractions/Rides – Tap on “Main Menu” at the lower right corner of the game screen. Here you will see a large menu of options.
  • Tap on “attractions” and you will be able to see all attractions available to you for purchase at this time.
  • You will be at first prompted by the tutorial to place the “Ferris Wheel”
  • Note that many items are locked and will unlock as you level up and some items are purchased with bucks and some with coins.
  • Tap on the attraction you wish to add and you will be taken back to the theme park to place it.
  • Once you place it and then tap on it the attraction one final time the purchase will be locked in.
  • Note that each attraction earns you a certain number of coins, XP and visitors at a specific time interval. Upgrading the attraction for a cost will increase these numbers for you. (See “Upgrading attractions” for more information.)
Happy Theme Park
  • Accessory Items – These are also known as decorative items such as trees, lamp posts, ponds, arcade machines, etc. These items are sold for coins and park bucks and are very expensive. Each item has a visitor capacity tied to it which can be seen in the store. Tap on Main Menu, then “Store” then on “Accessory” to purchase these items.
Happy Theme Park
  • Food Shops – Food shops are a great visual addition to your park. Tap on “Main Menu” then on “Shop” then on “Food shops” to access this menu. There is a visitor capacity tied to each item and they can be purchased with coins or park bucks. There are also level requirements so you may need to wait until some are unlocked before you can purchase them. These buildings do not earn you a profit. They are only decorative in nature.
Happy Theme Park
  • Paths – Tap on “Main Menu”, then “Shop”, then on “Paths” to access this menu. Here you can place sidewalks, or rivers in your park. You will have to pay per panel and this can be very expensive. You do not earn any XP for purchasing paths and you do not earn any profits for placing them. They are decorative in nature only.
Happy Theme Park
  • Facility – Tap on “Main Menu” then on “Shop” then on “Facility” to access this menu. Here you can find buildings such as restrooms, information center, toy store, and Balloon seller. These are the only facility buildings available at this time and they are sold for coins and bucks. You will earn a small XP reward for purchasing these items but you will not make any other profits. These items are mainly for decorative purposes only.
  • Selling Back Items – You can sell purchased items back to the store but only for a fraction of the original cost. Tap on an item then tap on the “Sell” button and confirm.

Placing items on your theme park land

Happy Theme Park
  • When you purchase an item it will always appear in the lower left corner of your park. It will likely be sitting on top of another attraction and can be hard to see.
  • Look for the two yellow rotation arrows over the item and it makes it easier to locate.
  • Use your fingertip to tap an drag the item where you want it. You should see a green outline around the base of the item. If you see a red outline the item will not fit.
  • Once you have the green outline you can tap on the item to lock in the purchase.
  • If you realize you don’t have enough room or change your mind about the purchase tap on main menu to clear out the transaction. Once you tap on the land the purchase is final so be careful you don’t accidentally do this.
  • Moving Items – If you want to move an item that is already placed to make room for other items simply tap on it and when the menu appears tap on the “Move” button at the bottom. Now the item will highlight around the base the way it did when purchased. Make sure the base is green and not red and drag it with your fingertip to the desired location. Tap on the item once quickly to lock in the location.

Attraction Types – Land, Water, Animated, Runnable Rides

  • You can purchase attractions for land or water in your park. Divide the park in half or mix the attractions it is up to you.
Happy Theme Park
  • Animated – Some of the attractions have really cute animations and you may need to leave a little extra room for these.
Happy Theme Park
Happy Theme Park
  • Runnable Rides – These are special rides that have to be run by employees. You will need to hire employees first. (See “Hiring Employees” below for more information.) You will be able to tell in the purchase menu if this is a runnable ride and will need to figure in the cost of hiring employees to the cost of the attraction as you cant run it without help.
  • Runnable rides are noted by a lever icon that sits on the center of the ride when it is not running. When you see this icon as shown in image above tap on the ride an a menu will appear. You can choose from several increments of time to run the ride. Anywhere from 30 seconds to several hours is available. You will earn more money on the longer runs but you need to make sure you collect them on time. If you do not collect the money on time you will lose it and all of your investment. It is a good idea to have push notifications set when you set a runnable ride for an expensive, long run.

How to Upgrade your Attractions/Upgrade Shop

Happy Theme Park
Happy Theme Park
  • Each attraction can be upgraded a total of four times.
  • Each time you upgrade it will increase the amount of money you earn, the number of XP you earn and the number of visitors that ride attracts.
  • To upgrade you can either tap on an attraction and when the menu appears tap on the upgrade button that appears under the attraction’s name.
  • Note there are slots for four stars on each attraction menu. Each time you upgrade you earn another star. You can also tell by looking at the attraction itself in the park. There is a tiny number located at the base of each ride. Look for a one through four on each ride.
  • Once a ride is a four it is fully upgraded and earning its maximum.
  • How to Upgrade – Tap on Main Menu and then Upgrade store. Tap on the ride you wish to upgrade and agree to the purchase price and wait time. Some wait times can be very long.
  • TIP – Do the shorter upgrades first such as getting all the basic upgrades done first as they take only thirty minutes each.
  • The super upgrades can take an hour, then up to 24 hours.
  • Note – In the upgrade store you can purchase a second slot to help you upgrade rides faster but this costs fifty theme park bucks to unlock so do this only if you want to invest the money and time.

How to collect from your Attractions

Happy Theme Park
  • Some attractions run all the time and others have to have run times assigned to them.
  • Both types have to be collected from at various intervals.
  • You can tap on any ride to see how much time is left until you can collect funds from it.
  • Once it is time to collect you will see a coin icon over the ride such as in the image above.
Happy Theme Park
  • Tap on the icon to collect and you will see three types of icons jump out from the area and onto the land.
  • Coin – This represents the money you have earned.
  • Blue Star – This represents XP you have earned from this ride.
  • Visitor – This represents the number of visitors attracted by this ride.
  • Tap on these tiny icons to add them to your totals faster. If you do not tap on them they still add to your overall totals.
  • Expired collection times – Be sure to collect your funds or you will lose them! A good rule is you have the same amount of time to collect as it took to earn the funds. So if you have a half hour time assigned to a runnable ride when that half hour is up the coin icon appears and you have half an hour to collect from the ride before the offer is no good. This may be longer with more advanced rides. Make it a point to set an alarm or keep the push notifications on if you have a lot of expensive times running.
  • Renew an expired collection time – If you do miss a collection time you have the option of using your Theme park bucks to purchase the transaction and reverse it so you can collect on it. This is up to you as it can be very expensive. If you invested a lot of money and time into the attraction it may be worth it to you to spend the bucks.

Fun Buildings

Happy Theme Park
  • Fun buildings can be added to your theme park at any time. These are fun themed buildings that will also earn money and XP for you at various intervals.
  • Tap on Main menu then on “Fun Buildings” to access the store.
  • You will be able to scroll through the buildings sold both in coins and bucks.
  • Note the collection times and how many XP and coins you will earn each time it becomes ready for collection.
  • Fun buildings allow you to earn the largest number of XP at a time in the game. This can help you level up much faster.
  • Note that there are currently only four fun buildings in the shop and they have level requirements before they unlock for purchase.
  • These buildings are very expensive starting at nearly 27,000 coins and 20 bucks for the cheapest buildings.

Expanding your Theme Park size

Happy Theme Park
  • You can expand the size of your park adding more land to add rides to at certain levels.
  • You will need to pay for the expansion and wait for it to complete which can take at least eight hours after the first expansion which costs 3,000 coins and takes three hours to complete..
  • You can pay 25,000 coins or pay 4 Park bucks for instant expansion eliminating the wait time.
  • Tap on “Main Menu” then on “Expand” to see which expansion is currently available for you to purchase.
  • Once expanded you will see you have more land to add attractions to. Be sure to move your rides around to make as much room as possible for new rides and buildings.

Cleaning up Trash from your Theme Park

Happy Theme Park
  • Occasionally trash will appear on the land or exhibits of your theme park.
  • When you see the trash tap on it for a coin bonus.
  • You can also clean trash when you visit your neighbors.
  • A clean park means happy visitors and more of them.

Completing Quests

Happy Theme Park
  • Completing quests is a great way to earn extra coins and bucks to invest in your theme park.
  • Tap on the “Quests” button located at the lower left side of the game screen.
  • You are given several quests at once and as you complete one you will be notified by a redeem reward banner that flashes. When you see the notification go into the menu and redeem your reward.
  • New quests will appear as soon as you complete one.
  • The quests will also help you level up much faster and help you learn how to play the game faster.
  • There are also quest suggestions flashed on the screen when you load the game. These are special goals such as logging in with Facebook, finding friends etc. and can earn you nice buck rewards when completed.
  • As you complete quests you also earn medals. These medals can be traded in for great prizes which are attractions. (See “Medals/Prizes” below for more information.)

Badges/Redeeming Rewards

Happy Theme Park
  • Each time you complete a goal or purchase items you earn either golden or silver badges.
  • These badges can be redeemed for great prizes. These prizes are special attractions that can be added to your theme park. There is no other way to obtain these particular attractions so it is a fun goal to work toward.
  • To see the reward and requirements for them tap on the “Rewards” button which is on the lower left side of the game screen under the goals button.
  • In the image above you will see that you need either a certain amount of one badge or you need a certain number of each type of badge to win a prize.
  • For example, to win “The Great circus” reward you need to earn 160 silver badges and 225 golden badges.
  • Once you have the correct number of badges enter into this screen to redeem them.
  • Note – More prizes are added regularly so be sure to check back for new items.

Theme Park Grade/Report Card

Happy Theme Park

? As you play the game you are being graded in various categories such as attractions, food, facilities, visitor population and marketing.

? You can see your grade displayed at all times along the top left of the game screen. Hopefully you have an “A +” but if not there are things you can do about this. Tap on the area with your grade to open a menu which is your report card.

? Here you can read about the different categories you are being graded and you can ask for tips to help you improve by tapping on the “More info” button provided.

? You may have a really good grade and then notice that it has dropped. If this happens check to see if you have cleaned all trash from your park and that all money is collected from rides as the rides are shut down while waiting on money to be collected. Once you get everything in order your grade should go back up again.

Hiring Employees

Happy Theme Park

? You will need to hire a large number of employees to run your theme park.

? You will need ride operators, senior ride operators, cashiers and senior cashiers.

? Go to the main menu and tap on “Hire Employees” to bring up the hire menu.

? Once in this menu you can hire ride operators to run the runnable rides. You will have to pay per operator and the cost is listed.

? Use the arrows to adjust the number of people you wish to hire.

? The game will tell you how many you need to run the rides currencly in your park.

? This is a requirement so be sure to factor in the cost of hiring more employees if that is what’s needed.

? Important Note – If you purchase rides with bucks then you will need to purchase senior ride operators to run these rides and they too can only be purchased with theme park bucks. Be sure you factore this into your expenses before you make these purchases. This also applies to senior cashiers and stores or restaurants purchased with theme park bucks. They make a lot of money for you but are very expensive to purchase.


Happy Theme Park

? Mascots are required to make your visitors happy and increase the overall visitor limit for your theme park. When you reach the maximum population of visitors you will be notified that you must purchase another mascot.

? Mascots can be purchased with coins or theme park bucks.

? Mascots can be purchased through the main menu. Tap on the main menu button and when it loads tap on “Mascots”

? There is a level requirement for mascots also. So you may reach the population limit before you reach the level needed to purchase a particular mascot.

? Once you own a mascot you will see it walking around your theme park interacting with visitors and waving.


Happy Theme Park

? Happy Theme Park requires that you advertise and use marketing strategies to increase your visiting population.

? Tap on the main menu and then on the marketing button to access this menu.

? Here you will see the many marketing strategies you can purchase to increase the population of your theme park. These bring in large numbers at once so make sure you have the capacity to hold all of these visitors. You may need to purchase a mascot to increase your maximum capacity.

? You can purchase billboard campaigns, online campaigns, TV or Radio campaigns. (Levels 10 and 17 required)

? Once in the menu your wallet is shown at the top with your available funds. Choose how many of each campaign you wish to purchase using the arrows and tap on the “Buy” button. You can refer to this area at any time to see how you are doing.

Inviting and playing with Friends

? If you have friends from Facebook or that you know in person that are playing the game you can send them an invitation to play with you and be a neighbor.

? There are sometimes promotions running where you earn one theme park buck for each friend you get to join the game so be sure to look for these before you start the game.

? Tap on the “My friends” button and from here you can send out invitations to your friends to download the app and join the game.

? You can also discover friends playing by tapping on the “Discover Friends” button in the friends menu area. Here you can choose friends from Facebook,Twitter, Email and your SMS contacts.

? Daily Surprise – The more friends you have in the game, the bigger daily surprise you will get. This is your daily lottery for playing the game.

? Visiting Friend’s Theme Parks – At this time you can not visit your friends parks but in future game updates it has been announced that you will be able to visit friends theme parks, send and receive gifts and more so keep watching for the announcements. You can however click on the button to visit friends and see a random player’s theme park.


? You have completed the basic game play guide for Happy Theme Park for iPhone and iPod touch. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here at Gamezebo!