Hand of God Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Hand of God is a game from Playgendary, gives you the opportunity to of inflict great damage on all kinds of bad guys — all for a good cause, as you’ll saving some cute critters. Gamezebo’s Hand of God Tips, Cheats and Strategies has you covered with a bunch of ways to help improve your playing abilities. In no time at all, you’ll be the most powerful deity of them all.

When and How to Tap

Hand of God Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Tap. Tap like crazy. Tapping is everything here. Your simplest attack will damage enemies on the spot, and is solely dictated by how quickly you tap on screen. This is your bread and butter style attack. Don’t squander it.
  • Having said that, make sure you use your abilities whenever possible. Each ability is more powerful than your basic strike, and they recharge over time. There’s no point saving everything back for a backup plan, although do keep something as a standby. The stun attack – God Hammer – is a good one to keep for emergencies, given it’ll slow everything down for a moment, giving you some breathing room.
  • Tap wisely. Armored vehicles like tanks and helicopters are annoying because they’re immune to some damage. Attacks such as your lightning bolt or flamethrower won’t do anything to them, so you want to bear this in mind when striking. Especially as armored vehicles are typically much tougher than regular enemies.
  • Most of all, prioritize attacking any police cars that show up. These emit a siren that immediately boosts the attack power of the enemies around you. Take it out and take it out fast, before it whips everything else into a frenzy.
  • It’s tempting to tap on everything a little frantically, but try to plan what you’re going to attack. You want to focus on police cars first, then high damage enemies, followed by armored vehicles. Using a structured approach like this makes all the difference when in the heat of battle.
  • Things getting out of control? Hit the Rage button which gives you a huge boost. Sometimes, it’s your Hail Mary play, but it’s worth giving it a shot.

Money Making Methods

Hand of God Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Watch the adverts at the end of each level. It’s dull, sure, but it’ll double the money you’ve earned during that level. That makes a HUGE difference to what you can accomplish.
  • Collect your free gifts. At regular intervals, you can activate a free gift. This dishes out varying amounts of money, and it makes a huge difference in your options when it comes to upgrading. Best of all? It takes hardly any effort.
  • Ads are also ideal for getting out of death. When you die in battle, you’re given the option to watch a video to restart from where you left off. Use that every time you can.


  • Remember to merge your creatures. Basic creatures don’t have special abilities, but if you merge them together, you gain a random ability. These abilities tend to be things like an extra percentage worth of damage when attacking, or higher coin gains. If you really want, you can reroll the bonus, but it’ll cost you in terms of premium currency.
  • Merging takes time so remember to start the timers off when you’re going AFK for a while. Don’t bother using up currency to speed things along. It’s not worth it.

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