Halls of Torment Ability Upgrades Guide – All Mastery Levels

Our Halls of Torment ability upgrades guide contains all you need to know about each Mastery Level for every ability in the roguelite.

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On the hunt for a Halls of Torment ability upgrades guide? You’ve come to the right place! Our guide contains a list of all ability upgrades in the action-packed roguelite. From Lightning Strike, to Meteor Strike, we’ve covered each Mastery Level for each ability.

Halls of Torment is a survival roguelite that takes inspiration from Vampire Survivors. There’s a whole range of unlockables within the game, such as new classes, traits, abilities, and more. Battle against hordes of enemies as you explore and experiment with a wide variety of play styles. After defeating waves of opponents, you’ll come face to face with powerful bosses – each becoming stronger the more you progress. The game itself features a fantastic pre-rendered style, similar to titles from the late 90s – what’s not to love?

You can learn more about it on the game’s offical Steam page. We also recommend checking out our Halls of Torment class tier list, Halls of Torment ability tier list, and Halls of Torment blood trail guide.

Halls of Torment Ability Upgrades Guide

Now, let’s move on to the guide!

Lightning Strike

  • Mastery Level 1 – Charges and Intensity (Boosts Crit Damage and overall Damage)
  • Mastery Level 3 – Repercussion and Capacity (Boosts Electrify Chance by 50% and increases Base Damage)


  • Mastery Level 1 – Discharge and Voltage (Boosts Shockwave Area and Projectile Size)
  • Mastery Level 3 – Peak and Resistance (Boosts Shockwave amount and Projecticle Duration)

Meteor Strike

  • Mastery Level 1 – Frequency and Heat (Boosts Attack Speed and Crit Chance)
  • Mastery Level 3 – Fusion and Shower (Boosts Base Area, Base Daamge, and provides more Projectiles)

Ring Blades

  • Mastery Level 1 – Fast and Strong (Boosts Attack Speed, Damage, and Cone Size)
  • Mastery Level 3 – Cruel and Reaching (Boosts Base Damage, Crit Damage Multiplier, and Base Range)

Radiant Aura

  • Mastery Level 1 – Critical and Reach (Boosts Crit Chance, Base Crit Bonus, Aura Radius and Aura Damage)
  • Mastery Level 3 – Haste and Might (Boosts Charge Speed and Aura Damage)


  • Mastery Level 1 – Accuracy and Effectivity (Boosts Crit Chance, Hit Chance, and Crit Damage)
  • Mastery Level 3 – Deadliness and Potency (Boosts Base Damage, Range, and Crit Chance)

Phantom Needles

  • Mastery Level 1 – Puncture and Spin (Boosts Piercing, Range, and Base Crit Damage)
  • Mastery Level 3 – Pinpoint and Power (Boosts Crit Chance Multiplier and Damage)

Arcane Splitter

  • Mastery Level 1 – Piercing and Fading (Boosts Crit Chance and Crit Damage)
  • Mastery Level 3 – Fading and Split (Boosts Duration, Projectile Size, Splinter, and Cone Size)

Astronomer’s Orbs

  • Mastery Level 1 – Density and Mass (Boosts Damage, Base Crit Damage, and Orb Size)
  • Mastery Level 3 – Bodies and Material (Adds an extra Orb and boosts Base Damage)

Summon Golem (Clay Golem)

  • Mastery Level 1 – Adjustment and Power (Boosts Damage, Base Crit Damage, and Crit Chance)
  • Mastery Level 3 – Devastation and Inexorable (Boosts Base Damage, Attack Range, Attack Area, Movement Speed, and Roll Duration)

Dragon’s Breath

  • Mastery Level 1 – Recovery and Flammability (Boosts Burn Chance and Attack Speed)
  • Mastery Level 3 – Agony and Incineration (Boosts Base Attack Speed and Base Damage)

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