Gym Flip Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

By Glen Fox |

Gym Flip does exactly what it says on the tin, challenging you to complete a series of pole flips across a number of different levels. Early on, it’s surprisingly simple stuff, with you tapping and releasing to flip between poles. Pretty soon though, you’ll have to contend with moving poles and various other difficult obstacles.

Fortunately for you, we’re on hand to help you with a number of tips and tricks that we picked up while playing Gym Flip. We’ll walk you through the experience then move onto a few more specific trips. You won’t quite be Spider-Man by the end of this guide, but you’ll be pretty darn close.

Gym Flip Beginner’s Guide – How it Works:

Gym Flip is pretty simple. At the beginning of a level your character will automatically run and jump off the edge of a platform and fly towards a nearby pole, which you’ll automatically grab. At this point, simply tap and hold the screen to start flipping around the pole.

You’ll then need to release at the opportune moment to fling yourself through the air so you can grab the next pole. This is where the challenge of Gym Flip comes in, as depending on how high, low, or far the next pole is, you’ll need to release at different times.

Generally speaking, the lower you are on the right side of the pole, the lower you’ll fling yourself. The same works opposite: the higher you are on the right side, the higher you’ll fly through the air. We say right hand side, as if you fling yourself on the left, you’ll go backwards instead of forwards.

If you release when you’re in the middle of your flip, you’ll gain momentum, flinging yourself straight forward at a decent pace. You only really need to do this when the next pole is really far away though. You’ll have to play a few levels until you get a good idea of how it all works though.

Once you’re happy with your trajectory, simply release the screen and you’ll flip through the air. At this point, you just have to tap and hold the screen when you’re close to the next pole to grab it and the whole cycle repeats.

Gym Flip Tips and Tricks:

Now that you understand the basics of Gym Flip, let’s take a look at a few more specific tips and tricks that we picked up while playing:

  • Get a feel for your trajectory: When you first start playing, spend some time getting a feel for the trajectory when you release. Try a few different flips and see what happens. Tips are useful but the secret to getting good at Gym Flip is to get a feel for where you’ll end up depending on when you release the screen. Practice and learn.
  • Keep an eye out for the tuck your character performs while spinning: Your character will perform a tuck just as it rises on the pole. We found this was usually a pretty good point to release, as the character is readying to go vertical, so you’ll fling through the air at a manageable pace. It won’t work for all poles, but early on it’s a pretty safe bet.
  • When a level begins, take a glance around: Before you even think about getting to the next pole in a level, we recommend taking a glance around. See what you’re dealing with. Are there any obstacles? Any moving poles? Once you know what you’re taking on the rest is easy.
  • If a pole is moving, release when it’s moving towards you: Whenever you encounter a moving pole, which you will plenty of times, always fling yourself towards it when it’s moving towards you. That way you give yourself the best possible chance of grabbing it. If it’s moving away, it might be too far by the time you go to grab.
  • It doesn’t have to be pretty: You don’t have to perform an absolute perfect series of flips to succeed in Gym Flip – it’s not that type of competition. Just focus on getting to the end of a level in as straight forward a manner as possible. It really doesn’t have to be pretty.

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