Guns Girl Z Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

Gun Girl Z – Escape Ragnarok is a side-scrolling / beat-em-up game from 4inch Technology. In this game, you mow down hordes of zombies to gather items and money for weapon upgrades. Gamezebo’s Guns Girl Z tips, cheats, and strategies will provide you with some tips and hints that will help you clear away the undead menace.

Guns Girl Z Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Always take a melee weapon into battle – Ammo in Guns GirlZ – Escape Ragnarok is limited (especially on the hard game mode), so it doesn’t hurt to take a melee weapon like a bat into battle every time. Melee weapons can come in handy against enemies with shields and other tough defenses.
  • Observe a weapon’s max level before levelling it up – Every weapon has a max level, and you should make note of it before levelling it up. Otherwise, you may wind up wasting resources upgrading a weapon that’s already near its limit.
  • Everything holds power-ups, including boxes and traffic cones – Finding power-ups in the boxes scattered around Escape Ragnarok is obvious, but the traffic cones hold goodies too. Smash ’em!
  • Use sniper rifles to take out lots of enemies at once – It takes a couple of precious seconds to line up a shot with a sniper rifle, but the effect is worth it. Sniper rifles are great for taking down groups of enemies, as well as tough cookies like bosses.

Guns Girl Z Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Use your melee weapon to break open objects for bonuses in between enemy waves – Enemies come in waves. When a wave is done, take advantage of the downtime to break open objects for bonuses. Use a melee weapon to save ammo.
  • Put your back to the left-hand edge of the screen – Whenever possible, circle around a group of baddies to put your back against the left side of the screen. This is the most efficient way to line yourself up for a shot with the sniper rifle, as enemies tend to pour in from the right.
  • Try hard mode for better / more rewards – Looking for a particular drop? Try a level on hard mode for more drops.
  • Your inventory space is limited, so upgrade often – It’s common to receive weapons and equipment upon the conclusion of a level, and if you don’t pay attention, your inventory will fill up in no time. You can expend your inventory slots, but doing so costs. Instead, keep your inventory trim by using extra weapons, etc, to upgrade your favorite equipment often.

Guns Girl Z Tips Cheats Strategies

  • You’ll need to do a level more than once to get all the available drops – Each level shows off the available drops before you proceed. However, you’re probably not going to get all the enemy drops available in a level the first time you go through it. Repeat levels as necessary to get everything that’s up for grabs. Materials for evolving weapons tend to play hard-to-get.
  • Use a rapid-fire weapon to take out sack girls – Once in a while between enemy waves, you’ll spot sack-carrying thief girls. This nimble characters carry huge rewards if you manage to slay them, but you need to do so quickly. A quick-firing weapon like a pistol is best.

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