Gundam Evolution Tier List – All Characters Ranked

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Not sure which unit does the best shooty violence? Our Gundam Evolution tier list is here to help with that. In this guide, we rank all of the big metal giants from the heights of S tier to the depths of D tier to help you figure out which one to pick. We keep it updated as often as new mechs arrive, or alongside balance patches, so we recommend that you bookmark this page and check back soon. That way, you’ll always have a strong idea of the meta.

Gundam Evolution is a free-to-play unit shooter based on the hit anime series of (nearly) the same name. It features your favourite characters from the show, which we’ll rank in order of best to worst below, as well as high speed strategic shooting combat. Publisher Bandai Namco plans to post regular updates to the shooter as well, with new units, maps, and more joining the fray as time goes on.

You can learn more about the new 6v6 shooter on the official site. If you like games like this, make sure to check out our T3 Arena tier list, Destiny 2 codes, and Warframe codes.

Gundam Evolution Tier List

Now, we’ll rank all of the Gundam Evolution units from the heights of S tier to the depths of D tier.

S Tier

These units are as close to a guaranteed win as you can get. They’re super powerful in all instances, and you’ll have a great time playing as them.

  • Gundam Barbatos
  • Sazabi

A Tier

A tier units aren’t quite the easy win of S tier, but master them and you’ll walk away the victor more times than not.

  • Asshimar
  • Dom Trooper
  • GM
  • GM Sniper II
  • Turn A Gundam

B Tier

These units require mastery to get the most out of, and even then may struggle. Not bad by any means, but unexceptional.

  • Gundam Exia
  • Gundam RX-78-2
  • Methuss
  • Pale Rider

C Tier

C tier units can have niche uses, but generally underperform and aren’t worth using if you can help it.

  • Guntank
  • Marasai

D Tier

These are the worst units in the game right now, and are best avoiding.

  • Zaku II

How Did We Decide The Placements In Our Gundam Evolution Tier List?

We use a combination of the following to decide on which character places in each tier:

  • Personal experience
  • Community feedback in Reddit and Discord
  • General consensus in other tier lists

It’s worth noting that tier lists are subjective by nature, and should be taken with a pinch of salt. We’ve found that the characters above play as their tier would suggest, but your experience may differ.

But that’s going to do it for our Gundam Evolution tier list. Make sure to bookmark this page to keep an eye on the meta, grab the game via the links at the top of this page, and check out the related content in the third paragraph.

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