Guardians of Magic: Amanda’s Awakening Walkthrough

Guardians of Magic: Amanda’s Awakening – Game Introduction

Welcome the Guardians of Magic: Amanda’s Awakening walkthrough on Gamezebo. Guardians of Magic: Amanda’s Awakening is an adventure game played on PC created by GameHouse. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide to how to complete Guardians of Magic: Amanda’s Awakening.

General Gameplay

In this game you need to help Amanda find out what happened between her magician grandfather and her scientist mentor. To do this you need to navigate various scenes by finding items and solving puzzles.

You can find out what to do in any given scene by scanning the scene with your cursor. The cursor will change into the following icons when you can interact with something:

  • Arrow where you can leave the scene.
  • Hand icon when you can grab something for your inventory.
  • Finger icon when you can interact with something.
  • Magnifying glass icon when you can zoom in on something.
  • Gears icon when you can use an inventory object on an object in the scene by clicking on the object in your inventory and then clicking on the object in the scene.

Sometimes you get little scenes of dialogue. You need to hit the ‘continue’ or ‘next’ button to get to the next line of dialogue. You can skip the entire scene by hitting the ‘skip’ button.

On the way you will find a number of puzzle boxes to solve. Each puzzle has a ‘reset’ button at the top right to start the puzzle over. After the little timer next to the reset button fills up, a ‘skip’ button will be activated, allowing you to skip the puzzle.

In the bottom left of the screen is a ‘hint’ button for when you get stuck. However, the answer you’re most likely to get is “maybe I should look around a little bit more”, which means that you haven’t yet found the item that triggers the next step in the game. In that case all you can do is go back through all the scenes and scan them carefully with your cursor to see if you’ve missed an action. Each time you’ve used a hint you need to wait a few minutes for it to recharge before you can use another one.

In the bottom right of your screen you will find your spell book. You won’t be able to actually access the spell book until you’ve found the book in the hidden library. The spell book has four sections:

  • Puzzles – here you can replay all the puzzle box puzzles you’ve found.
  • Constellations – pictures and coordinates of all the constellations you’ve found.
  • Spells – you need to access this part of the spell book to be able to cast spells. After the first time you’ve cast a spell by using your wand action, you can choose to simply click the spell icon in the top right corner of the screen to cast the spell rather than using the wand action.
  • Journal – keeps track of your progress so far and of important information you’ve uncovered.

Grandpa’s House

Find a Way into the House

 Amanda's Awakening

  • Find the three gears.
  • Click on the well on the right and place the large gear at the bottom, small gear in the middle and medium one at the top.
  • Click on the crank to raise the bucket.
  • Take the key out of the bucket.
  • There are three zodiac symbols on the inside of the bucket – remember those.
  • Exit the well and click on the basement door on the left.
  • Use the key on the door.

 Amanda's Awakening

  • Enter the three zodiac symbols from the bucket into the lock on the door. When you have the correct combination, the lock will turn green. Then push the round button on the right to open the door.


  • Enter the basement.
  • As soon as you’re inside you hear knocking on the door. Go back out (to the left) and see that a package has been left on the porch.
  • Go back into the basement and put the package on the bench on the right.

 Amanda's Awakening

  • Pick up the box cutter from the table in the middle.
  • Click on the package and use the box cutter on the package.
  • Inside is a note from grandpa and a blueprint.
  • Click on the box inside the package and solve the slide puzzle.

 Amanda's Awakening

  • Inside the box is the first piece of the Bubble Blower. Select and rotate it until it fits the image and drag it onto the blueprint.


  • Go up the stairs and watch the scene.
  • Pick up the parcel on the stand by the door and solve the simple memory puzzle to open it.
  • Inside is another piece. Drag it onto the blueprint.
  • On the left wall are 4 pictures – one of them is torn. Remember this for later.

Living Room

  • Go into the room on the left.

 Amanda's Awakening

  • Click on the pink crystal ball on the table and watch the scene.
  • You need to find the spell book in the hidden library.
  • Mera suggests you first make a cup of tea.
  • Switch on the power to the kettle by clicking on the left switch next to the window
  • Pick up the glass pitcher from the coffee table.
  • Go outside (back into the hallway and then through the front door), click on the well and fill the pitcher from the bucket.
  • Go back to the living room and put the water in the kettle.
  • Click on the kettle and it will boil, revealing symbols on the mirror.

Find the Library

  • Click on the fire place – you need to turn off the gas fire in the basement to get closer to the symbols, so go back to the basement.
  • In the basement, click on the furnace in the back.
  • You need to lower the pressure to 10 psi, but not below. Each of the valves reduces the pressure by the number indicated on the note. The pressure is set at 41 psi, so you need to reduce it by exactly 31 psi. To do this, turn the second, third and fifth knob: 14+8+9=31.

 Amanda's Awakening

  • Go back to the living room and click on the fireplace.
  • You need to click the symbols inside the fireplace in the order in which they appear on the mirror to open a secret passage. This order is different for each game. The tiles light up if you click on them and stay lit if the order is correct. If you get the order wrong, the tiles will reset themselves and you need to start again.

Living Room Contd.

  • While you’re in the living room, do a couple more things:
  • There is a box with a third piece of the Bubble Blower on the top shelf in the living room. You need to solve a jigsaw to get to it. Drag the pieces around until you have an image. When the pieces are in the right place, they will get fixed in position.

 Amanda's Awakening

  • The middle drawer of the chest of drawers has an astronomy note with the constellation of Corvus.
  • Note there is also a locked trunk to the left of the fireplace, and you can read a newspaper article on the table.


  • Go through the hidden passage and into the library.

 Amanda's Awakening

  • Take the quill from the desk for later.
  • Pick up the note from under the reading light on the desk. It says “The sun is high, though not at noon, and in the west a crescent moon”.
  • Click on the shelves on the left to find another puzzle box, this time with a tangram puzzle. Drag the pieces to the shape on the right. When they’re in the correct position, they will get fixed in place.

 Amanda's Awakening

  • On the shelves is also a small trunk key. Take it and open the trunk by the fireplace in the living room.
  • Inside the trunk is another puzzle box. This one has a sequence puzzle – look at the sequence of the triangles on the squares, which are going clockwise, and place two other squares in sequence.

 Amanda's Awakening

  • Don’t forget to also pick up the star map to the Capricornus constellation from the trunk.

The Ritual Hall

Through the Painting

  • Go back into the library and click on the spell book twice to open it and take it from the reader.
  • Click on the painting and use the tip of your wand to trace the spell marked on the painting. You don’t need to be very precise about is, and you don’t need to draw the arrow at the end either. This transports you into the painting. From now on, when you’re using any of the spells, you can simply click the spell button that appears in the top right of your screen.
  • To open the door, you need to solve the circular puzzle. The clue to how to solve it is in the riddle you found on the desk. However, there is really only one way to solve the puzzle, and you don’t really need the riddle for it. Basically the sun symbol goes just to the right from the top, and the moon goes directly opposite it.

 Amanda's Awakening

Ritual Hall

  • Go through the door.
  • All the paintings are locked and you need to find a way to unlock them.
  • The bench on the left (with the note on it) contains another puzzle box with a piece of the Bubble Blower. The puzzle is a standard memory one.
  • Go through the door on the right.
  • On the table is another chest. You need to balance the weights of the pebbles.

 Amanda's Awakening

  • Click on one of the paintings to get a ‘find the differences’ puzzle. This opens a compartment containing the fire spell and another astronomy note with the constellation of Delphinus.

 Amanda's Awakening

Corvus – the Fairy Woods

  • Check the constellation of Corvus in your note book and remember the coordinates (the hints will tell you to go for Delphinus first, but you’re better off doing Corvus first).
  • Then click on the telescope and use the arrows to find the coordinates (X3, Y5). The left and right arrows move the X coordinate (first number) up and down, while the up and down arrows change the Y coordinate (second number).
  • When you have the correct coordinates, a green crosshairs will appear next to the coordinates. Also, the cursor should change to a hand when you hover over the stars. Draw the constellation of Corvus by highlighting two stars to trace a line between them. Refer to the constellation in your spell book when you’re not sure. This opens one of the paintings.
  • Enter the painting of Corvus (which is called the Fairy Woods) and use the Transport spell as before to enter.
  • Solve the puzzle inside the puzzle box – you need to place the valve in the particle stream so it is redirected to the battery on the bottom right. This box contains the last piece of the Bubble Blower.

 Amanda's Awakening

  • Click on the Bubble Blower in the bottom left of your screen. Any magical objects in the picture will light up when they’re inside a bubble.

 Amanda's Awakening

  • In the Heartwood you will find a purple rune. Note that you can only pick up the rune if it’s inside a bubble.
  • Click on the fairy in the top right and she will drop a scroll on the ground with a poem on it. The poem says:

Give me the sound of the sea
Bring me a coin to buy glee
& a weapon mightier than a sword
Then I shall redeem my word

  • This poem contains the clues to the three gifts you need to bring to the fairy.
  • The quill from the library is the “weapon mightier than a sword”, so give it to the fairy.
  • The bubbles also reveal a troll, but he does nothing.

Delphinus and Monocerus – the Castle

  • Leave and find the Delphinus constellation on the telescope (X:6, Y:12).
  • Use the Transport spell to enter the castle.

 Amanda's Awakening

  • You can’t access the box hidden in the vines on the left yet, or do anything with the mechanism to open the gate.
  • Go right twice to the beach. On the beach you will find a bottle with the constellation of Monocerus and a sea shell.
  • Use the Bubble Blower to find another rune.

 Amanda's Awakening

  • Now find the constellation of Monocerus (X:10, Y:9).
  • Enter to find yourself in the castle’s past.
  • Pick up the shovel, the three gears and a diagram for the castle’s security system.

 Amanda's Awakening

  • Go back to the castle present and go right to the beach. Use the shovel on the sand under the two palm trees to get a puzzle box with another tangram puzzle. Inside the box is a piece of the Power Drain Device.

 Amanda's Awakening

  • Go back to the courtyard and access the gate mechanism.
  • Place the gears large, medium, small from top to bottom.
  • Click on your spell book to access the Fire spell. Use the fire on the opened hatch of the boiler.
  • Go back to the courtyard and pull the lever to the left of the gate.

Castle Parapet and Tower

  • Go up the stairs to the parapet.
  • Open the puzzle box to do another balance puzzle. Unfortunately, the solution to this puzzle isn’t always the same so giving you a screen shot won’t help. Keep moving the pebbles around until the two levers are balanced. Inside the box is the second piece of the Power Drain Device.
  • Light your wand with the Fire spell and light the flames in the order you found on the diagram from the castle past, which you can find in the journal part of your spell book. Light the first one first, the third one second etc.

 Amanda's Awakening

  • Enter the door to the tower.
  • On the table inside you find the Spark spell and the Pegasus constellation.
  • Do another jigsaw puzzle in the puzzle box to get the third piece of the Power Drain Device.

 Amanda's Awakening

  • Get the hedge clippers off the table and exit twice to the castle courtyard. Use the hedge clippers on the box covered with vines on the left to get another slide puzzle for the fourth piece of the Power Drain Device.

 Amanda's Awakening

Pegasus – the Circus

  • Exit and look for the Pegasus constellation (X:8, Y:18). Enter the painting.
  • Click on the game booth on the right and pick up a circus token.
  • Enter the pink tent. The box there has a memory puzzle for the fifth piece of the Power Drain Device.
  • Solve the mirror puzzle as below and go through the door that opens in the back.

 Amanda's Awakening

  • In the security room, open the box to do another sequence/pattern puzzle and get the sixth piece of the Power Drain Device.

 Amanda's Awakening

  • Read the newspaper and watch the events on the security screen.
  • Exit twice and enter the big grey tent. To get to the puzzle box you need two tickets.
  • Click on the slot machine to the right of the box. You need to stop the wheels at the gryphon symbol. The wheels are the same on both sides, and you need to hit the red button under the wheel as soon as you see the black crow come past. You need to stop both wheels at the right position in one spin to get one ticket.
  • For the second ticket, click on the whack-a-mole game on the right. Jumpstart it with the Spark spell from your journal. Use the spell on the wiring behind the open panel.
  • You need to whack nine moles, and then keep hitting the bug until it breaks to get a ticket.
  • Insert both tickets in the ticket redemption booth and then enter B13 on the keypad to get the box.
  • Inside the box is another tangram puzzle for Power Drain Device piece number seven.

 Amanda's Awakening

The Three Presents

  • Go back to the Fairy Forest and give the quill from the library (weapon mightier than a sword), the shell from the beach by the castle (sound of the sea) and the circus token (a coin to buy glee) to the fairy. The fairy will bring you another package from grandpa.
  • Open the package with the box cutter and take out the postcard, note from grandpa and the blueprints to the Power Drain Device. Place all the pieces of the device that you found on the blueprint.
  • Inside the package is another box with a slide puzzle to get Power Drain Device piece number eight.

 Amanda's Awakening

  • Go all the way back to the house, and go to the hallway.
  • Click on the torn painting on the wall and place the fairy postcard on it to open a hidden compartment with another puzzle box.
  • Solve the particle puzzle to get Power Drain Device piece number nine.

 Amanda's Awakening

Capricornus – the Stone Circle

  • Go to the Capricornus constellation (X14, Y12).
  • Use the Bubble Blower to pick up the two runes.
  • Click on the stone table in the center and place the runes on it, including the ones you found on the beach and in the forest.
  • Watch the scene and pick up the Scorpius constellation.

Magus Industries

Find Mera

  • Find the Scorpius constellation (X1, Y15) and enter the last painting.
  • At Magus Industries, click on the computer screen to take a picture.
  • Open the desk drawer under the printer to find a blank ID card.
  • Put the blank ID card on the printer and hit ‘print’ on the screen.
  • Take the ID card from the printer.

 Amanda's Awakening

  • Go into the hallway at the back, and then through the door on the left.
  • In the following hallways, use the Bubble Blower to find the magical trail Mera left for you. You can decide to wander around without the trail, but you’ll just meet a lot of dead ends.
  • Go into the left door at the end of the hallway and use the Spark spell on the flying robot.
  • Go through the door on the right and deactivate the next robot.
  • Go through the second door on the left and deactivate the next robot.
  • Go left and click on the door.
  • Talk to Mera. You need to find something you can use as a lock pick.

Storage Room

  • Go all the way back out to the lobby and use the ID card on the elevator on the left.
  • Enter the elevator and use the screen to go to the storage rooms on the first floor.
  • You need to find a way to turn on the light.
  • Get the can of petrol from the shelves on the left, and pour the petrol into the generator on the right.
  • Pull the lever above the generator to switch on the light.

 Amanda's Awakening

  • Click on the shelves on the left again to find wire cutters in a box.
  • Click on the shelves in the back to find a coil of wire.
  • Click on the door in the back and watch the scene.


  • Now go to the offices on the top floor. Check the research lab on your way up to find out what Dr. Magus is up to and how to disable his weapon.

 Amanda's Awakening

  • On the desk in the office is a broken puzzle box. You need to find the Power Drain Device piece that was in it.
  • Click on the top monitor on the right to get a formula.
  • Click on the shelves on the left to get to a chemistry set with colored test tubes.
  • Enter the formula from the monitor: first add green liquid to the Petri dish, then orange, then red, and then use the fire spell on the Petri dish to get corrosive gel.
  • Go back to the office and click on the safe in the back.
  • Use the corrosive gel on the dial of the safe and open the safe with the handle to get the last piece of the Power Drain Device.

Final Confrontation

  • Go back to the lobby and into the hallways to get back to Mera.
  • Use the piece of wire on the lock of the door.
  • Mera will give you the freeze spell.
  • You will be taken back to the storage room. Click on the door again and use the Power Drain Device on the door to deactivate the lock.
  • Go in and watch the scene.
  • Use the Freeze spell on one of the arms. A little flying robot will appear and melt the ice, so use the Spark spell to deactivate it. You may need to re-freeze the arm if you weren’t fast enough.
  • Do the same with the other arm.
  • Freeze the leg joints.
  • Use the Power Drain Device on the crystal core.

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