Grand Prix Story Walkthrough

Grand Prix Story developed by Kairosoft allows you to drive a dream race car that you have developed. Hire and train your crew, develop super fast race cars, and earn big bucks as you work your way up the racing ranks to master of the Grand Prix! Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

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Game Introduction – Grand Prix Story

Grand Prix Story developed by Kairosoft allows you to drive a dream race car that you have developed. Hire and train your crew, develop super fast race cars, and earn big bucks as you work your way up the racing ranks to master of the Grand Prix! Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Grand Prix Story
  • Grand Prix Story can be purchased by clicking on the “Play Now!” button at the top of this page.
  • Once the game is loaded you will be asked to choose a save slot and then choose a team name and a team color.
  • Next you will be introduced to your secretary who is your guide throughout the game. Tap on the blinking arrow at the bottom right of every message to continue to the next screen.
Grand Prix Story
  • Game Settings – You can adjust things such as toggling off music and sound effects, Adjusting language used in the game as well as speed and graphics quality by tapping on “Main” then “System” then “Settings”
  • You will start out by developing your first vehicle and you are given 500,000 dollars to start out
  • Game Ending – The game ends the last day of March after 14 years. Your funds and cleared points will be used to calculate your overall final score. After this you can start a new game and some of the unlocked features may carry over to your new game or you can play your original game indefinitely.
  • Secret Characters – There are a few secret characters hidden in the game after you complete the game once. These characters are reported to give huge cash bonuses when encountered in the game.
Grand Prix Story

“The Daily Grand Prix”

  • This is the newspaper that is distributed throughout the racing world giving information to everyone about your team.
  • This is the game’s way of giving you hints as to what you need to do next and present bonuses to you when earned.
  • Be sure to read through these when they periodically appear. They are usually three pages long so be sure to tap on the upper right arrow to turn the page.
Grand Prix Story

Developing your Vehicle

  • You can have up to fifteen vehicles in one game. See your “Vehicle list” Tap on “Menu”, then “Team”, then “Team info” and then at the top tap on the right arrow for the “Vehicle List”
  • Choose Vehicle Type – You will need to develop your vehicle and obtain parts to add to it over time. You will be asked to choose a vehicle type first and will only be able to choose a “Roadster” but you will unlock more vehicle types as you play.
  • Choose drive type – You will next have to choose your drive type which affects your performance on the road. This means what type of car you will be driving such as a passenger car which is your only choice at the start of the game. Note you will see a menu with the development costs and all of the vehicle statistics listed.
  • Choose group that will develop your vehicle – A group with high skills or “Tech” can sometimes get even better performance than the plans indicate. You will only have one group to choose from (Mine was known as “Ukyo Pajama”) so click on “Start developing” to start the process. You will be able to improve on the development as you play.
  • In a few moments you will see the development is completed. You will also see the development results in a summary screen. This will tell you the rankings of your vehicle in speed, accuracy and handling before it was improved and the numbers after showing how successful the development process was.
  • Research data can also be used to upgrade vehicles and vehicle parts.
  • The higher a group’s “Tech” rating, the more likely they will have better results when upgrading.
  • The better your vehicle the more races you will win.
  • Once your first vehicle is finished you will be prompted to try your first race.
Grand Prix Story

Training your Driver

  • It is important that you train your drivers well so that they will have the skill to win races.
  • Tap on “Main” then “”Team” then “Member List” then “Driver name” to reach the training menu.
  • Next tap on “Train” at the bottom of the screen.
Grand Prix Story
  • Choose a job to train – Choose from one of the training activities on the list and pay the fee required listed at the far right.
  • Keep training in that category until you see “Completed” instead of “Successful”. If you see “Successful” it means there is still training you can do if you have the funds.
  • Each driver has attributes that improve with training and race experience.
  • Driver attributes Set 1.
  • Pedal – Increases the stop speed of a vehicle.
  • Steer – Increases the ease of turns.
  • Shift – Increases vehicle acceleration.
  • Driver attributes Set 2.
  • Appeal – Increases the effect of the sponsor’s ad.
  • Tech – Affects the development and speeds up repairs of the vehicle.
  • Driver attribute 3.
  • Analysis – The higher this attribute rating the more research data a vehicle will accumulate.
  • Sponsors/Driver Payment – Drivers sign contracts with sponsors and are paid twice a year. If they do well and win several races they may get periodic bonuses. The sponsor’s rating may also increase as races are won. If the meter fills up you will get a special reward. The empty star icon will turn to a solid black one when this happens.
Grand Prix Story

Racing your Vehicle

  • Tap on “Menu” then on “Race” to get started.
  • Types of Races – There are two types of races:
  • Single races – These are run off races.
  • Grand Prix – These are multiple races in which after each race you are given points based on your rank. The overall winner is the team with the most points. You must win a Grand Prix race before you are allowed to enter its next category in the game.
  • You are allowed to enter both types of races at once.
  • You will be able to enter races that are held at various locations. As you win these races you will earn prize money and your reputation will improve.
Grand Prix Story
  • Entering Races – Choose one of the races from the list by double tapping on its name. Now tap on “Enter” at the bottom and confirm again. You will be told that the race will begin at a later date such as in one week. This will not be a week long wait in real time but will actually be a few minutes at the most. The game will notify you when it is time to begin the race so make sure you are always entered into one to start this waiting process.
Grand Prix Story
  • Depart Message – Once it is time for the race a depart message may appear. If you are ready to race at this time tap on “Start”
  • You will see a map appear and your bus and team will travel to this destination. Tap on the bus in the blue area to go to the race.
Grand Prix Story
  • Qualifying Race – You must perform a preliminary time trial that determines your starting order in the race.
  • If you have a skilled driver and you have improved your car’s performance before this race you may do very well. If you are just starting you may be at the bottom but this will get better over time. Click on “Start” and you will see your driver on the track. You will then see a menu showing their top time.
Grand Prix Story
  • Qualifying Race Rankings – You will now see a menu that shows how you did in the time trails and what position you will be in for the race. Now it is time for the main race.

Grand Prix StoryGrand Prix Story

  • Start the race! – Now the cars are lined up in the order they qualified for and it is time to start the main race. The race starts immediately after the qualifying race and you can see the starting lights at the top center of the screen.
  • Once the cars are moving you will see place markers over them occasionally. You may see your driver knock another driver off the road.
  • In the upper right corner of the game screen you can see a mini race track that shows the progress of the race.
Grand Prix Story
  • Completion of the race – Once you complete the race a results score menu will be shown. Here you will see how you ranked and the time in relation to the other drivers.
  • Experience acquired – Next you will be shown how much experience you acquired from the race.
  • Prize Money – The final screen shows you how much prize money you have won based on your ranking. All races will win you money with first place giving the largest and less earned for each level through fifth place.
  • Grand Prix Race Results – Your vehicle and parts will get experience according to your rank in the race.
  • Now you will need to repair your vehicle. All vehicles must be repaired after they race.
Grand Prix Story
  • Research Data in Races – You may find research data during a race. This happens while the car is moving and you will briefly see a red “!” symbol over the car the the research data symbol and how much you found.
Grand Prix Story
  • Winning your first Race – When you earn first place in a race you will complete it. This will unlock your first sponsorship opportunity. You will also earn the largest amount of money available in the race, and upgrade your vehicle and any parts placed in it. If you have a sponsorship in place it will also show you how much effect the win had on its effectiveness. When the meter fills up you will earn a bonus from the sponsor.
  • Race Strategy- Use the early “Bloomtown” race to win money and level up parts and vehicles for awhile. As soon as you complete a race you can use this strategy to earn money and level up parts and vehicles.
Grand Prix Story

Using “Aura” in a Race

  • When a driver has aura you will see a bright light around this driver. This allows the driver to do much better than usual in a race.
  • When you see the driver has an aura try to get in a race as soon as possible.
  • Auras are random events which seem to occur more frequently when you are winning races.
Grand Prix Story

Your Garage

  • You can have up to two garages in the game.
  • You can reach your garage by tapping on “Main” then “Garage”
  • Here you will be able to see your vehicle type, durability scores, and ability to drive on icy roads.
  • You will use your garage to install new parts into vehicles and will be able to see the attributes of the vehicle.
  • See “Installing Parts” in your vehicle.
Grand Prix Story

Installing Parts in your Vehicle

  • Once you unlock this feature you will be able to install parts in your vehicle.
  • You will start out with a few on the list but all future parts will need to be researched by one of your groups before it is added to the list.
  • Tap on “Main” then “Garage” and at the bottom tap on “Install parts”
  • You will now be taken to a list of available parts.
  • Double tap on the part you wish to install.
  • Choose a group to install it. If you only have one group and they are busy, you will need to wait until they are free to complete this task.
  • Once completed the part will be added and after each race you will see the part upgraded based on how you do in the race. There is a meter that will fill up and when completely filled the part levels up.
  • Leveling up a part increases the attribute numbers of that part and makes it more valuable inside a vehicle increasing the odds a driver will win a race.
Grand Prix Story

Repairing your Vehicle after a Race

  • Each vehicle must be repaired after a race and this will take time and money as well as an educated crew.
  • You can still train while a vehicle is being repaired so use that time wisely.
  • Immediately after a race you will return to your garage and your crew will be repairing your vehicle. There is a bar over them showing the progress. You will have to wait until it is repaired before you can race again.
Grand Prix Story
  • Research points – Your research points are shown in the upper right corner of the game screen by a computer icon. These are very valuable and used to train drivers and mechanics as well as leveling up group members and tech.
  • Discovering research points – As vehicles are developed or repaired research points will be discovered.
  • You must keep your vehicle in repair before you enter a race and keep its durability score above “1” at all times. If it hits “0” the game will make you withdraw from the race.
Grand Prix Story

Hiring and Dismissing Staff

  • You will need to know how to hire mechanics and drivers for your team.
  • Tap on “Main” then “Staff” then “Hire”. You will be shown a screen of all those that applied for a job with you.
  • Tap on the name to see the individual stats of a person. Note that each person brings a certain amount of knowledge in different areas represented by a number. These numbers will improve as you train the employee further but it is best to start out with those that have the highest numbers as long as their salary isn’t too high for you. You will need to try and keep the salary as low as possible in the beginning and once you have a nice amount of money saved up you can start hiring better mechanics and drivers or train your own.
  • Bringing in Funds – Some employees bring in monthly funds for your team. Be sure to hire these when the game makes you aware of them as this is basically free money.
  • Remember to check the hiring list periodically as the people applying on it does change.
  • Dismiss Staff – Use the same menu scrolling down to the bottom to dismiss staff. You may have to do this to hire someone more qualified for your current races or someone who makes less money if you are tight on funds.

Research New Tech

  • Once you unlock this ability you will be able to research parts which can be purchased and installed in your vehicle for maximum performance.
  • You will start out with “Radial Tires, V6 Engine, and Coating”
  • Touch a group to start researching then choose a group to perform the research. This will bring up a menu that shows how long it will take and what you will earn for completing the research.
  • You will need to spend your research points to do research. These are the points in the upper right hand corner with the computer icon.

Training your Mechanics

  • It is important that you train your team mechanics and keep this up at all times as the “Tech” level of your mechanics is what improves the performance of vehicles and parts.
  • Tap on “Main” then “Team” then “Member list” and then on the name of your mechanic.
  • Training – Now you will see a list of activities that are required to train the employee.
  • Each of these activities will cost you several thousands of dollars to complete.
  • Start out with first training activity listed by tapping on it twice.
  • Once the training is complete a screen will appear with the improved numbers in the categories that training has helped them with.
  • The employee will need to be trained several times in each type of job to be fully qualified.
  • Keep training in one area until you see “Successful” instead of “Complete”
  • Mechanics are paid once every month.
  • Mechanic Attributes 1 – Tech, appeal, and analysis. These raise the attributes of their group.
  • Mechanic Attributes 2 – Use research data to increase the level of your mechanics up to a maximum of level 5.
Grand Prix Story

Level up a player using Research Data

  • Tap on “Menu” then “Staff” then “Level up” to reach this screen.
  • Tap on the name of the staff member you wish to level up. When their screen appears tap on “Level up” at the bottom. Confirm the spending of research points.
  • The first level up is five research data points and then it is twenty five and keeps increasing with each level up.
  • Once you successfully level up an employee they will become much more valuable to you with an increase in their numbers and their salary will be increased by several thousands of dollars.
Grand Prix Story

Upgrade your Vehicle

  • You can upgrade either vehicles or parts in the game.
  • Tap on “Main” then “Upgrade” then “Vehicle” to reach this menu.
  • You will next tap on one of four attributes you want to upgrade in the game. These include:
  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Handling
  • Durability
  • The scores of each of these attributes are shown along the bottom. Pay attention to the low numbers and work on these first.
  • You start out with a research data score of “10” for each and will increase up to five times in increments of 10 until you reach a final score of 50.
  • Tap on the area you wish to upgrade then tap on a group to work on it.
  • When completed your vehicle will upgrade a level.
  • You can also upgrade your vehicle a level in races by earning experience by winning them.
  • Upgrading a vehicle will change the appearance of it making it more modern at times.
Grand Prix Story

Scrapping your Vehicle

  • When you are ready to race with a better vehicle you will be able to scrap your current vehicle for all of the research points that were invested into it.
  • To do this go to “Main” then “Garage” then scroll down to the bottom of the menu and tap on “Scrap” and confirm.
  • You will be given the research points and will be prompted to develop a new vehicle. You will have to continue with the Roadster at first but it will be a much better version.
  • This will also unlock a new race at the track. You may want to continue at the first race location with your improved vehicle to rack up prize money.

Grand Prix StoryGrand Prix Story


  • Sponsorships begin when you complete your first race of “Bloomtown” by winning first place.
  • The sponsor will approach you. If you accept the contract you will get a sign on bonus and a payment twice a year. If you do really well you will get periodic bonuses from the sponsor of cash or rare parts for your vehicles that can be researched.
  • At the end of each race after you have a sponsorship it will show you how much progress that particular race had on the effectiveness of the sponsorship. When the meter fills up you will earn a bonus.
  • When you see the empty star fill up to black you have maxed the potential of a sponsorship.
  • You may have multiple sponsorships at once.
Grand Prix Story


  • You have completed the basic game play guide for Grand Prix Story. Be sure to check back often for game updates, Staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here at Gamezebo!