Grand Prix Story 2 Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Racing games are both common and very popular. Part of the reason for this comes down to the simplicity of their gameplay. Go fast, don’t crash. Simple! On the other hand, games that focus primarily on the management aspect of …

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Racing games are both common and very popular. Part of the reason for this comes down to the simplicity of their gameplay. Go fast, don’t crash. Simple! On the other hand, games that focus primarily on the management aspect of building a racing team and bringing them to international dominance, like Grand Prix Story 2 (available now on Android and iOS), are still much rarer. They are also more complex. This means that if you’re coming to Grand Prix Story 2 after reading our review without having played the original or other Kairosoft games, you might find yourself facing a steep learning curve. That’s OK. We’re here to help smooth things out with five tips and tricks for a successful start.

Grand Prix Story 2 Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Break Stuff!

Research points are critical to your success in Grand Prix Story 2 and one of the fastest, easiest & least expensive ways to get them is by dismantling your vehicle (theoretically to better understand how it works). It might sound ominous but don’t worry! You put your little crew of digital mechanics to work putting it back together as soon as the dismantlement is finished. It just means you don’t get to use that vehicle or your mechanics during this time.

Grand Prix Story 2 Vehicle Development

Dismantling your vehicle doesn’t just net you research points. There’s also a very good chance that in rebuilding it you’ll end up with a faster, better handling vehicle (though it’ll be no more durable).

Grand Prix Story 2 Redevelopment Boost

It might help to think of dismantling like prestiging in clicker games. There are some downsides and you’ll want to think twice before doing it in the middle of a grand prix season, but more often than not the rewards are worth it. When’s the right time to dismantle? As soon as the ‘dis.’ button indicates 100% you’re good to go.

Hit the Books

Did we make it clear that research points are important? They’re really important. While you’ll likely be using your research points most frequently to repair your vehicle, especially in the early stages of your career, they can also be used to make permanent improvements to your performance by allowing your team members to learn new skills. They can also be used more to learn more generally about your vehicle. Knowledge is power! Embrace it!

Grand Prix Story 2 Research

Think Before You Hire and Fire

Unlike dismantling your vehicle which we encourage on the regular, it’s a good idea to think carefully before making any decisions about dismantling your team. After several races and a bit of success you’ll be greeted with a prompt about hiring and firing. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Sure, some of your prospective hires come with their own revenue stream, but if you’re investing in training and skill development with your team, bringing someone new into the mix could lead to performance losses rather than gains.

Grand Prix Story 2 Pick a Driver

Grand Prix Story 2 Pick a Driver 2

This isn’t to say you should never replace team members. It’s more a warning to look at the stats carefully before making any costly decisions.

Pace Yourself

Yes, it is little oxymoronic to tell you to pace yourself in a tips guide designed to help you reach your peak performance as quickly as possible. However, whether you’re brand new to Grand Prix Story 2 or a long-time veteran, there just isn’t enough reminders to look after your team. If you want to get ahead quickly, you need to think carefully about how and where you expend your team’s energy. It’s all too tempting after a winning a big coin race to rush to train up your driver as fast as possible, but doing so will mean poor race performance for quite a while after. Driving (or repairing a vehicle) when exhausted isn’t a good idea in real life. It’s not a good idea in Grand Prix Story 2 either.

Grand Prix Story 2 Gameplay 2

Spread your training opportunities across your team and try not to race when your driver’s energy level is below half.

Don’t Wait to Use Your Aura

Congratulations! You’ve done well enough in a race to unlock an aura. That’s fantastic news. Auras provide you with a big one-time speed boost and if the actual boost feature in the game is too expensive for you, it’s the only real way to push yourself to the next level in a race you might be slightly underqualified for.

Grand Prix Story 2 Aura

It might seem like the best way to make use of your aura is to conserve it during your race then apply it at the end for a last-minute push. This is the opposite of ideal. Use your aura right away – don’t even wait until you officially hit the starting line. This’ll help you set your pace for the rest of the race.