Grand Piece Online Races – All Races Listed


There are a bunch of Grand Piece Online races that you can unlock in-game, and each of them changes how it plays. They provide cosmetic differences, provide you with various different gameplay benefits, and more. In this guide, we’re going to detail all of the different races that you can unlock, their roll chance, and everything else you need to know about them.

Grand Piece Online draws inspiration from the hit anime series One Piece, and sends you on a massive adventure across the seas. You explore a wide open world with your friends, discovering new locations, levelling up, and customising your character. If you love One Piece and MMORPGs, you will feel right at home here.

We’ve put together a list of Grand Piece Online codes that you can redeem for goodies. If you’re a fan of Roblox in general, we recommend checking out our Anime Plush Simulator codes, Omega Tower Defense Simulator codes, and Mart Tycoon codes.

Grand Piece Online Races

Below, we’ll round up all of the Grand Piece Online races, and their appearance, benefits, and more.


  • Roll chance: 75%
  • Appearance: Default
  • Benefits: Default

Grand Piece Online Races – Skypian

  • Roll Chance: 15%
  • Appearance: Wings
  • Benefits: Fall damage reduced by 50%, can learn Gliding skill


  • Roll Chance: 5%
  • Appearance: Different skin colours and body types
  • Benefits: Swims faster, holds breath longer, swim with devil fruit, can learn Fishman Karate, and will get attacked by sharks less

Grand Piece Online Races – Mink

  • Roll Chance: 5%
  • Appearance: Different body types
  • Benefit: 10% more stamina, bonus to stun, can learn Electro fighting style, and electrifies the Golden Staff


  • Coming soon!

How do I Change Grand Piece Online Races?

That’s the tricky part. The most reliable method right now to change your Grand Piece Online race is to perform a race reroll, which gives you a percentage chance to change to any of the others.

Alternatively, you can start a new game. Each time you create a new character, you have a chance to become one of the other races.

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