Grand Piece Online Map – All Locations Listed!

I need a map so I can find my boyfrien- I mean Zoro

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In search of a Grand Piece Online Map to help you navigate the seas? We’re here to help! Our Grand Piece Online Map guide has everything you need to know about the map, so you know exactly where to go!

To get started on your adventure, visit the Roblox website. If you need some extra help, we have a Grand Piece Online Ship Tier List and a GPO Doflamingo Guide .

Grand Piece Online Map

Let’s explore the two available maps that there are!

First Sea Map

The First Sea Map is… well… the first map you get when you start your adventure. Below is everything you will find on the map. Including any bosses and purchasable items:


  • Sphinx Island 
    • Purchasable items: Eternal Pose
    • 5%chance to obtain the Gorilla King Crown from the Gorilla King
  • Fisherman Island 
    • Purchasable items: Fisherman Karate
  • Coco Island
    • Purchasable items: Diable Jambe, Gepoo Trainer, Eternal Pose
  • Island Of Zou
    • Purchasable items: Mink Combat, Eternal Pose
    • 50% chance to obtain Carrot from Zou Inhabitants
  • Kori Island
    • Purchasable items: Eternal Pose, Busohoku Haki
  • Roca Island
    • Purchasable items: One Sword Style, Katana, Eternal Pose
    • Colosseum


  • Town Of Beginnings
    • Purchasable items: Rowboat, Caravel, Den Den Mushi, Potions, Wooden Plank, Hamer, Cannon Balls, Shotgun Cannon Balls, Wooden Shovel, Eternal Pose, Pistol, Rifle
    • 50% chance to obtain Eye Patch from Bandit Boss
  • Shell’s Town 
    • Purchasable items: Galleon, Hammer, Positions, Barrels, Eternal Pose
    • 25% chance to obtain the Metal Jaw from Logan
  • Orange Town
    • Purchasable items: Eternal Pose
    • 10% chance to obtain the Buggy Cape from Star Clown

Other Locations

  • Sandora
    • Purchasable items: Eternal Pose
    • 25% chance to obtain the Bazooka from Lucid
  •  Fisherman Cave 
    • Purchasable items: Bubble, Eternal Pose
  • Ryu’s Palace 
    • 5% chance to obtain the Shark Necklace and Ryu’s Blade from Ryu
  • Neptune’s Throne
    • 1% chance to obtain Neptune’s Trident from Neptune
    • 5% chance to obtain Neptune’s Crown from Neptune
  • Marine Base G-1
    • Purchasable items: Eternal Pose
    • 5% chance obtain the Marine Captain’s Cape and Captain Zhen’s Cape from Flame Admiral Zeke
    • 1% chance to obtain Bisento from Flame Admiral Zeke
  • Sea Serpent
    • 1% chance to obtain Sea Serpent’s Core, Slayer’s Armor Set and Slayer’s Mask
    • 5% chance to obtain Seabeast Katana
    • 3% chance to obtain Random Fruit
  • ???? Shrine
    • Can obtain the World Scroll
  • Reverse Mountain
    • Purchasable items: Eternal Pose
  • Mysterious Cliff 
    • Purchasable items: Rokushiki
  • Arlong Park
    • Purchasable items: Eternal Pose
    • 5% chance to obtain Kiribachi from Arlong
  • Land of the Sky 
    • Purchasable items: Eternal Pose, Potions, Kenbunshoku Haki
  • Gravito’s Fort 
    • Purchasable items: Eternal Pose
    • 1% chance to obtain the Hoverboard from Gravito
    • 5% chance to obtain Gravito’s Cape from Gravito
    • 5% chance to obtain Gravity Blade from Gravito
  • Baratie
    • Purchasable items: Black Leg, Eternal Pose
  • Fisherman Colosseum
  • Marine Fort 

Second Sea Map

To get to the Second Sea, you will need to be on Level 325, and you will need to get the World Scroll from the ???? Shrine, which is to the North-West of Marine Base G-1.

Once you have done this, go to Reverse Mountain, where you can hand the World Scroll to the Monkey. He will then grant you access to the Second Sea.

Below is a list of bosses available on the Second Sea:

  • Kraken
  • Pharaoh Akshan
  • Musashi
  • Crab King Cho
  • Borj
  • Moria The Shadow King
  • Ryuma
  • Law
  • Brook
  • Pica
  • Lucy
  • Donmingo

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