Grand Kaizen Quests – Locations, NPCs, and More

This Grand Kaizen Quests guide contains information about all available quests in the Jujutsu Kaisen-inspired Roblox game.

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Trying to find Grand Kaizen quests in-game? All quests are provided by NPCs that can be found around the game map. Further quests will be added to the Roblox game in future updates, and they’ll be added to this guide too!

Grand Kaizen is the Roblox entry into the Jujutsu Kaizen world. Customize your sorcerer and roll for a clan before dropping into all sorts of battle chaos. Train and defeat enemies or brawl with other players to determine the toughest fighter around!

With weapons and curses to collect a-plenty, you can find yourself fully imagined and immersed! So whether you want to grind to be Gojo-level OP, or simply roleplay with friends in the JJK universe, you can do it all in Grand Kaizen!

Find out more about Grand Kaizen by visiting the game’s official Roblox page. We’ve also got a Grand Kaizen Cursed Techniques Tier List, a Grand Kaizen Map guide, and our Grand Kaizen Tier List that ranks all clans.

Grand Kaizen Quests

You’ll need to complete plenty of quests in Grand Kaizen for a bunch of EXP and potential rewards! A lot of the quests require you to defeat mobs and bosses – with the bosses having special drops that have a small drop chance rate!

Peter Level 1+ NPC

  • Offers the quest that tasks you to defeat the Keinor mobs
    • Keinor mobs have 100 HP and drop 15 EXP for each defeat

Megumi Level 10+ NPC

  • Asks you to exorcise a total of 3 Cursed Spirits
    • Cursed Spirit mobs have 130 EXP and drop 20 EXP per defeat
  • Rewards
    • 200 EXP
    • Slaughter Demon Weapon upon completion

Alexia Level 15+ NPC

  • Pick up a quest to defeat the boss, Haruta
    • Haruto has a 2% chance to drop the Hand Sword weapon
    • 300 HP
    • Located after climbing up the stairs behind Megumi
  • Rewards
    • 300 EXP

Shaolin Level 20+ NPC

  • If you walk across the path that goes past the Megumi NPC, you’ll spot Shaolin on the left
  • He asks you to exorcise three Level 2 Cursed Spirits
    • 180 HP each
    • Drops 20 EXP
  • Rewards
    • 500 EXP

Panda Level 75+ NPC

  • Found in Jujutsu High on the right side of the building in the center of the area
  • Gives you the quest to defeat the Maki boss
    • Located on the track at Jujutsu High
    • 500 HP
    • Has a 2% chance to drop the Kento Knife weapon

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