GPO True Demon Baal Drops – Boss Summon and More!

Update 9 is here! What does the GPO True Demon Baal drop upon defeat and how do you summon this formidable boss?

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Who is and what does the GPO True Demon Baal drop? Our complete guide contains information about the boss True Demon Baal. Including where you can find him, the all-important drops, and what they offer.

GPO True Demon Baal Drops

Oops, I dropped something around here!

Who Is The True Demon Baal

True Demon Baal is one of the newest bosses within Update 9 of GPO. This boss is far more powerful than any other mini-boss and can drop up to 3 different items consisting of 2 cosmetics and 1 brand new weapon. The Resurrected Baal will need summoning by inserting Wandering Souls and Zombie Arm drops into a mural on the wall at Transylvania Island within the First Sea.

The drops can be obtained by destroying the Zombie and Ghost NPCs that hang around nearby. Once the drops are inserted then the Baal boss will spawn. During his second phase, he will transport you to a Hell Map where he becomes his True Demon Baal form!

Baal Stats

  • 10k HP in phase one
  • 80k HP in phase two

True Demon Baal Drops

Upon defeating the boss players can receive the following three items at their percentage chance:

  • Hollows Great Sword
    • Legendary
    • 1% Drop Rate
    • Weapon
  • Please hang tight! Update 9 is new so we know there are two more drops from the formidable boss, but we don’t know what they are yet! What we do know is that the remaining two drops are cosmetics which offer the player some buffs.

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