Golf Clash Ball Guide: What’s The Best Ball?

Golf Clash has been around for several years now, so if you are late to join the party, then you have missed out on some useful content. Most new balls are awarded to people competing in tournaments, which might explain …

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Golf Clash has been around for several years now, so if you are late to join the party, then you have missed out on some useful content. Most new balls are awarded to people competing in tournaments, which might explain why you’ve seen pro players with far more colourful balls than you’ve got. But all is not lost, this guide will explain what is the best ball you can get right now.

  • Basic Ball. This ball you start with, it’s free and reliable which means it’s the perfect ball for any novices out there. But this doesn’t mean you should stick with it forever. When you get past the first five tours, you’ll notice more players with various coloured balls, which is probably a good indicator to follow suit. Balls have several bonuses attached and if you want a good ball, pay a good price or get lucky.
Golf Clash
  • Marlin. This is the cheapest of all the balls you can buy, but that doesn’t mean avoid it at all costs. It’s a cheap ball to use in early tournaments to have a distinct advantage over the competition. It has one wind resistance and one side spin, which means it, can make the difference in any courses with a headwind. This ball is best suited to the fifth and sixth tours when you hit the seven-plus mark you will probably need a ball with stronger bonuses.
Golf Clash
  • Navigator. The Navigator is another ball under 100 gems and is best suited to the seventh, eighth and ninth tours. The chests you’ll earn at these levels will make earning 60 gems an easy task. The Navigator has a wind resistance of two and a side spin of one, it’s the first ball available with a power bonus so it has a serious advantage over basic ball users.
Golf Clash
  • Quasar. The same price as the Navigator ball but with slightly different stats. Quasar has only one wind resistance and power but it has two side spin, which means it’s better suited for long holes with tailwinds. Depending on what the wind is doing will make either of these two balls the more effective choice. My advice is to buy both and alternate between them depending on whether the whole has headwind or tailwind.
Golf Clash
  • Titan. The first ball to cost many gems for the full 20 packs. That being said it, you will definitely notice an improvement in your performance as certain impossible shots now become a little easier. Titan comes into its own for the ninth, tenth and eleventh tour where using the previous balls will almost guarantee you trouble. It has two wind resistance and sidespin with a whopping three power. This means holes where you can only make par, are now a lot easier to eagle.
Golf Clash
  • Katana. Much like the Quasar and Navigator rivalry, the Titan versus Katana situation is identical. The Katana has three side spin and two for wind resistance and power, which means it’s better suited to holes that don’t have a headwind. That being said, the extra sidespin is a distinct advantage to have over a player has gone for power. So depending on how you play this could be the ball for you.
Golf Clash
  • Kingmaker. If the name of the ball ever described what it did, then this is the one to do so. It’s by far the most expensive of all the balls with 20 packs setting you back a whopping 13,000 gems. However, it comes with three wind resistance, sidespin and power so it’s understandable where this price tag comes from. You can find this ball in some chests and competing successfully in tournaments but I wouldn’t set your sights on this one because it is hard to get. It is noticeably better than every other ball available, but this doesn’t make it the absolute best ball in the game.
Golf Clash

It’s possible to unlock any of these balls by opening certain chests. So you don’t have to buy a lot of gems to earn any ball, you can get lucky and find one in a chest. Last, you only need one card to use an item which means you need not find the ball 20 times to use it.

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Just to reiterate, there are many balls out there that are better than the seven mentioned above. They have released these balls as rewards from tournaments or special seasonal promotions that have long since expired. Majority of these balls can’t be picked up by an aspiring player so they have been left out of this guide. If you want a breakdown of every ball in the game, then be sure to let us know in the comments below.