Godus: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Ray Willmott |

Welcome to the Godus guide on Gamezebo. Godus is the latest game from 22Cans, is overseen by God-sim mastermind, Peter Molyneux, and is widely regarded as the spiritual successor to Populous.  No pressure, then.

Godus isn’t the most taxing simulator we’ve experienced, in many ways, it’s actually quite simplistic and easy to get to grips with, but there are definitely a few tips and tricks we’ve picked up along the way as we’ve played.  And on iOS, the use of touchscreen definitely changes the experience dramatically from using a mouse.

Here are a few things to bear in mind as you wield your all-mighty God powers and change the fate of the land set before you…


  • When shaping the land, remember you lose more belief the deeper you go. Know exactly how you want to sculpt the land before you do it, otherwise you’ll run out of belief before you know it.
  • Using Rain of Purity on Crop Fields will cause your wheat to grow much quicker. This is a great way to feed starving followers when times are hard and you can’t wait five hours for the next batch.
  • Placing trees near the homes of your Followers will actually cause them to give you more belief, so, where possible, situate trees strategically around a cluster of houses and you’ll be raking it in. Equally, remove all rocks from a habitable area as they will decrease the belief you receive
  • When short of belief, look around. Take down trees and chip away at rocks. Simply hold your finger down on either and they’ll be destroyed. Rocks, in particular, can sometimes give you up to 40 belief at a time.
  • You don’t need to tap every single home to collect their belief. Simply hold down your finger and drag it around the screen to grab your belief in one large clump.


  • Equally, if you hold down your finger, you can also leash multiple followers at one time and have them work on a building to decrease its development time. You can pull them from their homes if they’re not currently working on a project, or even pull them from one project to work on another.
  • Keep building and expanding your empire. Whenever you see a blue figure outline with a hammer above a house, that means a property can be built nearby. The bigger the empire, the less likely your followers are to take refuge with the Astari.
  • Always keep your eyes out for floating multi-coloured discs. This means a chest is nearby. You’ll have to peel back layers of the land in order to reveal its location. Once revealed, simply tap it and you’ll have access to all its contents. Contents vary from a batch of stickers to gems.


  • Astari festivals can draw your followers away if they’re not happy.  Whenever the Astari hold a festival, be prepared to spend wildly to keep your followers, whether that means saving up your gems to purchase a fountain, or keep building trees with stored belief. As long as the smiley face on the slider to the right is above the red mask, you’re doing great.
  • Use your negative God powers wisely. Don’t just go zapping homes with the Finger of God because you’re having a bad day, or don’t build a swamp near a community you’ve been cultivating. The negative impact could have stern consequences for the future of your game.
  • When on a Journey, make sure to plan your route before diving in as the time limit is short. And always stay away from the champions! Prepare your route in advance so your followers do not encounter these oversized oafs. They won’t stand a chance.

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