Gods and Glory Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Gods and Glory might not be the most innovative or exciting game on smartphones, but if its got your claws into you then you’re still going to want to make sure you’re duking it out with the best of them in its fantasy setting.

But don’t worry if you’re a bit lost or confused, because that’s where we come in. We’ve sunk some time into the game and now we’re ready to regale you with the tips and tricks you’re going to need to succeed. And if that wasn’t enough we’ve gone right ahead and tossed some strategies into the mix for you as well. Think of us like your loyal right hand mobile gaming website, always there to chime up with some help as and when it’s required.

The Basics

Gods and Glory Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Follow the quest line – It’s easy enough to wander off on your own at the start of the game, but instead of doing that focus on the little quests you’re being given. These mainly involve building in your city and they’re a good way to fill up your coffers.
  • Recruit, recruit, recruit – Having as varied and strong an army as possible is the key to winning. So whenever you suffer any losses make sure you head straight back to the barracks to conscript a few more willing victims.
  • Save your speed-up tokens – An interesting addition to the game is its fast forward tokens. Save these for when you really need them though, rather than splurging just because you’ve got them.

The Fights

Gods and Glory Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • All about position – The fights are pretty simple, but the most important thing to take into consideration is the positioning of your army. You’ll want to put squishier units like magicians and archers in the back rows, and stronger fighters towards the front.
  • Learn and upgrade – As you fight through the game you’ll find yourself opening up different skill trees for your hero. It’s better to focus on one of these at once. Choose wisely and build up the sort of hero you’d like to play a.
  • Be cautious – You’ll often find yourself close to mines and other structures you can attack. But if the game warns you against it it’s better to back off and try and attack a different territory instead.

Tips and Tricks

Gods and Glory Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Grab what you can – If the game offers you any sort of buff or boost for free then make sure you grab it with both hands. And remember you don’t have to spend everything you get the second you get it. Be smart and you’ll be able to grind through most of the content the game has to offer without spending.
  • Time to stop – When the bigger wait-timers are starting to kick in, consider putting the gamne down and going to do something else. That way everything is going to be in place when you pick it back up again. But with non-critical wait-timers, there’s another way to go about doing things.
  • Keep checking your rewards – There’s always something you can be doing in the game. Check the quest tabs and you’ll find a variety of other options that are essentially just wait-timers that give you something when they’ve counted down. You should always have as many of these going as you can, because rewards are the way to strengthen your army and defeat the enemy.

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