Go-Go Gourmet Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

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Check out our tips & tricks for Go-Go Gourmet.

  • Before you begin a round, look at the list of ingredients and familiarize yourself with the location of all the ingredients in that scene. You have to make several recipes at once so you need to move fast. If you know where everything is you’ll save valuable time.
  • If at any point you need a refresher course on what certain ingredients look like, you can look at the cookbook that is located in the "options" tab in the main menu. The cookbook will also show you each step involved in a variety of dishes from each restaurant. Click on the assorted tabs that surround the cookbook to view each restaurant and their menus. The cookbook will only show you recipes for meals you’ve already prepared. In order to see the whole menu, you will need to finish the game.
  • While playing the game if you can’t seem to find an ingredient, you can press the "hint" button that is located on the lower left hand corner. Once you press the hint button, the item you are looking for will start to pulsate. You will have to wait for the hint button to recharge before you can use it again. If you’re not sure what an item is you can also hover your cursor over an item and it will tell you what it is. The latter might take too much of your time, it is best to know the ingredients as much as possible.
  • You will notice that once you choose an ingredient it will disappear but that is only temporary. The ingredients usually reappear momentarily in the same spot as they were before. This makes it easier to remember where items are since they will be in the same area in that particular level. However, the ingredients will move around from level to level, the layout of the kitchen will change with every new restaurant you visit.
  • Multi-task, always cook something else while you wait for a recipe to finish frying, baking or chopping. You need to get multiple things done at one time or you risk not finishing up in time. As one thing is cooking open a different order tab and start preparing the first step of that dish. While the second dish is cooking go back to the first order and do the next step. This way you will have multiple things going on at once. There is no limit to the amount of orders you can start at one time.
  • Some things take longer than others to prepare, pay attention to how long something takes to finish while they are in different appliances. For example, the food processor only takes a small amount of time to finish, so it’s better to wait until it’s done and immediately after make the next step in the same dish.
  • The oven takes the longest time to cook your food, it is never wise to wait until the oven is done if you have other orders pending. Take that time and start steps in as many other dishes as possible. Even though the pan and the pot make food faster than the oven, you still want to open other tabs and prepare some other dishes while they’re cooking.
  • In order to cook faster, grab the ingredients that are closest to you. A lot of times the same ingredients are scattered all over the kitchen so save time and get things that are in close proximity. Choose ingredients that are close to the stove as well, this way you can cook them right away. You cannot prepare things ahead of time, you have to wait until a previous step is completed before you begin another one.
  • At times the ingredients you are looking for could be camouflaged by something else. A whole fish can be mounted on a wall inside of a picture frame. Things could be splattered across the bottom cabinets or they can blend into the wall. It seems like garlic is always hidden against the same colored items or on the hood of the stove. Things can also hide behind something else; sometimes all you will see is a partial view of an item.
  • Don’t waste too much time looking for an ingredient if it’s taking you away from completing other orders. There will be times that you just can’t find an item and the hint button has not recharged. Move on to other things and go back to that one later, you may find the item you were looking for as you search for something else.
  • Foods that are ready to be delivered can only be delivered while the customer’s order is actually opened. Open the customer’s order, click on the plate to deliver it and immediately after open a different order tab. You don’t have to wait until the order is actually delivered in order to send it. As long as the order tab is open at the time you send the food, it will be done
  • The customer’s icon will show you how much money they have left, how patient they are and if a particular appliance is cooking or not. A customer’s icon is blue at the beginning of a level but will turn red if you make them wait too long. If the customer’s icon is flashing red at the time of delivery you will not receive a tip but you will still get paid for the meal. If the icon starts flashing then you also know that they are about to leave at any moment. You will not lose points if the customer leaves but the money you could have earned from them will be lost.
  • When you have more coins next to a customer’s order, the bigger your tip will be. Your tip will decrease gradually the longer you take to serve a customer.
  • Even if Ginger is standing in front of an ingredient you can still click on it and it will go where it is supposed to. At times Ginger will be blocking your view, eventually she will move to the center of the room. Even if she does not move right away and you know an ingredient is behind her you can click through here and the items will be taken off the list.
  • You can only cook one thing at a time in the oven or the chopper, however, you can cook 2 different things in the frying pans or pots. Just make sure that you are not clicking on the oven when it has something in it since doing so will only be in vain.
  • There are several bonus rounds in which you have to look for hidden items in a variety of ways. The money you earn during these mini games will allow you to purchase upgrades for your restaurant.
  • There is a bonus round in which you have a certain amount of time to look for the ingredients on the list. Don’t dwell on the items that you have a hard time recognizing. Look first for the things that you are most familiar with and then find the rest. Leave the harder items last since there will be less things in the scene to find. Before you start a round and click OK to begin, most of the scene will be visible, only a small area will be blocked by the instructions. Take that moment and look at the scene and the list and you will be able to see where most of the ingredients are in the room.
  • There is another bonus round in which the ingredients are flying around the room. Click on as many flying objects as you can to pass the round. It is best to use the custom cursor in this round because it’s bigger, easier to see and it will allow you to hit the targets easier. If the custom cursor confuses you because it’s a carrot then just use the regular one, you can change your settings from the main menu.
  • In a different bonus round you will have to search for items in the dark. If you find all the items and have time left on the clock you could receive up to a $500 bonus. Before you begin take a quick look at the scene so that you can spot a few items ahead of time. As you finish the original list, other items will become visible at the end of the list. There is also a counter at the bottom that tells you how many objects are left to be found.
  • When you are buying upgrades for the restaurant, you can see what it looks like in the dining room before you buy it. Nothing will be permanent until you actually hit the "buy" button on the lower right corner. Certain upgrades like a piano and a grandfather clock will be awarded to you for free once you reach certain levels.
  • If you don’t think you are going to finish a level with enough points, press the "settings" tab and click on "replay level" and start again. That will bring you back to the level you just came out of. It will save you from having to play rounds that you know you are going to lose.
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