Go-Go Gourmet: Chef of the Year Tips Walkthrough

a:1:i:0;a:2:s:13:”section_title”;s:36:”Go-Go Gourmet: Chef of the Year Tips”;s:12:”section_body”;s:22395:”Check out our strategy guide for Go-Go Gourmet: Chef of the Year.


  • You cannot pick up ingredients in advance. If the items are gray on the list then you will have to wait until they have some color before you can click on them.
  • When you’re looking for items in the kitchen, most ingredients will stay in basically the same place within a restaurant. New items will be added during each level in a restaurant. On the average day you will get between 1-5 new items.
  • Take the time at the beginning of each day to locate the new food items in the kitchen. You will have 3 seconds to view the kitchen and see where the new items have been placed. This is important because you don’t want to waste time looking for things. Seconds wasted can cost you first place.
  • As you unlock new restaurants, items will be added to the menu that represent each location. When you’re in Mexico, you will have taco shells, in Italy you will have several types of pasta etc. When new items are added to the menu, you will see them on the screen before you start a round.
  • Each time you get first place you will get a new item, each item has a different use. In some levels you will be awarded outfits that will increase Ginger’s speed, make the judge’s more patient or that will award you bonus points for each meal you complete.
  • In other levels you will get appliances that work faster like, ovens, pots, pans and food processors. Then you have souvenirs that Ginger collects throughout her trip which don’t help you in the game, they are just for decoration.
  • The ingredients that you click on will automatically go to the cooking station that you need to use next. The exception to that rule is when an item goes from the food processor straight to the oven or stove.
  • Listen to the various sounds in the game. When you hear a doorbell ring it means that a new judge has entered the premises. When you hear the sound of the cuckoo clock it means the restaurant is closed. A beeping sounds means that the restaurant is about to close in a few seconds.
  • You don’t need the sounds to notice all these things happening but they do help you become aware of things that are happening without you having to look up. This is especially helpful when you are concentrating really hard at the task at hand.
  • You don’t have to wait until the food is served to a judge to continue with your other customers. As soon as a meal is ready, open the window to the person it belongs to and serve them their food. Before the food even gets to them you can, click on the next person and prepare their meal. Just make sure that the window is open when you click "deliver" and then go to the next person.
  • There are two ways to deliver a completed meal to a judge, you can click on the serving plate and the food will go to the person who’s window is open. You can also click on the person itself, as long as their window is open and they will receive their food.
  • Even if Ginger is standing in front of an object you can click through her and get an item. There are many occasions in which Ginger is blocking an item that you need to use. If you know the exact location, you can click on it even if Ginger is in the way and it will register.
  • A player gets eliminated at the end of each round. You are in a competition against other chefs and at the end of each restaurant 1 or 2 chefs will be eliminated.
  • If you’re having a hard time figuring out what an item is, you can hover your mouse over it and it will tell you the name of the item. Even though you have the picture of the ingredient by a customer’s order some of them can be hard to tell apart, especially when it comes to herbs like chives and sage etc.
  • You can also look in the recipe book if you need to study the subtle differences amongst all the ingredients.
  • At the end of each restaurant you will earn a recipe that you can actually print out.
  • You can replay any of the rounds whenever you want. Simply click on the "settings" tab and choose "replay" to start over.


  • Ginger should never be standing around. She should always be doing something. While one item is in the stove or in the food processor, you should start on another order.
  • If it’s the last order of the day and food is preparing, look around for the ingredients that you need to pick up and place your cursor on it. As soon as the item becomes colorized, click on it. The less time you take to prepare a meal the more points you will get for each of them.
  • Try to memorize certain recipes so that as soon as you see them come up, you know which ingredients to pick up. All recipe items come out in the same order, if you know the next ingredient that is coming up you will save time because you can be ready for it.
  • Pick up items that are close together so Ginger does not have to walk too far. Minimizing Ginger’s walk will help you complete an order faster thus earning you a higher rating.
  • I would recommend minimizing the screen when you play most time management games and this one is no exception. While the distance that Ginger has to walk is the same, your clicking area will be much smaller, which can help you complete orders faster.
  • Don’t take care of the customers in the order that they appear, it is best to choose them by the power-ups they provide. If you see a judge that has the "Quick Cooking" power-up, take care of his order first so the next few orders will be cooked at lightning speed.
  • If you see a person that has the "Time Freeze" power-up then take care of them right away so you can have some extra time to catch up.
  • When you get the "Hyper Hint" power-up, find as many items as you can in the short amount of time the power-up is available. You can open several windows and click on as many ingredients as you can., Once the hint is done open the windows and complete the meals.
  • It is important to examine the room quickly before a round begins so that you know where certain ingredients are located. If you waste too much time looking for things, your competitors can get ahead of you.
  • In the heat of the moment it can be easy not to see where certain items are. Instead of wasting too much time looking for an item, click on the hint button that is on the lower left side of the screen. The hint button will show you the location of the item that is on top of your list.
  • In "Ginger’s Room" you can switch her outfits around and use one that will benefit you in the area that you are weakest in. If you think that the judge’s are losing patience too quickly, then dress Ginger in the outfit that will increase a judge’s patience.
  • When you get first place in certain rounds you will get some bonus items, like a faster food processor or a pot that cooks food quickly. When the faster appliances are available always choose those over a regular appliance.
  • When it comes to the pots and pans, they can switch positions from level to level. Make sure that you’re using the right one, just because it was on the left in the last round it does not mean it will be on the left for the next round.
  • If you really want to get the number one spot each time, make sure that you stay ahead of the competition. If you know at a certain point that you’re going to lose, just restart the level.
  • Just because you’re 3 or 4 spots away from your competitors it doesn’t mean that you will not get first place. Sometimes it’s good to play the round all the way through to see which spot you land on.
  • The benefit to getting the number one spot is that you will get bonus items that will help you in the game. I’ve compiled a list of which round has the power-ups for each restaurant. Please look at the end of the guide for this list.


  • France is the last restaurant in the competition. If you want to win "Chef of the Year" you have to win every single round in this location.
  • You will compete against Pierre only in this restaurant. You will both cook one dish each; the person that finishes faster will win.
  • You can look under your recipe and see how far ahead of you Pierre is. If Pierre is too far ahead you should restart the level.


  • If you’re having a hard time locating an item, you can click on the hint button and the top item on your list will be revealed.
  • You will see a lit circle around a particular item, the item will also start to pulsate which will make it very easy for you to find.
  • Each time you use the hint button, it will take some time for it to recharge. You can only click on the hint button once it is completely green.
  • There is no penalty given to you when you use a hint so you can use it as often as you like.


  • Once in a while a judge will pop-up and will have an icon next to them. These icons represent power-ups that can help you during the game. In order to get the power-up you must serve that particular judge quickly, otherwise you will not receive it.
  • The power-up will only be awarded to you if the bar underneath each judge is green, once it stops being green you will no longer get it.
  • The location of the power-up on the bar shows you how much time you have in order to get that power-up.
  • Once the power-up starts to flash it means that it is about to disappear. You only have a few seconds to finish the order if you want to get activate it..
  • The power-up will only be activated for a short amount of time, so make sure that you use each one to its fullest capacity while it is on.
  • Here’s a list of each power-up and what it can do.

Time Freeze

  • This power-up is symbolized by the blue icon that has a snowflake inside of it.
  • When it is activated the timer will stop, allowing you to catch up on some orders without the clock ticking at you.

Hyper Hints

  • It is symbolized by the icon of an eye.
  • This is a great power-up because it shows you the ingredients for the order of the customer whose window is open.
  • You will see a lit circle around one of the items on the list.
  • This power-up can save you a lot of time by showing you where each item is located but it doesn’t always give you the items that are close together.
  • If there’s an item that is close by you and the hint is showing you a different item, you can click on another item if it is closer.

Quick Cooking

  • It is symbolized by the icon of a flame.
  • When this power-up is activated all your appliances will work with lightning speed.
  • You will see lit circles around each appliance that will cook faster at the time this is activated.
  • The effect will only last for a short amount of time so cook as many orders as you can. This is a good tool to use when you need to complete several orders at one time, it will help you run through the line quickly.

Judge Freeze

  • It is symbolized by the icon of an hourglass.
  • It will freeze the patience bar of each judge while it is activated, which gives you more time to complete orders.
  • Like all the other power-ups this one only lasts for a few seconds as well.

Score Multiplier

  • The icon for the Score Multiplier is "X2"
  • When it is activated you will get twice the score for any order that you complete during that time.
  • Get as many orders done as you can so you can earn more points before the power-up becomes inactive.

Question Mark

  • Well you guessed it, the icon is of a question mark.
  • When you see this icon and it is activated, the power-up you get will be random. You will see the name of the power-up you received flash on the screen so you know which one is activated.


  • You will receive bonus items when you get the number one spot in each level. That is the only way to earn them.
  • Each new restaurant will have its own set of Bonus Items. They do not carry over from restaurant to restaurant.
  • Some Bonus Items will help you in the game and others will be just for decoration. Here’s a brief description of some of the items and how they work, followed by a list of what to expect in each round in each restaurant.


  • There are three outfits that you can earn during the game that will give you certain advantages in the game.
  • Judge’s patience-This one will increase the amount of time a judge is willing to wait for their food.
  • Casual Outfit-This outfit will make Ginger move faster.
  • Other outfits will give you bonus points for each dish you complete.
  • You will find the clothes hanging in Ginger’s closet in her room. If you’re not taken to Ginger’s Closet automatically you can access it from the main screen, by clicking on "Ginger’s Room."
  • You can mouse over each item and it will tell you what that item is used for.
  • If all you see is the shadow of the outfit, then hovering your mouse over it will tell you which round you need to pass in order to obtain it.
  • You can also click on the outfit that Ginger is wearing and it will tell you what it is used for.
  • You can go to Ginger’s Room and change her outfit at anytime. Simply click on the outfit you want Ginger to wear and she will go behind the curtain and get into her new outfit.


  • When you finish in first place you will get faster appliances.
  • In the case of the pots and pans you will only get one of each, you will never have 2 frying pans that cook faster or two pots at the same time that finish quickly.
  • The faster pot or pan can move locations from round to round. It could be on the left when it was previously on the right. That is why it’s important to know which one is which.
  • A good rule of thumb for the pots and pans is that the faster one will always be bigger and fancier than the one that is slower.
  • When you earn the pots and pans, it will be shown to you at the beginning of the round. Pay close attention to which pot is the fastest so that you can use it as often as possible.


  • These are just items that Ginger has collected in her travels. They do not give you any kind of advantage in the game.


  • Here’s a list of all the bonus items that you will find at each restaurant. Just keep in mind that you will only get the bonus items when you finish in first place.

USA Bonus Items

  • Round 1-Casual Outfit
  • Round 2-Highspeed Food Processor
  • Round 3-Teddy Bear Chef Souvenir
  • Round 5-Formal Chef Outfit-It increases a judge’s patience
  • Round 6-Fashionable Chef Outfit-You will ear bonus points for each dish

China Bonus Items

  • Round 2 Formal Chef Outfit- It increases judge’s patience
  • Round 3-Fast Boiling Pot (orange)
  • Round 4-Rare Porcelain Vase
  • Round 5-Casual Outfit-It will increase Ginger’s Speed
  • Round 6-Fast Frying Pan (looks like a wok)
  • Round 7-Casual Chef outfit-You will earn bonus points for each dish
  • Round 8-Chinese Lantern

Mexico Bonus Items

  • Round 1-Souvenir Mexican Plate
  • Round 2-Casual Outfit
  • Round 3-Super Quick Boiling Pot
  • Round 4-A Mexican Ever Flowering Cactus
  • Round 5-Fashionable Chef Outfit-Increases judge’s patience
  • Round 6-Master Power Oven
  • Round 7-Souvenir Maracas
  • Round 8-Fashionable Chef Outfit-Earn bonus points for each dish

Tropical Island Bonus Items

  • Round 1-Turbo Tiki Food Processor
  • Round 2-Fashionable Outfit-Increases Ginger’s speed
  • Round 3-Rare Conch Shell
  • Round 4-Island Flower Wreath
  • Round 5-Casual Chef Outfit-Increase judge’s patience
  • Round 6-Mrs. Fry Frying Pan-Quick cooking pan
  • Round 7-Souvenir Mask
  • Round 8-Casual Chef Outfit-Earn bonus points for every dish

Russia Bonus Items

  • Round 1-Russian Matreshka Dolls
  • Round 2-Fashionable Chef Outfit-Increases judge’s patience
  • Round 3-Ultra fast Boiling Pot
  • Round 4-Souvenir Spoons
  • Round 5-Fashionable Outfit-Increases Ginger’s Speed
  • Round 6-Russian Wind Food Processor
  • Round 7-Traditional Russian Balalaika
  • Round 8-Fashionable Chef Outfit-Earn bonus points for every dish

Italy Bonus Items

  • Round 1-Tower of Pisa Souvenir
  • Round 2-Professional Non_Stick Frying Pan-cooks really fast
  • Round 3-Formal Chef Outfit-Increases the judge’s patience
  • Round 4-Venetian Mask
  • Round 5-Extra fast Boiling Pot
  • Round 6-Fashionable Outfit-Increases Ginger’s speed
  • Round 7-Master Chef Silver Spoon
  • Round 8-Casual Chef Outfit-Earn Bonus points for every dish

France Bonus Items

  • Round 1-Original French perfume
  • Round 2-Formal outfit-Increases Ginger’s Speed
  • Round 3-Modern French handbag
  • Round 4-Costume which lets Ginger earn bonuses
  • Round 6-Chef of the Year Outfit-Souvenir


  • You will have some bonus rounds after every few levels which will allow you to earn some extra points. Points earned will give you an advantage over your competitors in the next round.
  • When you start most rounds you will most likely be in last place. After you complete the bonus rounds you will be in first place because the points you earned are added to your score.
  • Those few points can make the difference between finishing first or second.
  • If you did not complete the game to your satisfaction, you can replay the bonus round to increase your points.
  • You basically get 1 point for each item that you find or place correctly.
  • Here’s a brief description of all the bonus rounds you will encounter in the game, they are basically the same but they do have slight variations.

Picture Match

  • Grab the ingredients at the bottom of the page and place them in the right place in the kitchen.
  • You will have 2 separate pictures, on one side of the room you will have items on the counters and shelves. The other side will be blank.
  • Take the items at the bottom and place them on the right side so they match the placement of the items on the left.
  • In some rounds you will have to complete this process while in the dark, use the same methods as above but you will only have your spotlight to guide you.

Collect listed ingredients

  • You will have a list of items on the right side of the page. Your goal is to collect as many of those items as you can before time runs out.
  • Not all ingredients in the kitchen will be used.
  • You can only click on an item that is visible, as you find each item, other will be revealed.
  • In some cases you will have to find the list of ingredients in the dark and you will have to use a small light in order to find the item.
  • Even though the screen is dark you can still see the items around the kitchen.

Find the Differences between pictures

  • You have two side by side screens and you have to find what is different from one scene to the next.
  • This one only consists of finding items that are missing from one scene to the next it does not involve looking for subtle differences like color variations or the size of an item.
  • On some occasions the screen will be dark, the spotlight on this occasion will shine on each side of the screen.

Collect all the same items/frying pans/herbs

  • In this bonus round you will have to find only one type of item. The item will be shown to you at the beginning of the level.
  • I found it easier to start on one end of the room and work my way around to the other end.
  • Some items are cleverly hidden so make sure that you check every corner carefully.
  • If you get stuck just use a hint and it will locate one of the items for you.

Collect Completed Dishes

  • You have to collect all the completed dishes before time runs out.
  • You do not collect raw ingredients like flour and butter but you have to collect dishes that are completed like enchiladas, beef stroganoff, desserts, smoothies, etc.
  • If you get stuck and cannot find an item, click on the hint button and it will show you one of the items.


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