Gloria Victis Suet Guide – Everything You Need To Know


Are you looking for a Gloria Victis suet guide? Then you’re in the right place. In this guide, we dive deep into how to acquire suet, what recipes it’s used in, as well as where’s best to find it. By the end of this article, you should be an expert when it comes to suet in Gloria Victis.

Gloria Victis is a Medieval survival MMORPG that focuses on the realism of the world. The game features an interesting non-target combat system that allows you to take more control over your fights with other players. There’s also a complex crafting system, and a player-driven economy.

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Gloria Victis Suet

We’ll now dive into the guide at hand. We’ll break this article down into a few different section to make processing it easier for you.

Suet: Uses And Functionality

Suet is a by-product of a few different things in Gloria Victis. It’s a fairly common item in the game that you can get your hands on relatively easy.

Suet is a requirement of the following recipes:

  • Old Animal’s Strong Tendon Bow
  • Old Animal’s Tendon Bowstring
  • Quilted Flax Canvas
  • Tanned Breast Leather
  • Thick Tanned Leather

Acquiring Suet

There’s a few different ways you can acquire suet in Gloria Victis. For a start, it’s a by-product from a few different recipes. So, if you’ve got the ingredients lying around, craft any one of these as a way to acquire suet…

  • Beast Leather
  • Leather
  • Thick Leather

Suet is also dropped from the following:

  • Jackal
  • Darkhound
  • Great Hunt – Aurochs Event
  • Lynx

Suet is best found while hunting in the village area inbetween Baalhammon and Fort Serai, as lots of lynx roam here.

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