Gloria Victis Resources Guide – Farming, Mining, and More!

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On the hunt for a Gloria Victis resources guide? You’ve come to the right place! Our guide contains all you need to know about the different types of resources available in the MMO. Whether you’re curious about mining, or you’re looking for animal products, we’ve got you covered!

Gloria Victis is a medieval-style MMORPG with a fantastic open world. Immerse yourself in the vast world as you wander through capital cities and verdant fields. Take part in PvE and PvP combat, or relax with an afternoon of fishing and farming. Upgrade and craft new pieces of armor, and equip your character with high-tier weapons to increase your stats!

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Gloria Victis Resources Guide

Now, let’s move on to the guide!

Farming and Crops

  • Arnica
  • Carrot
  • Cereal
  • Cyperus
  • Flax
  • Flowering Plant (to produce Inflorescence Fruit)
  • Garlic
  • Hemp
  • Herbs
  • Fruit Plant
  • Leaf Plant
  • Hops
  • Lemon Balm
  • Onion
  • Parsnip
  • Root Plant
  • Rue
  • Yarrow

Other Plants

  • Saffron – You can purchase this from the Food and Herb merchant, or you can obtain it from farm storehouses.
  • Mistletoe – Hangs on trees

Mining and Ores

  • Coal – For fuel
  • Limonite – For iron lump
  • Pyrite – For steel
  • Tektite – For aqua fortis
  • Sulfur – For aqua fortis
  • Calcite – For dwizer
  • Siderite – For dwizer
  • Quartz – For bulat
  • Magnetite – For bulat
  • Salt – For cooking
  • Limestone – For building materials and lime mortar
  • Clay – For building materials and the construction of a bloomery
  • Gneiss – For building materials and the construction of a furnace
  • Granite – For building materials and the construction of a furnace

Mining Guide

As you traverse through the mines in Gloria Victis, you may come across large deposits of certain minerals – these deposits are called Veins! The overall gathering time is longer than usual, but you can obtain a ton of resources. It’s important to note that the respawn time is quite long, so make sure you gather from Veins as soon as you spot one.

Additionally, if you gather from Veins in groups of 5 or more, you can receive a bonus! If you find a Rare Resource Vein, you can obtain nitre, sulfur, quartz, tektite, siderite, and calcite.

Remember to keep an eye on your map to see if there are any Gold Pickaxe icons! These icons symbolize a spot that has a large number of high-tier materials such as ore, minerals, and stone – including Veins.

Wood and Lumber mills

  • Common Wood
  • Quality Wood
  • Decent Wood
  • Great Wood
  • Excellent Wood

You can use wood to craft and upgrade armor, shields, and weapons. Additionally, you can also use wood to fuel campfires and furnaces. The amount of wood nodes that spawn depends entirely on the level of the lumber mill – keep this in mind when farming for lots of wood!

If you’re looking for the best spot to yield a large amount of high-tier wood, we recommend visiting the Guild Provinces and Holy Temples. Wood can be found throughout the environment in Gloria Victis, so make sure you head out to find more!

Animal Produce

There’s a variety of ways to obtain animal produce!


You can take animal carcasses to the Tailoring and Leatherworking workshop to obtain a variety of resources.

  • Meat
  • Suet
  • Bones
  • Leather

We recommend going to the Tailoring and Leatherworking workshop as soon as possible, as carcasses decay after a total of 7 days. However, you need to make sure you have the Animals Butchering Expanded recipe book, which can be bought from the leatherworking vendor in the capital city. The Glory Quartermaster sells the Beast Butchering recipe book, which allows you to butcher older animals that drop certain materials, we’ll list them below!

  • Old Scavenger
  • Old Bear
  • Old Cave Bear
  • Old Darkhound


You can find farm animals as you wander through the outskirts of the capital cities. Alternatively, you can also purchase them from the Barn Manager NPC, often found stood close to a farm.

  • Chicken – Eggs and Poultry Meat
  • Goat – Milk
  • Cow – Milk
  • Sheep – Wool
  • Pig – Exquisite Venison and Pork


You can either use a fishing rod or fish traps to capture fish. You can use fish to create oil or in your cooking. You can increase your Cooking and Herbalism level by fishing, as it grants a great amount of EXP!

That concludes our Gloria Victis resources guide! For more information about the game, visit the official website or the game’s Steam page.

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