Gloria Victis Farming Guide – Seeds, Soil Quality, and More!

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On the hunt for a Gloria Victis farming guide? We’ve got you covered! Our guide contains all you need to know about the farming system in the game. We’ve made sure to include information about farm land, seeds, and the growth process of your crops!

Gloria Victis is a medieval-style MMORPG with a fantastic open world. Immerse yourself in the vast world as you wander through capital cities and verdant fields. Take part in PvE and PvP combat, or relax with an afternoon of fishing and farming. Upgrade and craft new pieces of armor, and equip your character with high-tier weapons to increase your stats!

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Gloria Victis Farming Guide

Now, let’s move on to the guide!


Let’s discuss farming in Gloria Victis.

Farm Land

Firstly, you can use a farm to grow various crops and house beehives that provide you with beeswax and honey. Similarly to other farming RPG games, the soil quality actually matters. The quality percentage can range between 50% to 100% and determines your yield amounts.

We recommend not focusing on farms close to the capital, as the soil is always lower quality. This means you shouldn’t try to upgrade the location, however, farms that are upgraded house more beehives.


You can purchase seeds for crops from the Food and Herb Merchant NPC in the capital city. Additionally, you can also find seeds randomly as you explore the wild. You can receive brand-new seeds when you harvest crops on a farm!

You can also head to the Sheaf of Cereal to find seeds if you wish to do so, but we recommend purchasing a range of seeds as this tends to be more rewarding in the long term.

To plant these seeds, you can select your chosen seed and select the area where you want to plant it. Keep in mind that you need to water the seed within 1 minute of planting, otherwise the seed disappears.

Farming Activities

One of our favorite parts of farming in Gloria Victis is the farming minigames! These are simple little snippets of farming tasks such as weeding, gathering, watering, and planting.


As mentioned above, watering must be done within 1 minute of planting a seed. You can water your crops further, which rewards you with extra Farming and Forestry EXP. We recommend planting a large number of seeds when it’s raining, as this means you don’t have to water them all at once.


You can only fertilize plants a total of 20 times. This action allows you to speed up the growing process of the crop! Items that perish provide you with fertilizer to use on your farmland. It’s important to note that using fertilizer doesn’t increase your overall yield, it simply speeds up the growth.


As with plants in the real world, they can produce weeds. By weeding plants in Gloria Victis, you can earn extra Forestry and Farming EXP. Additionally, you can also obtain Grubs, Worms, and Beetles which you can use as bait when fishing.


To harvest your crops, you need a scythe that is made from Engineering. The soil quality is pretty handy when you’re trying to maximize your yield when harvesting!

That concludes our Gloria Victis farming guide! For more information about the game, visit the official website or the game’s Steam page.

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