Gloria Victis Builds – Everything You Need To Know


Looking for a decent build in Gloria Victis? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve scoured the Internet, as well as gotten some of our own hands-on experience in order to bring you our Gloria Victis builds guide. This guide will suggest decent, well balanced builds that focus on specific areas in the game.

Gloria Victis is a Medieval survival MMORPG that focuses on the realism of the world. The game features an interesting non-target combat system that allows you to take more control over your fights with other players. There’s also a complex crafting system, and a player-driven economy.

For more information about the game, check out the official Gloria Victis website. If you’re looking for more game guides, check out our Hogwarts Legacy Mandrake location guide, Hogwarts Legacy character customisation guide, and our Juice Pirates codes guide.

Gloria Victis Builds

Without further ado, let’s dive into the builds guide at hand. We’ll split the guide up into a few different sections based on what the build is intended for.


If you’re decent at directional blocking, and know what you’re doing when it comes to combat, then this build might be for you. Designed with high survivability at hand, the Tank/Aggressor are great not only in 1v1s, but also in team fights due to their natural tanky nature.

Passive Abilities

  • Unstoppable: 5/5
  • Survival Instinct: 0/5
  • Last Stand: 0/10
  • What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes Me Stronger: 10/10
  • Sting: 0/10
  • Man Of Steel: 10/10
  • You Shall Not Pass: 0/10
  • Veteran: 10/10
  • Bullseye: 0/10
  • Evade: 10/10
  • Awareness: 0/10
  • Finesse: 5/10
  • Tough One: 9/10
  • Protector: 0/10
  • Breath Control: 10/10
  • Dirty Fighting: 1/10
  • Brute: 0/10
  • Vanguard: 4/10
  • Shieldman: 1/10
  • Athlete: 7/10
  • Strongman: 10/10
  • Shield Bash: 3/5
  • Marksman: 1/5
  • Reaper: 4/5

Gloria Victis Builds FAQ

We’ll now move onto some questions that you may have thought up whilst reading our Gloria Victis builds guide.

How Did You Pick Your Builds?

We picked our builds through taking various aspects of the game into consideration. Mostly, these boiled down to:

  • General community perception
  • Personal experience
  • Consulting other build guides

How Often Will You Update The Build Guide?

You can expect to see an update to our Gloria Victis builds whenever new passive abilities are introduced. It might take us a while to test the abilities for ourselves though, so expect a brief delay.

We also update the list whenever a big balance patch hits, as this will throw the meta out the window. Again, there may be a brief delay as we experiment with the changes and update our rankings. 

Another thing to note is that we’re still testing out the different builds in the game, so our guide will grow over time. You should expect to see more builds appear on this list over the coming weeks. Check back soon!

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