Gloria Victis Beeswax – How To Get The Crafting Material

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Trying to get your hands on a particularly handy resource in Gloria Victis, but not sure how to proceed? We might be able to help you out! Our Gloria Victis beeswax guide is here to detail exactly how and where to get the crafting item.

Gloria Victis is a low-fantasy medieval MMORPG. It comes with a wide world of shifting territories, with ownership of territories determined by huge PVP battles between rival factions.

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Gloria Victis Beeswax Guide

Here we’ll try and answer any questions you have about beeswax, or the game.

What Is Beeswax?

Beeswax is a crafting component in Gloria Victis. You can consume beeswax if you want, though it’s not a particularly good idea. It causes the ‘Intoxication’ effect, cutting Stamina and Health regeneration.

What Can I Use Beeswax For?

Beeswax’s main usage is as a crafting ingredient. Over fifty recipes use the item as a component. A lot of leather equipment requires beeswax in its creation. Possibly most importantly, it’s needed to craft bowstrings. By extension, you’ll also need it if you want to craft bows.

Where Can I Find Beeswax?

You can find beeswax in beehives on farms. Better farmland areas will result in more beehives.

In addition, it can be bought from the NPC merchant Meggy at Audunstede Castle.

Some human enemies will have a chance to drop beeswax on death.

What Is Gloria Victis?

Gloria Victis is an RPG set in the medieval period. It gives you a dynamic, player-driven world to explore and shape. The economy and even the territory leadership runs on player agency. There are PVE dungeons, quests, huge PVP battles between the major factions, and an extensive crafting system. There’s a lot to do.

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