Gloom: Digital Edition Beginner’s Guide – Make Your Family Truly Miserable With These Hints, Tips and Tricks


Gloom: Digital Edition is a brilliant version of the award-winning card game. It’s filled with awesome ideas, hilarious deaths and morbidly magnificent tribulations. While it’s easy to pick up and play, that doesn’t mean there aren’t layers here that you’re going to need to peel back to make sure you’re putting your clan in the most horrendous difficulties possible.

Which is why we’ve put together this guide. It’s filled to the brim with hints, tips and tricks that are going to make sure that your familial slaughter goes without a hitch. 

Check Your Icons

One thing you need to get to grips with is the icons that are on the cards. You’ll find them in the bottom right of the modifier cards you’re laying on your family members, and they can really boost your score if you’re using them wisely.

The icons don’t have any effect on their own, but they interact with other cards. Sometimes you can’t use a modifier unless the character already has the correct story icon. And there are Untimely Death cards that will give a boost to the negative score you earn from the character’s demise. 

Cheer Up Your Foes

You shouldn’t just focus on making your family have a horrible time, you should also be cheering up your opponents. Don’t play cards that have a positive effect on your own board, instead look through the other players’ boards and do some damage to them by putting a smile on your face.

They’ll be trying to do the same to you as well, but the next tip will help you make sure that their efforts come to naught.

Top, Middle, Bottom

It’s important to understand that there are three scoring positions on every character – top, middle and bottom. The cards that you’re playing will have positive and negative attributes in one or more of those places, and you can use that to your advantage when it comes to cancelling out another player’s attempts to make your characters smile.

You can cover up a positive score with a negative one. The game only registers the top-most card on a character, which means that once you’ve covered up a positive score it’s out of the picture. 

Check which position the scores on your modifier cards are before you play them and you’ll find that things get much, much easier.

You Can Only Kill Negative Characters

Sometimes you’ll get cards that you want to use to kill other players’ characters. Usually they’ll give them a happy ending, which will stop your opponent from scoring points with them. However, you can’t just throw them on any character and bring their story to an end.

Untimely Death cards can only be played on characters that have a negative score on them. Happy people live longer, it’s just a fact. Instead use the cards that give a character a happy ending to kill off characters with big negative scores before your opponent gets a chance to snuff them out and nab those points.

Use these tips yourself by downloading Gloom: Digital Edition from the App Store and Google Play Store right now.

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