Ghostbusters World Tips, Cheats and Strategies: We Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts

It’s a Ghostbusters World, and we’re all just living in it. You probably never even knew the world around you was full of ghosts, but the new augmented reality mobile game on the block proves they were there all along if you just knew where to look.

Since they aren’t going to bust themselves, you’re going to need to know how to use the tools of the trade to get them under control. Even better, Ghostbusters World is also a strategy RPG where you can take teams of spirits you’ve captured and put them to work fighting battles on another plane of existence.

All that plus you’ll see characters you’ve known and loved for decades, helping you to get better. We can do that too if you’ll be kind enough to let us, so strap on that proton pack and take in our Ghostbusters World tips and strategies.

How to Catch Ghosts

Don’t cross the streams! Just kidding. It’s just you going one on one versus any number of spooks and spirits in augmented reality in the game’s primary mode. Once you find yourself in a ghost encounter, the idea is to lower its health until it it reaches the point where you can trap it. Just tap the trap button and hold your beam on the ghost to drag it over the trap.

Ghostbusters World

Ghosts fight back too, so when the ‘Counter’ button flashes, you need to tap it ASAP. Otherwise, the attack will hit and your health will go down. If your health is reduced to zero before you can trap the ghost, you’ll lose that encounter.

As you advance in Ghostbusters World, you’ll unlock stronger weapons to take on particularly powerful ghosts. Some of these ghost can’t be trapped, so your goal is just to reduce their health to zero. Unlike your Particle Thrower, though, gear like the Boson Caster and Meson Collider has ammo you need to find or craft.

Bonus tip: In boss battles, you won’t be able to counter attacks. Instead, you’ll want to watch for small areas marked with a crosshairs and hit them with any weapon before the timer expires to prevent them from attacking.

Ghostbusters World

How to Improve Your Gear

As Egon himself tells you in the game, it’s not smart to rely on luck to help you beat more powerful ghosts when you can get the job done with better gear instead. To start improving your Particle Thrower and other helpful equipment, you’ll need to be at least level 3 and go through the prologue section of the game’s story mode.

Once you’ve done that, you can access your equipment menu by tapping on the Ghostbusters logo at the bottom of the main game screen, then tapping ‘Character & Equipment.’ Within the Equipment menu, you can tap on any piece of gear you’ve already unlocked and use the ‘Research’ button to access all of its possible upgrades. Research costs coins and takes a specified amount of time, though you can skip that timer by using Gems (the game’s premium currency) if you want. The same goes for crafting additional traps or ammo, which can also be done from the equipment menu.

Ghostbusters World

To unlock more powerful equipment, all you have to do is keep leveling up. Can’t get any more simple than that.

How to Have the Ghosts Fight for You

One of the cooler parts of Ghostbusters World is that it’s a strategy RPG on top of being an AR ghost-catching adventure. The ghosts you capture turn into the team that fights for you in the RPG portion of the game.

While this mode could be the subject of its very own guide (insert thinking face emoji here), suffice it to say that it’s very much like most strategy RPGs on the market right now, as the ghosts all have basic attacks and secondary special abilities with cooldown timers. Ghosts earn experience in battle but also can be leveled up by sacrificing other ghosts to make them stronger.

Ghostbusters World

To get to the ghost battles, just tap the ‘Ghost Dimension’ button on the main game nav, though you’ll have to be at least level 3 and played through part of chapter 1 of the story mode to do so.

Do You Have to Walk Around to Play Ghostbusters World?

You don’t have to, no. There’s no inherent reward just for walking a la Pokemon GO, and from what we’ve seen, a fair number of ghosts will spawn from time to time no matter where you’re located.

Ghostbusters World

However, on the game map you’ll see Dimensional Doors, where you can receive currency, items and experience. However, there is also an item called the Remote Gate you can install wherever you want, so there’s not necessarily a need to go out and explore — though you’ll level up faster and likely find more different kinds of ghosts if you do.

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