Geometry Slalom Guide: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Allison Reilly |

Geometry Slalom is an action puzzle game from Irrazionali, where players guide their avatar through a series of obstacles. Players work to build the longest combo chains while trying to get to the end of each level. Like many games, Geometry Slalom is easy to learn but difficult to master. This list of tips, cheats and strategies will help you complete all 339 levels in Classic Mode.

  • Play with the music on – The game suggests that it’s “best with headphones.” It seems minor, but do play Geometry Slalom with the sound on, whether or not you use headphones. The sound effects line up with on-screen visual effects, making the game’s mechanics easier to understand and creating a more immersive experience.
  • Look ahead to chart your path forward – Keeping your eyes on the avatar will make it more difficult to avoid obstacles and pass through upcoming gates. By looking ahead, the avatar’s movement is smoother and less erratic.
  • Find a comfortable position to play – To control the avatar, the player needs to keep their finger on the screen. After a while, the finger will drift to the sides or the top of the screen, which can make avoiding a particular obstacle difficult. Removing the finger releases a shockwave (more on that in later tips), which isn’t always the best. It takes some trial and error, but do find a comfortable position so the player doesn’t lose to not having enough screen to move the avatar.
  • Don’t skip gates – Avoiding the gates seems like an obvious way to cheat through the level, but it doesn’t work. Not only are some gates rings with an opening (hit the ring and the player dies), but each level requires a certain number of gates to be cleared. Skipping gates only extends the level and doesn’t bring the player closer to completion.
  • Revives aren’t too important – Revives allow the player to restart a level exactly where they died instead of the beginning. The player can earn additional revives as they complete levels. Revives sound great, but starting at the point of death can be harder than starting at the beginning. Besides, there are infinite lives, so restarting from the very beginning isn’t as bad as it seems.
  • Time using your shockwaves – After a five-gate combo, the player has a shockwave they can unleash to clear upcoming gates and obstacles. Players can use the shockwaves to get out of tricky situations, or to take a moment to readjust your position. As the shockwave clears a path, the player doesn’t have to control the avatar, so it’s a good time to move your finger or take a quick break.
  • Don’t be shy in using shockwaves – Because the player gets a shockwave after every five-gate combo, they aren’t hard to come by. Some levels require more readjustment than others, so use those shockwaves as they come. There’s no need to conserve them.
  • Be prepared after the shockwave is finished – The longer the combo, the longer the shockwave will last. However, the shockwave may not clear through the rest of the level. Be prepared for obstacles and gates to appear once the shockwave is complete. And, since a shockwaves requires a combo, it’s not possible for the player to unleash one right after another to cheat through a level.
  • Overcorrect when moving toward a gate – Especially in the early levels, it’s important not to be cautious when moving to avoid an obstacle or clear a gate. You don’t want to make a mistake, but hesitation could mean you don’t move far enough right or left and inadvertently make the mistake you didn’t want to make. Instead, overcorrect to get a feel for the movement necessary to clear obstacles and gates effortlessly.
  • Don’t forget the green gate at the very end – The only indication of the end of the level is one last green gate. The green gate may be the only green gate in the level. But after a particularly difficult level, make sure not to celebrate too early.

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