Geometry Dash World Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Geometry Dash World is a game of split second reactions. But there are some skills that you can learn to make sure that you’re not going to fail too much. Or that if you are going to fail then you’re going to fail with enough style to make sure you’re going to jump back into the action to try and get the best scores.

Sure, it’s just a one touch arcade bouncer, but it’s got a lot of stuff going on under the hood that you need to pay attention to if you want to be the best. And we’re here to make sure that you are the best, because you being the best makes us super happy. We like being happy. In this article we’re going to walk you through the basics of the game, and then show you some Geometry Dash World tips and tricks that you can start using when your skills are a little bit more advanced. So without further ado, here’s all the tips you need to be the finest Geometry Dash-er that the world has ever seen.

The Basics


  • Slave to the beat – This is definitely a game you want to play with your headphones plugged in. That’s because almost all of the jumps you make are tied in to the beat of the music that’s being played. You don’t need the sound on, but it’s really going to help you out especially when you’re trying to get to grips with things.
  • Learn what you’re doing – Figuring out the moves you need to make is key to success. Essentially you can break down the levels into little sections, adding more as you learn them. It can be a frustrating experience when you mess up, but getting the earlier parts of a level down is key if you want to succeed.

More Tactics

Geometry Dash World Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • What do the buttons do? – Holding down a jump will throw you farther than a simple tap. This means that you’re going to mess things up if you’re not being soft with your taps and touches. Every jump has its own timing and you’ll need to make sure you’re getting them right all the time.
  • What’s that? – By the same token, it’s important to get to grips with what the new bits of level furniture do. When the game introduces a new idea it will walk you through it, so make sure you’re paying attention when it’s showing you what’s going on.

Hints and Tips

Geometry Dash World Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Practice makes perfect – If you want to get the best scores then you’re going to want to do the levels in as few runs as possible. In which case, use the practice modes to get to grips with what you need to do before you jump into the scoring sections.
  • Try the other levels – If you’re stuck in the levels that the developer has made, then try out some of the community levels instead. These pose their own challenges, but they’ll give you something to do rather than punching the screen of your phone or tablet until it shatters into a million pieces.
  • Put it down – This is one of those games where you’re likely to get incredibly angry. To avoid that, when you feel the rage bubbling up, put the game down and go and do something else. You’ll find yourself far more likely to finish a level when you’re fresh then when you’re stressed and foaming at the mouth.

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