Gems of War Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Nadia Oxford |

Gems of War is a match-three puzzle / battle game from 505 Games. In this game, you match up puzzle pieces to power up your army and launch attacks on foes. Gamezebo’s tips, cheats and strategies will provide you with the hlep you need to win the day.

Gems of War Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Collect gold from liberated cities regularly – When you liberate a city, it begins collecting gold for you. Make sure to collect gold often, since the totals stop accumulating once they hit a certain amount. Also, keep playing quests within a city to increase the amount of gold it can collect at one time.
  • Pay attention to the order of your fighters – The first fighter in your line-up is the one that executes physical attacks when three skulls are lined up. Moreover, mana goes to the first fighter in the line-up that has the relevant rune. In other words, the order of your fighters matters, and can definitely make the difference between victory and ruin.
  • Always take the opportunity for an extra turn – If you have the chance to match up four or more mana orbs, take it. Even if the mana match-up doesn’t benefit any of your fighters immediately, you’re granted an extra turn that can come in handy after the pieces have shifted. Also, making the match prevents your foes from making it.
  • Prioritize matching skulls over mana – If there’s a chance to make a match with three or more skulls, always take it (unless you can match four or more mana orbs to get an extra turn). If you don’t, your enemy will.

Gems of War Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Invade other players for gold – Gold is hard to come by in Gems of War. Invade other players for dosh.
  • Use the “Wake the Dead” skill with caution – Undead warriors have a “wake the dead” skill that puts three skulls on the field at random. This doesn’t always equal a match-up in your favor, though. Your opponent may wind up reaping the benefits of those extra skulls instead.
  • Skills that offer an extra turn are very handy – Skills that offer an extra turn in addition to some kind of attack are pretty handy. Consider them when building your team.
  • Log in every day for a loyalty reward – Logging in every day is an easy way to earn more gold in Gems of War. Again, gold can be difficult to earn, so don’t forget!

Gems of War Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Remember to train your troops – Winning matches in Gems of War earns you Souls, which can go back into training your warriors. While your leader levels up organically, troops can only level up via Souls. Go to the “Troops” menu and select a fighter to access the option to train them.
  • Don’t forget to open chests. You may score rare cards – Every so often, you may win an iron key. Use it in the “Chests” menu to score new cards. You get three new cards with every key, and may find a rare fighter among the bunch. You can also buy iron keys for gold, and magic keys (which increase your chances for a rare card) for gems, Gems of War’s purchasable hard currency.

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