Garena Free Fire Guide: Tips, Cheats and Strategies


It’s been out for a while, but Garena Free Fire from developer Garena International has built up an impressively dedicated audience.

It’s another battle royale game, so you know the drill – you’re thrown into slowly shrinking arenas with several other players and must be the last player standing.

You’ll need to be defensive and offensive at the right times to succeed in the game, but there’s a lot more to it than of course. Just follow these tips and strategies and you’ll be a Garena champion in no time.

  • It’s just cosmetic When kitting out your character bear in mind that what they’re wearing is purely cosmetic – but there are key differences between characters. With this in mind make sure you don’t waste too much time kitting yourself out in fancy threads. You’ll look good perhaps, but depending on your outfit you might just end up attracting unwanted attention.
  • Up your arsenal Now those fancy outfits may not be worth spending much time over, but which guns you equip yourself with certainly is. If you prefer close combat you’ll want to grab a shotgun or assault rifle for instance, whereas if you prefer to be a more silent killer the sniper rifle is the best choice.
  • Mapping it out There’s a lot to take in when you play Garena Free Fire for the first time, mainly due to the huge amount of options on screen. One thing you’ll always want to keep an eye on though is the map in the top left which you can tap on to zoom in – here you can see where safe zones, opponents, and danger zones are.
  • Zig-a-zig-ah When you get into a firefight with an opponent that’s far away it’s advisable to turn on the run feature (it’s just above the virtual analogue stick on the left) and zig zag in a generally crazed manner. You’ll become much harder to hit and – hopefully – end up frustrating your opponent into a mistake.
  • Red light spells danger When your gun sight turns red that’s a sign that you have an enemy in front of you. So when you see the sight turn red it’s probably best to fire, especially if you have a clear sight on your foe.
  • Desert island When deciding where to land at the start of a game we advise going somewhere with less buildings. Basically you want to avoid built up areas and early confrontations, because you’ll be without a weapon at the start. Give yourself as long as you can to get your bearings and tool up.
  • Survival first Remember that the aim of the game is to be the last player alive. So whatever you do don’t go into battles all guns blazing – that won’t see you survive for long and will likely lead to you getting picked off by sneakier (read: smarter) players. Play the long game and only open fire when absolutely necessary.
  • Move to live With the above in mind make sure you always keep moving, especially if you’re out in the open. Staying still in Garena Free Fire usually results in a swift and humiliating death.
  • Hearing aid You might be tempted to play Garena Free Fire on mute, but resist that temptation. If you wear headphones you can get priceless audible hints on where enemy fire is coming from.
  • Catching a ride Vehicles are a great way to get around the maps near the start, and are well worth looking out for. Make sure you’re not riding a larger vehicle near the end of death-matches though, as you could find yourself attracting unwanted attention.

Check out Garena Free Fire for yourself now on both Google Play and the App Store.

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