Gardens of Time Walkthrough

Jump in your time machine and search your way through the Gardens of Time to preserve its history and become the newest recruit of the Time Society. Collect beautiful artifacts found in breathtaking scenes and place them in your garden decorating it any way you wish. As your garden grows so does your reputation, which unlocks even more locations to travel to. It is up to you to search through time and protect the world from evil. Gardens of Time is a beautiful hidden object game played on Facebook and developed by Playdom Games. Gamezebo’s Gardens of Time quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, tricks, and hints on how to play your best game.

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Gardens of Time – Game Introduction

Jump in your time machine and search your way through the Gardens of Time to preserve its history and become the newest recruit of the Time Society. Collect beautiful artifacts found in breathtaking scenes and place them in your garden decorating it any way you wish. As your garden grows so does your reputation, which unlocks even more locations to travel to. It is up to you to search through time and protect the world from evil. Gardens of Time is a beautiful hidden object game played on Facebook and developed by Playdom Games. Gamezebo’s Gardens of Time quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, tricks, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • Gardens of Time is played on Facebook and you will need to have a current account to play. If you need to register for a free account click here –
  • Once you have a Facebook account you are ready to play and can click on the “Free – Play Now” button at the top of this page.
  • You will have to allow the game to access your information on Facebook, send you email, and post to your profile page when you tell it to for live feed bonuses to share with neighbors.
  • Once you start the game you will be taken on a brief tutorial where you are to find six items in ancient Egypt to show you how to maneuver around the game screen.
  • You will also be shown how to purchase one of the items found in the scene and how to place it in your garden.
  • You start out with 60 energy, 6,000 silver coins, and 10 gold bars.
  • Game controls – These are found in the upper right corner as you click on the icon with the wrench the menu will expand. You can toggle off game music, sound effects and more. You can also zoom in and out of the scene with the buttons under the settings area.
  • Full screen mode – You can change the game to full screen mode which is much easier to play by clicking on the button at the upper right with the arrows shown in four directions.
  • Move the scene – You can move the screen by holding your left mouse button down and dragging the scene where you want it.
  • Game chapters – There are currently six chapters each with six scenes that can be searched allowing you to level up and over time if you choose obtain four star mastery by replaying the scenes for your best scores. You can use the arrows on each side of the scene menu to scroll between chapters. If a scene is locked, click on it and it will tell you how many reputation points you need to earn to unlock it or you can purchase an instant unlock using gold bars.
  • Game updatesGardens of Time will update every other week adding five new puzzles to the game during each update. Be sure to check back daily!
  • Game mentors – “Alistair Wells” will be the first of many characters that will mentor you through the game and help you with your induction into the Time Society. Read any text spoken by your mentor characters and click on “Next” when you are finished.

Game Currency

  • There are two types of currency in Gardens of Time.
  • Coins – This is the basic currency and you will start out with 6,000 when you begin the game. These are silver coins and you will earn these when you complete hidden object scenes, visit neighbors, and in the form of free gifts from your neighbors in mystery boxes. You can also help out your neighbors or click on live feed links to earn more coins.
  • Gold bars – This is the premium currency and is used to buy special items for your garden and also can be used to speed up processes such as the wait time on construction for an item, which will allow you to access the scene it unlocks immediately.
Gardens of Time
  • Purchase additional gold – You can purchase additional gold several ways. Click on the “Add” button next to each currency indicator at the top left of the screen. You can use a major credit card, PayPal, pay by mobile phone, or Facebook Credits. Gift cards from stores can be redeemed here, and you can also click on a link to earn free gold by visiting certain sponsors and purchasing certain items.
Gardens of Time
  • How to gain additional coins/coin exchange – You can not purchase coins the way you can purchase gold. If you click on “Add” you will be taken to the coin exchange screen shown above. This will allow you to either trade the gold you have on hand for coins or you can specify a certain number of gold bars you wish to trade for coins. Note these rates could change in the future.
  • Leveling up – Each time you level up in the game you will earn either a coin bonus, or a coin and gold bar bonus. Be sure to use your gold bars wisely.

Temporal Energy

  • You will need energy in order to run your time machine and search for hidden objects in the various scenes.
  • Each time you choose a location to search energy points will be deducted from your overall total in quantities of at least 10 energy points per location searched. This amount may increase as you advance in the game.
  • You always have a maximum of 60 temporal energy points. If you earn more via gifts from neighbors or neighbor visits you will notice the number will be over 60 but will turn yellow instead of the normal white.
  • How to obtain more energy – Once you run out of energy you can either wait and let it regenerate over time, ask friends to send it to you, or you can purchase more using gold bars.
  • Purchasing energy – If you run completely out of energy you will be given the option to purchase more or request it from friends. When purchasing, the minimum amount available is five energy points for three gold bars and it is distributed in different bundle packs shown in image above. The more you spend the less you will pay per gold bar.
  • Request energy – From the purchase screen shown in the image above there is also a link to request that your friends send you energy. If your friends respond to the request you will be sent five energy points, or “energy cans,” which can be claimed in the messages area of the game at any time. (See “Claiming gifts” below.)
  • Tip – There is a tab along the top of the energy request area that lets you send the request to “Gardens of Time friends” which shows you a list of all of your Facebook friends that play the game even if they are not yet added to your neighbor list. If you see friends playing the game on this list be sure to send them an invitation to be your neighbor or click on the “Neighbors” tab above the game screen. This will take you to a detailed screen that also gives you this information.
  • Energy cans – Energy cans contain five energy points each. You can access any energy cans gifted to you by clicking on the open box icon, which is where gifts are stored. Click on “Use” and one energy can at a time will be applied to your energy meter.
  • Instant energy refill – Each time you level up in the game your temporal energy meter will be reset at its maximum level.
  • Tip – Friends can also gift you one energy can as the daily free gift. Be sure to send these out to neighbors so they will send you one in return. Once you accept this gift, you must go into the gift section (opened box icon) to claim this item and use it.
  • Tip – If you find yourself very low on energy and you have the funds to spare, check to see how close you are to leveling up. (Place cursor on XP meter) If you are fairly close purchase a building or decor item that will get you there and the energy meter will be refilled to its maximum as a reward for leveling up.
Gardens of Time


  • Reputation is critical in order for you to unlock additional scenes in the game.
  • Reputation is noted with a crown icon over any item which can be seen by placing your cursor over it.
  • Purchasing artifacts, buildings, and decor items from the store and placing them in your garden will increase your reputation. Buildings and artifacts only contribute points once their construction is complete. (See “Purchasing and placing items in your garden” below)
  • Placing decor items can earn you small amounts of reputation with no wait time.
  • Completing reputation quests and Wonder quests can earn you large amounts of reputation points. (See “Wonders” below)
  • Reputation meter – Your reputation level can be seen in the upper right hand corner of the game screen and at any time you can place your cursor over this area and it will tell you how many more reputation points you need until you unlock the next scene. You can also click on a locked scene at any time and you will be notified how many reputation points you need to unlock that scene.
  • Tip – Items already placed in your garden represent a specific amount of reputation which can be seen by placing your cursor over it. If you place an item in storage you will lose the reputation it gains you so be sure to keep all items in the garden once placed. You can remove structures and replace them with items that yield larger amounts of reputation points. Be sure not to lose any reputation points when moving or replacing items.
Gardens of Time
  • XP – Experience Points
  • XP allows you to level up in the game. Each time you complete a hidden object scene, build a building, place decor, visit a neighbor, complete a quest, or click on a bonus reward link in a live feed you will earn additional XP.
  • XP indicator – This is located at the top center of the game screen. Place your cursor here at any time to see how many XP you need to reach the next level of the game.
Gardens of Time

Finding Hidden Objects

  • The game is divided into six chapters (this number may increase) and you will need to complete a certain number of scenes per chapter. Once the scene icon is colored you can play it and you can move between locations if you like.
  • Be sure to look for the “Quest” banner on any scene involved in a current quest that is on the board.
  • If you see a padlock the scene is locked and you must continue to increase your reputation to unlock them, which means building and placing items in your garden. You will need money to do this so you will move back and forth between hidden object scenes and placing items in your garden. Remember you must wait for the construction of buildings to complete before you earn reputation points.
  • You can level up while completing these scenes as the number of XP you earn while searching, building, and visiting neighbors will all contribute to how fast you level up.
  • Click on the quest icons that are located along the left side of the game screen. (See “Quests” below for detailed information.)
Gardens of Time
  • Adventures – Click on the time machine in the center of your garden or on the “Adventures” tab at the bottom left and a menu will appear. Click on the open scene you wish to search and this will cost you at least 10 energy points.
  • Unlocking scenes – Some scenes will require you to have a certain number of neighbors, certain level of reputation, or both. You can use gold bars at any time to unlock any scene in any order you choose but only within the chapters you have unlocked.
  • Mastery stars – You will see in the upper right side of the scene choice screen how many stars you have earned. The first set of scenes requires you to earn 24 stars before you can move on to chapter two. You can always find this information in the upper right corner of the chapter menu.
  • Moving between chapters – Once you have reached level two you can use the arrows to toggle back and forth between chapters. You will reach level two before you complete the star mastery of level one. You may even reach level two before any scenes in it are unlocked. If this is the case keep working on chapter one until you earn enough reputation points to unlock a scene in the next chapter. Clicking on any scene icon will result in a message telling you exactly what you need to unlock it. Gold bars can always be used to unlock any scene instantly but it will be quite expensive.
  • The maximum number of stars you can earn for a scene is four, which means you have obtained mastery of that scene. You can go back to any scene at any time and keep replaying it to earn completed stars. When you finish a scene you will notice that you only earn a percentage of the star based on your score. You will have to play a scene several times before you can master it.
Gardens of Time
  • How to locate hidden objects -You will now be taken to the scene where items are hidden. Along the bottom of the screen you will see the description of the item. Once you find it click on it and it will appear larger for a second and you will see briefly the score you earned for finding it and then the item will disappear from the scene.
  • Once you find an item listed at the bottom of the screen the word will disappear and another will appear in its place until you find the maximum of twelve hidden objects in a scene.
  • Item placement – The items listed at the bottom will be different each time you play and the higher your star mastery the odds are much higher that the hardest to find items will appear in the list for you to find. Items in the scene are always the same; so once you learn where an item is, remember it and the next time you play you will be able to click on it faster. The faster you can click on these items without a mistake the more points you will earn for speed and skill.
  • Chain bonuses – Quickly finding item without any mistakes will earn chaining bonuses, which can increase your point bonus multiple times. Try not to make a mistake and your points will really add up. If you do make a mistake the chain bonus will start over.
  • Hints – See “Hints” below.
Gardens of Time
  • Final scoring/ranking – Once you finish a hidden object scene you will be shown a summary of your score with a breaking down of timing and skill bonus and percentage of stars earned. You will also see a screen showing the ranking of other players in the game.
Gardens of Time
  • Challenging a neighbor – Once you see the ranking menu note there is a “VS” button next to the names of high scorers in the game. You can at any time click on the challenge button and challenge this person to this particular puzzle. You will both earn a bonus for participating, with the winner earning the larger of the two bonuses. You will be notified of who won the challenge once it is accepted and completed.
  • Accepting a challenge – If someone challenges you, you will be notified in the messages area when you load the game. If you click on “Accept” you will be taken to that chapter menu and will see a tiny “VS” icon on that scene. Click on it to play and try to beat the score of the person who challenged you.
Gardens of Time

Locate the Differences

  • Usually in one scene per chapter y]ou will be asked to locate the differences between two split vertical screens. The differences will be items missing from one side or the other.
  • You will be asked to find six differences and you can use any hints available to you to help, but note they will decrease your overall skill and timing bonuses.
  • Once you find an item that is not on the other side click on it (on either side) and it will change the other side to match. If you click on the side where the item is absent it will appear and if you click on the side where it is present it will cause it to appear in that location on the other side.
  • Do this as fast as you can even though there is no time limit, as the faster you complete this the more points you will score overall.
  • The scoring screen is the same as the hidden object screens and you can also challenge others on this puzzle in the ranking menu by clicking on the “VS” button. If you challenge others you will play with a 60 second timer finding as many differences as you can in that minute.
Gardens of Time


  • At the bottom left corner of any hidden object scene you will see a hints menu.
  • There are four types of hints and the first one which is “One extra item” will be unlocked when you start the game. You will get an unlimited amount of these per scene but they will decrease your skill level score if used.
  • One extra item – Unlocked at level one, and has unlimited uses but decreases your skill level score. Causes one item to show itself to you and you must wait one minute for the button to regenerate with color before you can use it again. This hint can not be gifted to you by friends since it is unlimited.
  • Goggles – This unlocks at level five and when you click on it there are goggles attached to your cursor. Anywhere you place it will glow if that item is in your search list. You are given four of these hints per game screen unless someone has gifted you some more and this will decrease your skill level bonus score a little bit if used.
  • Thermometer – This unlocks at level 10 and will tell you if you are getting warmer as you get closer to an item in the search list. You are given three per scene. This can be gifted to you by neighbors once unlocked.
  • Flash – This unlocks at level 15 and briefly flashes all the answers on the screen for a few seconds until you can find the one you need. You are given three of these types of hints per scene. This can be gifted to you by neighbors once unlocked.
  • Time between uses – It may take a certain amount of time after a hint is used before you can use it again. When the color returns to the entire button you can use the hint again. Note the number at the bottom corner as this tells you how many of each hint you have left of a particular type.
  • The higher the level you reach the more hints available to you.
  • Gifting hints – Hints can be gifted to you by neighbors as the daily free gift. Send these out so others will send them to you.
  • Green “+” symbol – If you see a green “+” symbol next to a hint where the number usually is this means you are out of that type of hint and can click on the green symbol to request friends send you more. This will trigger another page to appear so be sure to do it before you start your game.
Gardens of Time

Random Clicking

  • If you decide to just quickly click all over the screen in an attempt to hit a correct answer you will be penalized with a five second blank out of the scene. This occurs in any type of hidden object or find the difference scenes so make sure there is a brief pause between clicks. Speed does count but the game knows when it is too quick.
  • This penalty will hurt your timing and skill bonuses severely so please be sure never to quickly click on a scene while searching for hidden objects or differences.
  • There is a countdown screen that will appear and as soon as it counts down from five you will be able to proceed.
Gardens of Time
Gardens of Time

Scoring/Star Count/High Scores/Rankings

  • As you search for items you will earn points for each item you find.
  • Once you have found all of the items in a scene you will earn time bonuses and skill bonuses that will be listed in a summary screen right after you finish.
  • Chaining bonuses – Each time you click on a correct answer without any mistakes you are starting a chain bonus. The more items you can correctly identify without a mistake in between will allow you to earn a huge number of points and will increase your skill and timing bonuses as well.
  • Star mastery – Each time you play a scene you earn a percentage of a star which is shown as a portion of a circle drawn around a star.
  • You will need to play a scene several times to complete one star and to completely master a scene you will need to earn four stars.
  • Difficulty level – The more stars you have earned on a scene the harder it will be to find items in that scene as the items listed will become more difficult.
  • Tip – In the scene menu for a specific chapter you will see the stars listed under the icon. You can go back to play any scene as many times as you wish. Some people prefer to complete the quests or chapter first and then go back to do star mastery. It is up to you how you want to play. Just note that you have to pay in energy points each time you play so if energy is scarce it is best to use it on your quests first.
  • You will have several quests that have goals asking you to earn a specific number of stars in a location. You will have to visit this one location and search it several times to increase your star count to the level needed to complete the goal.
  • At the end of each hidden object scene you will see a summary score and at the top you will see what percentage of a star you have earned for completing it.
  • Moving to the next chapter – Look at the upper right corner of the chapter scene menu. Once you have earned the maximum number of stars required for a chapter you will advance to the next chapter in the game. You may have advanced to the next chapter but you will only be able to unlock a scene within it once you have the required number of reputation points or if you are willing to purchase an instant unlock with gold bars. You may have to add items to your garden until you have enough reputation points to unlock the scene.
Gardens of Time
Gardens of Time


  • Completing quests is critical to leveling up, earning money and reputation points, unlocking wonders, and moving through the various chapters of the game.
  • The quest icons can always be found on the left side of the game screen.
  • There are usually three icons and each one represents a different category of quests. When you click on the icon you will be shown the current quest for that category and you may see one or more goals to complete before the quest is finished.
  • Top icon – This lists your goals for hidden object scenes. You may have a goal such as earn two stars in a specific scene. (When you visit the scene menu you will see a “Quest” ribbon on any scene with a current goal attached to it.)
  • Middle icon – This has to do with goals associated with visiting neighbors.
  • Bottom icon – This has to do with goals or quests associated with decorating your garden.
  • As you complete goals (there may be just one or several) a green check mark will appear next to the goal and you will see the words “progress” appear next to the icon that it applies to on the main game screen. The game will also prompt you to read goals if they have changed due to your progress.
  • Wonder quests – See “Wonders” for more information.
  • Note – Sometimes there are less than three icons as quests only appear at certain points of the game.
Gardens of Time
  • Finishing a quest – Once you complete a goal a green check mark will appear next to it within the quest menu. Once you complete the entire quest a reward message will appear showing you what you have earned. You will be given a large bonus that you can share with your neighbors via the live feed if you choose. If not just click on the “X” in the upper right corner.
  • A new quest usually appears as soon as you complete one.
Gardens of Time
Gardens of Time

Purchasing and Placing Items to Decorate Your Garden

  • You can place buildings, decor items, artifacts, and pathways in your garden. Click on the “Build” tab at the bottom left.
  • Once this opens run your cursor along the tabs to see what categories are opened. If you place just decoration items you will earn a much smaller amount of reputation points but have no wait time to get them.
  • Gold bar purchases – Purchasing items with gold bars will give you premium goods with the largest number of XP and reputation points available in the game.
  • Buildings and wonders – These earn you the second highest amounts of reputation points in the game. (See “Wonders” below for more information)
  • Purchasing artifacts – These are unlocked by searching hidden object scenes and leveling up in the game. Once you complete a scene successfully this artifact will unlock and you can purchase it and place it in your garden for XP and reputation points.
  • Purchasing buildings – These will earn you large amounts of XP and reputation points. Click on the “Buildings” tab and then run your cursor over any building to see its stats. Cost is located along the bottom and the construction time, XP, and reputation points earned are listed along the top. Once you have made your choice click on “Buy” and you will hear a cash register sound.
  • Placing items – Next you will have the item stuck to your cursor. Place it anywhere in the green grid where you see green under the item. If you see red there isn’t enough room. Click to lock the item in place.
  • If your item has a construction time you will see construction begin on that building. Place your cursor over the construction site at any time to see how much time is left until completion.
Gardens of Time
  • Wait for construction to complete – Once construction has completed you will see the icon shown in the image above. Click on it and the reputation points will be added to your score. You will not earn these points until you complete the structure construction.
  • Purchasing decor items – There is no construction time for decor items they will place immediately for you and earn instant reputation points.
  • Note – Whenever your reputation point goals change within a quest the game will prompt you to read them. (See “Quests” above.)
Gardens of Time

Redesigning Your Garden

  • You can move or flip items in another direction or you can sell the items for a reduced rate or store them for future use.
  • All you need to do is click on the “Build” button and then click on any item you wish to control.
  • A pull down menu will appear that offers you the options to move, flip, store, or sell for a specific amount. Click on what you want and proceed. You will need to confirm selling the items and you will not earn back what you paid for an item.
  • Storage/inventory– If you have an item in storage you want to retrieve click on the build menu and then on the opened box inventory button to access it.
  • Gift storage – After you accept any gift in the messages area it will be found in the gift area. Click on the opened box icon to locate gifts you wish to place in your garden.
Gardens of Time

Expanding Your Garden

  • Click on “Build” then click on the “Grid Expansion” tab, which is the next to last tab next to gifts.
  • You will have to have a certain number or silver coins, reputation points, or neighbors in order to purchase expansions. Sometimes it could be a combination of these items that is required.
  • You can always use gold to bypass the other requirements and expand immediately. There is always an option to purchase with gold bars listed to the right of your available expansion.
  • The entire garden will increase in size once you purchase an expansion and you can begin to rearrange your garden or add more items right away.
Gardens of Time

Inviting/Visiting your Neighbors/”The Befuddled Fairgoer”

  • Neighbors are critical to your success in Gardens of Time. Be sure to check the “Messages” area of the game frequently to accept any friend requests sent to you and be sure to send out invitations daily. (You will be allowed to invite up to 50 people every 24 hours.) Look at the top or the bottom of the game screen and click on “Invite Friends” or on the icon of a man and woman at the bottom left corner with a green “+” sign next to them to bring up the invite neighbor menu at any time.
  • Neighbor menu – Your neighbors are listed along the bottom of the game screen. Click on the “Visit” button to go to their garden and help them out for coin, XP, and energy bonuses.
Gardens of Time
  • Neighbor visit daily reward – Each time you visit a neighbor in a 24 hour period you will earn 15 coins, 50 XP, and one energy can.
Gardens of Time
Gardens of Time
  • “The Befuddled Fairgoer” – Each of your Neighbors will have a “Befuddled Fairgoer” walking around their garden. You may not see people walking around at first, but if you wait a few moments they will enter through the gate entrance at the bottom left side of the screen. You will notice this befuddled person has a “!” symbol above their head. Once you find them click on their character. Now you will be allowed to help them find items they have dropped. You will be taken to a scene where you are given 60 seconds to find as many of the items listed at the bottom of the screen as possible. As soon as you find one item in the list a new one immediately appears. This is also known as “Blitz” or “Blitzing.”
  • Note – If you exit the hidden object scene before you finish the 60 second search you will lose the bonus points and will not be able to continue the game if you reload it.
  • Note – Be sure you do not click too many times in succession because there is a five second screen dark out penalty for rapid clicking.
  • Note – If you wait too long to look for the “Befuddled Fairgoer” they may disappear from the garden so be sure to look right away.
  • Note – If you do not see any people walking around your neighbor’s garden you have probably already visited them in a the last 24 hours and will need to try again later.
  • You will earn a final score and a coin and XP reward when you are finished.
  • Be sure to also look around your neighbor’s garden and see how many beautiful artifacts have been added. The more you play the more of these items you can place in your own garden for others to see when they visit you.
Gardens of Time

Neighbor Requests

  • From time to time a message such as the one shown in the image above will appear on your game screen. Usually if you leave the game for a few minutes or don’t click on anything for awhile these will show up.
  • These messages will only appear if you have neighbors you haven’t visited in a 24 hour period.
  • Click on “Help Neighbor” and you will be taken to their garden as if you were on a normal neighbor visit and you will earn coins, XP, and energy for helping out the “Befuddled Fairgoer.”
Gardens of Time
Gardens of Time


  • Wonders can only be placed by completing quests and then hiring friends to help you build them.
  • Click on the “Build” tab and when the menu expands you will see several category tabs. The tab with the pyramid on it is the “Wonders” tab. You can run your cursor over any wonder to see what quest must be completed to earn it and how many reputation points you will earn once it is completed.
  • The the first wonder which is “Big Ben” can be earned once you complete the “Loose Ends” quest.
  • Once you complete a wonders quest a message will appear as in the second image above. Click on the “Build” tab and then on the “Wonders” tab. You will now see that the word “Use” has appeared under the unlocked wonder. Click on “Use” and place the wonder in your garden.
Gardens of Time
  • Once placed you will be prompted to ask for help to complete its construction. Place your cursor over the wonder and click on the message “Ask your friends to help out”
  • Next, a menu will appear showing you how to finish the building. “Big Ben” requires that you hire three neighbors. Click on “Hire Neighbors” and you will be taken to a menu that allows you to send to “Gardens of Time” friends. Note that this list contains all of your Facebook friends that are playing the game. Some will be on your neighbors list and some may not. This is a great way to get new neighbors and show you who among your friends are playing. Click on the names of those you would like to hire and wait for them to accept. Once all the open positions have been filled you will be notified to complete construction by clicking on the wonder and you will be credited with however many reputation points it is worth.
  • Using gold bars to complete wonders – You also have the option to use gold bars instead of going through the process of asking friends to help and waiting on their responses. You will have to pay per hiring slot and this can be very expensive but will save you a lot of time as it unlocks the wonder immediately. There is a “Finish Instantly” button along side the “Hire Friends” button if you choose to spend your gold bars on it. This hires all friends for you and completes the wonder instantly awarding you with reputation points.
  • Wonders earn you large amounts of reputation points. “Big Ben” earns you 700 reputation points once you place it and complete its construction. Some of the later wonders you can earn will reward you with thousands of reputation points.
  • Accepting help from your friends – After you send out the requests for help you will have to wait for friends to respond. This will earn them a coin and or XP bonus if they help you out. When you reload the game again you will see any responses in the “Message Center” under either the “All” tab or the “Wonders” tab located along the top.
  • Click on “Accept” to anyone that has responded and once you have all positions filled you can complete your wonder by clicking on the construction icon over it.
  • Note – There is a meter inside each wonder construction icon that hovers above it that shows what percentage of construction is completed. This is a good reminder that you need to check the wonders area and send out help requests if it is taking a long time to finish a wonder. If you only need three friends to help and twenty respond they will all earn a reward bonus, not just the people that you accept help from in the wonders area.
Gardens of Time

Daily Free Gifts/Sending and Claiming

  • You will be able to send one free gift per 24 hours to your neighbors.
  • Click on the “Free Gifts” tab at the top left of the game screen or click on the gift box icon at the bottom left of the game screen, or “Return Favor” when someone sends you a gift.
  • You will be able to choose a mystery gift box or other items based on your level. The more you level up the more free gifts unlock for you to choose from.
  • You can send to several people at once if you would like. Check off the names of those you wish to send to and simply click on “Send.” Your neighbor will have to accept the gift and will hopefully return the favor.
  • Tip – Sending hints to people is a great gift as in the higher levels of the game they may really need them and hopefully they will return the favor to you.
  • Tip – Most people tend to send you what you send them so be mindful of what you need and send that item out to your neighbors when sending free daily gifts.
  • Claiming gifts – When you are sent a gift you will be notified via the “Messages” area that opens each time you load the game or you can access it by clicking on the envelope icon at the center bottom of the screen. Once you click on “Accept” you have the option to click on “Return the Favor” which lets you gift that item back to the sender. All claimed items can be found in the gifts or inventory area which is the opened box icon at the bottom center or within the build menu area. Click on “Use” below an item to place it in your garden or to use it in your game.


You have completed the quick start guide for Gardens of Time by Playdom on Facebook. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here at Gamezebo.