Gangstar New Orleans Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Gangstar New Orleans is Gameloft’s crime-focused foray into open world action. Think Grand Theft Auto and you’re not far off from what it’s trying to accomplish. Thanks to its bustling hive of activity, there’s plenty of different things to do from story missions to simply messing around within New Orleans.

To help you figure things out, Gamezebo’s Gangstar New Orleans Tips, Cheats and Strategies will put you through the paces, giving you an introduction to how best to succeed as a crime lord.

Tackle the Missions

  • With any open world game, you’re going to be tempted to just run around and explore. Don’t deprive the missions, though!
  • By tackling each mission, you can progress within the story, earn some cash and items, and generally move forward in the game. Early on, you’ll unlock a lot of new features this way too.

Know your missions types

  • Shooting missions require different preparation to racing or driving missions.
  • When going on a shooting mission, make sure you have the best weapons available to you. They make a significant difference, especially if you upgrade them.
  • Collect ammo as you go. If you don’t collect it by the end of the mission stage, it vanishes, so don’t waste it.
  • Cover is vital so keep behind everything possible. Plan your route accordingly so that you’re never out in the open for too long. It’s the best way to conserve health.

  • Racing missions might offer you a driving route on the minimal, but you don’t have to obey it. Find an alternate route if things get busy up ahead.
  • Similarly, you don’t have to go through the checkpoints exactly where they are. You can drive by them instead.
  • Don’t forget to brake when taking a corner. It might sound obvious but your instinct will be to keep your finger on the accelerator at all times. That’s not always a smart plan.
  • You can work at gaining three stars for each mission but don’t worry about doing it straight away. Speed is of the essence with gaining three stars, so you’re better off returning later on once you’re used to playing the game. Things like owning a fast car or better gun can make a big difference too.

Gaining the extras

  • You get daily quests to complete. They’re often quite simple to finish, and you have the bonus of earning Jar pieces that can be used to craft Premium Jars leading you to cool new items such as weapons, vehicles, or thugs to help you out. It’s worth doing.
  • Don’t forget to Fuse and Evolve your items. There’s a lot of grinding involved but it can be done for free. The only way to increase the stats of your weapons is through fusing them, with evolving leading to extra stars.
  • Each day, you unlock Spirit Jars which work like reward boxes. They come with free stuff like new cars, weapons, health, and more. Every four hours, you get one jar that includes a low value item. Every 24 hours, you get a better form of jar.
  • You can also use the game’s premium currency to buy Premium and Exotic Spirit Jars. It’s worth putting the currency towards these.

Conquering Turfs

  • Conquering Turfs is a key part of the game and there’s a lot to learn. First of all, you need to complete missions in the quarter you want to conquer. That way, you’ll increase your influence enough that you can then raid the turf. Win it, and it’s yours! Providing you can protect it.
  • Protecting it is done through assigning Thugs to the job, with the more Thugs you have, the better protected the quarter is.
  • Because of that, you want to focus on quantity before worrying about upgrading the Thugs you have.

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