Game of Gods Guide: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Sam Simmons |

It’s time to embrace your inner god or goddess with Foursaken Media’s latest hit, Game of Gods. You play as a new god, who has a remarkble dress sense, and you have one job, to protect the god stones. If you are a fan of tower defence games or have always wanted god-like powers, then this is the game for you.

What’s it about?

Game of Gods takes place at a time where demons are destroying everything. There are poor little humans running around who stand no chance against these humongous demons. Don’t let these tiny humans distract you, your main aim is to protect your god stones.

God stones allow a connection between the Hall of Gods and the earth below. Therefore, these demons are hell-bent on destroying these stones. If the demons are successful, then you can’t help any of the humans stuck on earth.

Can I help the humans stuck on earth?

That is entirely up to you! You can either work with Odia or save as many humans as you can, or you can send these souls straight to Faldir, the god of death.

Assisting either of these two gods will enter you into different missions and bonuses. So you get the choice of whether you try to save as many humans as you can, or if they are collateral damage from trying to save the world.

Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Be accurate. Some spells you cast require greater degrees of accuracy than others. The flare spell is just a large explosion, meaning you can affect multiple enemies without being accurate. The lightning bolt or boulder drops are far more precise spells which require precision to do damage.
  • Think ahead. Certain spells do area damage, meaning that if you place them ahead of the enemies, they will do more damage. If you place it directly on the enemy, then they will walk out of the damage zone quicker than if you placed it ahead.
  • Find combinations. You can mix certain spells to deal massive damage to the demons. One example of an effective combination is using the flare attack to knock over the bog tree. The bog tree only lasts a couple of seconds, so before it expires you can use the flare to knock it over. When it falls it deals massive damage to anyone in the blast area.
  • Use all your God Points. At the end of a level, they will award you several God Points. We use these points to upgrade either your spells or your own abilities. There is no bank for these points, so either spend them all or they will disappear.
  • Be good or evil. If you have decided to kill every human then this should be a priority. If you have an even split of killing and saving humans, then you won’t progress quickly. You need to save as many as you can or kill as many as you can. Staying in between the two will not help you progress.
  • Upgrade often. I recommend using all your God Points when you get them, but try to save gold for new items and abilities. Gold is harder to come by then God Points, so it only makes sense to save it up for new spells.
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