Galaga Wars Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Galaga Wars is a mobile rethinking of Bandai Namco’s classic arcade title. A free-to-play game, it has you shooting at endless waves of enemies, all in a bid to get the best high score possible. The general structure of the game isn’t rocket science, but there’s still plenty to figure out here.

Gamezebo’s Galaga Wars Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you get to grips with things and hopefully shoot down a few extra aliens along the way.

Money, Money, Money

Galaga Wars Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • You’ve got two options when it comes to what to buy here. Do you want to spend real money or virtual money?
  • If it’s the former, buy the Sol Valou ship. It comes with some great boosts and it’s pretty tough. Don’t feel like you have to spend real money, though.
  • No matter what – always upgrade your ship. Each upgrade takes money and time. You have to wait for one to finish in order to start on the next, so keep busy. As you level up further, they can take a long time so you want to check in regularly.
  • For the original ship, focus on upgrading the Missile Barrage first. It’s terrifyingly effective, then work on Fire Rate, Jumbo Shot, Turret, and Magnet.
  • Keep them balanced so that no one power-up is ridiculously strong while the others are lousy. Like with so many things, balance is good. If you focus too much on one bonus, you might miss out on some good opportunities with the others.

General Advice

Galaga Wars Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Learn your enemy’s patterns. Like all Galaga games, enemies follow a set structure on how they move. Memorize it and move accordingly so that you can dodge them more easily. Early enemies, in particular, are usually very straight forward and easy to keep an eye out for. Line up your ship (or ships) accordingly.
  • See the red flash on the screen? That’s giving you a heads up on what direction the enemy is coming from. Pay attention! The last thing you want to do is be taken out by an enemy before you’ve even had a chance to get a good look at them.
  • Pattern memorising works with bosses too. They might seem scarier but if you keep a distance from them, you can take them out. Keeping your distance means more time to think through your moves.
  • Don’t bother warping. You’ll often be given warp stones but they’re kind of pointless. By skipping ahead, you ruin your chances of a new top score, so what’s the point?

Galaga Wars Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Adverts are dull but useful. Often, after a good run, you’ll be asked whether you want to watch one to get another continue. Do so. It’ll make all the difference.
  • You can also spend 100 coins to gain a continue, but you might not want to do this. Upgrade are expensive after a time so only do this when you’re really desperate for another run at it. Odds are that hardly ever happens.
  • Log in every day. You get a free box full of good stuff (usually coins and a warp stone), plus there are daily missions to complete. These daily missions are really simple if a little grindy, plus they gain you coins for not much effort.
  • Often, after a session, you get the choice of watching an ad to gain a box. That means more coins and warp stones. Do it!

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