Galactic Allies Walkthrough

Galactic Allies is a Facebook game published by RockYou that lets you take the lead in a war with an alien race. Gamezebo’s Galactic Allies strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips and tricks, hints and cheats to help you win the war.

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Galactic Allies – Game Introduction

Galactic Allies is a Facebook game published by RockYou that lets you take the lead in a war with an alien race. Gamezebo’s Galactic Allies strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips and tricks, hints and cheats to help you win the war.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • Galactic Allies is played on Facebook and you will need to have a current account to play. If you need to register for a free account click here –
  • Once you have a Facebook account you are ready to play and can click on the “Free – Play Now” button at the top of this page.
  • You will be asked to give permission to allow the developer to post messages on your profile page at Facebook. Click on “Allow” and proceed to the game.
  • When you start the game, Admiral Alan walks you through a tutorial, explaining the basics of the game and introducing you to the basics of warfare.

The Basics

Having the whole universe before you can be quite overwhelming; trust us, we’ve been there. What can you do, and how do you know where to go next?

The game is basically made up of three sections: Home, Star Map, and Planets


Home is your home base, a giant floating space ship that holds the ships currently in your fleet, and where you can buy new ships.

Galactic Allies

Star Map

By clicking on the star map, the universe opens up before you. Choose the system you want to travel to in order to see which planets, and possible other locations, are available there. Locations with a grey line and text are not yet available and will open up when you reach the level indicated there.

Galactic Allies

By scrolling over the name of the planet or location, a little frame will appear, informing you about the resources available on that planet. In the red block at the bottom of the frame, you can see what level of pirates you have to fight to be able to land on the planet.

Galactic Allies

When you’ve found the planet or location you want to go to, click on it, and you can choose to either fight the pirates (and see how much energy the fight will cost you), or use Galactic Points to bribe them.

Galactic Allies

Details on fighting pirates are explained in the combat section of this guide. When you have defeated the pirates, make sure you land on the planet quickly, as the pirates return to their blockade within one minute of being defeated. Just click on the planet name once more, and choose land.


The only thing to do on planets is mine for resources, which is pretty easy. The structures you see standing around are mining equipment. By clicking on them, you will receive resources, experience points, and coins, but more importantly, traces of resources will show up all around the equipment. By clicking on these resource veins, you can mine the resource that you are looking for. Each of the types of resource veins available on the planet, will have its own color.

You are limited in how many resources you can mine in one go by the size of your cargo bay, which is shown at the bottom of the screen. When your cargo bay is full, you can choose to use Galactic Points to warp cargo back to base, or return home yourself. Do realize that when you return home yourself, you will need to fight pirates again before you can come back to the planet.

Galactic Allies

Your Battle Fleet

Galactic Allies has three different types of ships: fighters, corvettes, and frigates, which can be bought at your home base. However, intergalactic warfare is not simply a matter of buying the strongest ship and being done with it: each type of ship has strength over another type of ship. While during missions you never know beforehand which ships you’ll be fighting, planets are usually defended by the same type of ships every time. Use this to your advantage by taking the ships that are most effective in that situation whenever you visit that planet.

Galactic Allies

Using research keys, ships can be unlocked and upgraded in the tech tree menu. The total strength of your ship depends on three factors: the class of ship, its weapons, and its shields, each of which can be upgraded separately. By unlocking stronger weapons, these are automatically fitted to each ship of its type, while stronger shields are unlocked for all of your ships simultaneously.

Galactic Allies

Both your weapons and your shields come in two types. For weapons, you have a short-range weapon that fires more, but has less accuracy, and a single shot long-range weapon with better accuracy. Which one you prefer really depends on your playing style: if you move around a lot during battles, getting close to the enemies, the single shot type weapon is best; while if you prefer to sit in a corner and let the enemies come on to you, the long-range weapon is more effective. Ultimately, having a mix of these weapons across your fleet will yield the best results.

Galactic Allies

Similarly, there are two types of shields. There is the shield with higher durability that takes longer to recharge, or the shield with lower durability but faster recharge. In the end, the difference between these is not as big as with the weapons, but the faster recharge usually fits better with a more aggressive playing style.

Galactic Allies

Battle Tips

Battles in Galactic Allies are pretty straight-forward, and will progress even if you don’t do actively do anything. There are, however, a few tips that can make your life easier out there:

  • To select multiple ships, drag a rectangle around them.
  • Make sure that all your ships are actually participating in the battle. Sometimes they just drift around if there’s no enemy near them.
  • If there are asteroids floating around, you can hide behind them. While you can’t fire back that way, if you’re facing gun turrets, it gives you a chance to come out of hiding when the gun is recharging, and retreating when it’s firing. However, asteroids will gradually break over time.
  • If you are fighting multiple ships at the same time and one ship is fleeing, focus your attention on another ship that is currently attacking, minimizing damage to your ships.
  • Your ships will not automatically choose to attack the type of ship they are strongest against. While it’s very hard to constantly reroute every ship, if you notice it, this is an easy way to improve your chances in battle.
Galactic Allies

Note on Difficulty

Galactic Allies is a bit different from most Facebook games, in that simply following the missions will not make you strong enough to constantly progress through the game. If you get stuck at some point, because you’re simply not strong enough to win a certain battle, it is not a problem with the game, you will simply have to do some battles to become stronger.

Eagle’s Point in the Apollo system is always guarded by low level pirates, which you can beat every time. By visiting that planet, and battling the pirates, you will gain enough experience and resources to level up, get more research keys for upgrades and become stronger.


You have completed the quick start guide for Galactic Allies by RockYou. Be sure to check back often for game updates, Staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments, and much more here at Gamezebo.