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Funfari – Game Introduction

Funfari is a popular Facebook game developed by Gameforge. This game is a usual farming game with a twist of Safari theme. The focus of this game is for the player to acquire experience points, coins and jewels by plowing, planting, harvesting plants and by nurturing animals. Unlike any other farm game, this game is very cartoony, very colorful and has isometric view that is easy for the players to make 3D objects. However, the environment of the game tends to be dull because of the color. This quick start guide will provide you with tips to get started playing Funfari.

Getting Started

When the game is loaded, a tutorial box will appear showing the step-by -step process you need to do before playing the game. This also allows you to familiarize yourself with the game interface.

  • First, you need to choose the gender of your character. After choosing, a customize box will appear allowing you to change the color of your character’s hair and skin. There are so many selections to choose from. However, you cannot change your character’s clothes. But, you can always customize your character if you are not satisfied with their looks, just click your character and the customize box will appear again.


  • You are given four plots which crops are ready to be harvest, a banana tree and a hungry lion at the beginning. Harvest your crops and banana tree first so you can have your first money. You can feed the hungry lion by clicking it and remember you don’t need to buy food for your lion.


Tools you can Use

  • Interact – This tool lets your character harvest, water, plow plant and feed animals. This also allows your character to walk. In short, this tool is the basic tool.


  • Construction – This includes “plow”, “move” and “rotate” tool. If you want to add another plot in your farm, click the “Plow” icon and start adding plot. Each plow cost 10 coins. “Move” and “Rotate” buttons are applicable to use for decoration and animals.


  • Sell – This tool is used to sell your stuff. You can actually sell all things in your farm including your plots if you don’t want them anymore.


  • Shop – Clicking this tool will give you selections of stuff you can buy for your farm including seeds, decorations and animals. Each time you level up, you also unlocked items. Items can be purchase using coins and jewels.


  • Achievement – This is where you can see all the titles you received while playing the game.


  • Inbox – There is where you can find all the messages your neighbors sent to you and any updates about the game that you should know.


Coins and Jewels

Coins are Funfari’s money while “Jewels” are the real world money you can have by purchasing using Paypal and other services. You can also purchase coins using your real money. To add coins and jewels, click the “Add Coins and Jewels” button located at the upper right side of the game screen. After clicking the button, you will be directed on the page where you can choose what kind of payment method you can use.

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These two are used to purchase items for your farm. Unlike any other farm game, Funfari offers great selections of items that can be purchase using coins. This game doesn’t let the players spent real money at all and players are given Jewels each time they level up.

Feeding your Animals

When your animals are hungry, you will see bubbles in their heads. Just click your animals and it will automatically eat. No need to purchase for food because it is already given. Feeding your animals will give you experience points so don’t let them be hungry.

Harvesting Crops and Trees

Crops are your major source of coins and experience points. Adding plots in your farm will give you more space to plant, thus, giving you more coins and experience points.


You will know if your plants are ready to be harvest when you see the words “100% ready” and “Click to harvest” upon pointing the “Interactive” tool in your plants. When you see this, just click your crops and they will be harvested. You can also know the harvest time of your crops upon

Adding Neighbors

This is easy and common. To do this, just click the “Add Friend” button at the bottom part of the game screen. You will be directed on the “Add Neighbor” page which shows the list of your Facebook friends. Just select the friend you want to become neighbor and an invitation message will be sent to them. You only have a limit of 24 friends per invite.

Adding neighbor is a big advantage because they will help you earn more experience and coins.

Designing your Farm

Designing your farm is one of the coolest and very fun thing you can do while playing the game. If you’re playing Farmville, I know you already have the insight on how to design your own Safari farm. Farmville and Funfari have the same concept so I know you will not be lost in designing. They almost have same items like trees, animals and building. And since Funfari has an isometric view, it is easy for the players to arrange items to form 3D objects.

If you want to practice making 3D objects in your farm, you can start by making a simple ladder. Crates can be use to make one. The secret is aligning the crates diagonally just like a real stairs. Start in the bottom with 5 crates, followed up by another 5 crates that you will align diagonally and so on until you get your desired length of stair.

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