Fruit Warriors Desert Fragments and Dungeon Guide


Struggling to get the Fruit Warriors Desert Fragments in Roblox? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this very guide, we walk you through all of the steps that you’ll need to complete to get your hands on this elusive item. What’s more, we’ll also detail what the item does so you can make the most out of it.

Explore the world of Fruit Warriors as you discover a variety of powerful fruit. Each fruit falls into the category of common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary! Embark on an adventure to find the rarest fruit of them all as you battle against the enemy. Bosses respawn every 10 minutes and there’s plenty of story progression to play through!

You can learn more about it on Roblox. For more Fruit Warriors content, take a look at our Fruit Warriors codes and Fruit Warriors tier list.

How to Get the Fruit Warriors Desert Fragments

To get all of the Fruit Warriors desert fragments, you have to beat each of these bosses:

  • Gorilla in the Jungle Island
  • Anubis in the Desert Island
  • Yeti in the Snow Island
  • Sky Leader in the Sky Island

Fruit Warriors Desert Fragments FAQ

Now, we’ll answer a few questions you may have regarding the desert fragments.

I Beat the Bosses but Didn’t Get the Desert Fragments?

Unfortunately, the desert fragment isn’t a guaranteed drop, so you may have to kill each of the bosses numerous times until you get this elusive item. It does have a fairly high drop rate though, so you won’t be grinding for too long.

We do recommend that you grab the quest each time though, as you’ll earn a nice bit of cash each time you defeat a boss.

What Does the Desert Fragment Do?

Once you’ve got all four of the desert fragments you can visit the blacksmith in the Sky Island to craft a key that allows you to visit the Desert Dungeon.

Where’s the Desert Dungeon?

The Desert Dungeon is in the desert, and you can access it by finding a section of the floor that lowers when you stand on it. This will take you to the desert dungeon.

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