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Game Introduction – Frozen Free Fall

Frozen Free Fall is a puzzle game from Disney, wherein you will need to make matches in order to clear stages, unlocking even more stages and characters to play as you go. You can follow the story with characters such as Anna, Elsa, Hans, Pabbie while completing levels with their special power-ups. Knowing how to play with each character and complete levels is a big part of the game, and with Gamezebo’s quick start guide you’ll have all of the tips, tricks, and walkthroughs you need to stay ahead of the game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • To get started quickly, go ahead and click on the “Play Now” button at the top of this screen. Frozen Free Fall is a free to play game, so there’s no worry if you discover it’s not your bag.
  • Once you start the game, you will be able to tap on any of the available levels in order to start playing the game.

How to Play

Frozen Free Fall

  • To make matches in the game, you will need to line three of the same colored gems in a row. When you make a match, the matched gems will disappear, causing more gems to fall down and fill the empty space left by the dissolved gems.
  • As you make matches, the bar will fill up at the top of the screen. When the bar fills up, the level will complete. At the end of each level, you will trigger a “Free Fall”. This will trigger any Windchills on screen and cause gems to fall, winning you more points in the process.
  • If you run out of moves before the bar is filled, you will fail the level. At this point, you can choose to retry the level from the beginning or spend real money to continue the level from where you left off.

Frozen Free Fall

  • On the level summary game once you complete it, you will see a breakdown of how you did in the level.  The score you attained while playing it determines the amount of stars you earn in a level.
  • In some levels, you will be required to get certain items to the bottom of the screen. In these levels, you will need to watch for the items such as a crown or goblet and then make matches below them to force them down to the bottom of the screen.


Frozen Free Fall

  • When you manage to match 4 gems of the same color in a row, you will create a “Windchill”.  A “Windchill” is a gem that is extra shiny and when matched with another gem, will explode and destroy the column or row it explodes in.

Frozen Free Fall

  • When you match colors in a “T” or “L” shape, you will create an “Iceberg.” The Iceberg is a gem that will have a snowflake surrounding it. When you match the Iceberg, it will set off its fuse. When the fuse is ignited, the gem will explode eliminating any gem next to it.

Frozen Free Fall

  • When you match 5 gems of the same color in a row, you will create a “Glacier.” Glaciers can be combined with others of its same type to destroy all gems in the level of the same color you matched it with.

Frozen Free Fall

  • When you combine 2 power-ups, it will create a more powerful effect. To do this, swipe on a power-up to place it on top of another power-up.
  • Combining a Windchill with an Iceberg will cause it to eliminate several rows of gems at once, instead of just one row.


  • As you play, you may unlock additional items you can use to make levels easier for you outside of using the standard power-ups.

Frozen Free Fall

  • One of the first items you can use is the Ice Pick. An Ice Pick is used to eliminate one single gem from the board, anywhere it is, regardless of matchability.

Frozen Free Fall

  • Another item you will be able to use is the Snowball. The Snowball allows you to have 5 extra moves you can use in the game. This will give you plenty of extra moves you can use to take on a more difficult level if you’re struggling.
  • The Torch will allow you to eliminate any 8 connected gems in the level. All you have to do is tap on the torch and then on the 8 gems you want to eliminate and then they will burn off the level.
  • A Glacier boost allows you to harness the power of the Glacier power-up, but without having to match 5 gems first. To activate and use it, tap on the Glacier boost and then on the color of gems you want to eliminate.


  • Use power-ups whenever possible. Power-ups are not always available, but when you have them available on the board and an available match, always go for them first. Power-up explosions can sometimes be unpredictable, but almost always work in your favor.
  • Save boosts for when you absolutely need them. You don’t want to use all of your snowballs on one level, as you may need to use them in a more difficult level. Use them as a last resort only.
  • Change characters for different boosts. Each character has specific boosts you can use. Before each level, you can choose which character you’d like to bring along.
  • Use all of your lives at once. Each time you play, try and play for as much time as possible. If you run out of lives, that’s when you should finish your play session. When you come back after a while, your lives should be fully recharged and ready to go.

Frozen Free Fall

  • Some levels will require eliminating obstacles such as snow before you can complete them. Make matches next to these obstacles to get rid of them.


  • You have completed Gamezebo’s quick start guide for Frozen Free Fall. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forums comments and much more here at Gamezebo!

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