Frost Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Lian Amaris |


Frost is a pure and beautiful game where you guide swarms of thousands of independently moving sparks toward glowing orbs where they enter and flourish, unlocking a new level. As you progress, new physics, obstacles, and goals are introduced with many different ways of solving each level. There are no hints or skips in the game, so if you get stuck, you’ll just need to keep working if you want to advance. If your particle streams are dissolving before you can guide them to their goal, or if you just can’t reroute them effectively, here are Gamezebo’s tips, tricks and strategies to make your way through the spectacular universe of Frost.

Learning how different environmental elements act and interact is crucial to your success. Luckily, there is no time limit or energy system to prevent you from experimenting over and over to see how things work and to learn their unique physics. Move all over the space, interact with each set of particles, and see how things react to one another. There is not one correct way to complete a level, so let each new scene be a place to experiment and play.

Build Walls

Frost Tips Cheats Strategies Guide

There are many ways to build walls that will work in your favor. For particles that deflect from paths, you can create a wall by swiping around an area to keep the particle movement enclosed and moving inward.

Frost Tips Cheats Strategies Guide

Yellow light streams can act as walls that also deflect particles in helpful directions; but beware, if you swipe to redirect a yellow beam that is already established, it will break off and let through whatever it was you were trying to keep out.

Redirect Your Energy

Frost Tips Cheats Strategies GuideC-shaped elements are an area to gather energy and inertia and make your streams more robust. As you guide your particles into one of these holding pens, you’ll see that the group starts to move faster and the stream will thicken. Help them along by circling them within and then guide them out again. Your planets will flourish a lot faster.

Reset Often

Frost Tips Cheats Strategies Guide

If you have a particularly dynamic scene with lots of particles triggering others and reacting to different influences, experimenting and then waiting until everything has returned to its original path will be very helpful as you try different techniques. Because many particles are designed to bounce off of others and go back in other directions, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle until things return to normal. Additionally, in many levels, swiping will clear paths for particles to move as you want them to; however, those paths are persistent and if you have any effects that waterfall, that original path may disrupt your flow. To remove a path you’ve drawn, simply tap on the board and it will disappear.

Listen Carefully

Frost Tips Cheats Strategies Guide

I often play games without the sound on in order to still be part of whatever is going on around me, so I do appreciate when sound is not imperative for gameplay success. Frost certainly doesn’t require hearing the sound effects, however, you will gain additional insights into how your actions are impacting the environment and when to expect additional influences in the space. Different sounds notify you of incoming elements, as well as if you are successfully guiding your particles. It seems that the sounds may also be part of the story telling; for example, the broken blue lines entering the scene shown above almost sounded like far-off machine guns and certainly made me think differently about the scene I was working on.

Take A Break

Frost Tips Cheats Strategies Guide

If you get stuck, take a break and come back to the game at another time; this is not really the type of experience to just plow through. Specifically for the scenes with lots of dynamic, interacting components, you’ll want to come back with a fresh perspective if you’ve been trying for too long without success. Remember, there’s no rush to beat the game, so take your time and enjoy it.

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