FRAG Pro Shooter Guide: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Glenn Wilson |


FRAG Pro Shooter from Oh Bibi might be considered a kid’s game at first glance with its bold primary colours and cartoony characters.

But that is certainly not the case. It’s a arena shooter where shoot-outs are fast paced affairs – if you go in expecting an easy ride you’ll be swallowed up and spat out. So with that in mind just check out our tips and tricks for the game below. You’ll be master of the multi-kill in no time.

  • Training time As mentioned above, FRAG Pro Shooter can be a bit much to take in at first. So if you find yourself struggling to get a handle on the action you might want to check out the training mode – which will allow you to try out all the different type of characters.
  • Find your type There are many different types of character to pick from in the FRAG Pro Shooter. You can check out all their own skills and the like via the deck tab. See how their weapon and special power match up to your own play-style and stick with the best fit for you.
  • I have the power! Each character has a special power – make sure you remember to use this in matches, as it can often make the difference between defeat and victory.
  • You card If you have several duplicate cards they can be used to upgrade characters – keep an eye on this via the menu screen, as you may find you can upgrade certain characters massively via unused cards.
  • Good timing Another thing to consider with the special power is to make sure you use it at the right time. Health replenishing powers are best used when your life bat is used for example – whereas any powers that boost attacks are best utilised when you’re in the thick of battle.
  • Mapping it out If you’re struggling to find enemies to blast away at – or are defending the base and want to keep a watchful eye on surroundings – be aware that there’s a mini-map in the top left of the screen. Red marks indicate where your opponents are located.
  • Much needed boost If you find yourself low on health, don’t panic. Get out of the firing zone and find some HP boosters.
  • Keep moving Keeping your gun firing during shoot-outs is a given – but also make sure you keep moving in battles. This will give you a better chance of avoiding attacks.
  • Mix it up Yes, having a character type you stick with is all well and good – but certain battles ask you to mix things up. So although you might prefer a defensive character they may not be what’s needed in a particularly aggressive death-match. So take the opportunity to switch character once you’ve bitten the dust – you can do this by selecting the relevant card before you’re thrown back into the arena, or while playing via the drone view option (in the top left).
  • Level up With the above in mind you may also want to make sure to upgrade all your characters fairly equally – as then when you need a certain type of character you won’t find them lacking when compared to other members of your squad.
  • Cool club You may well want to look into joining a club – these will give you the chance to play with and against other humans, allowing you to learn skills and tricks you’d never pick up from playing AI opponents.

Try out these tips yourself and blast your way to victory by checking out FRAG Pro Shooter on the App Store or Google Play.

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