Fortnite vending machine locations: Where to find them

When you’re fighting for your life to be the last of 100 players to survive, you wouldn’t expect to take a break and use a vending machine. Then again, Fortnite has been full of surprises, often of the whimsical kind, right from the start, so vending machines actually kind of fit right in.

As with other additions to Fortnite like the Dance Floors, the machines were inserted into the game ahead of the time players really needed them, which came during the Week 8 challenges. Before we get into where to find them, let’s talk a little about how to use them.

How to use Fortnite vending machines

Since Fortnite doesn’t have in-game shops (yet!), vending machines are the next best thing. They allow you to trade in building materials — wood, stone and metal — for weapons and items. They’re perfect for games in which you land somewhere and aren’t happy with the gear you find, especially if you have to vacate an area fast because you’re nowhere near the area that’s safe from the storm.

As Epic Games puts it, materials go in, loot comes out.

When you first come across a vending machine, it will have three different items you can purchase, one for each of the three building materials. The items can be of any rarity, and will cost a different amount of material depending on said rarity, like so:

  • Common (white) = 100 materials
  • Uncommon (green) = 200 materials
  • Rare (blue) = 300 materials
  • Epic (purple) = 400 materials
  • Legendary (gold) = 500 materials

Each item will display for a short period of time before switching to the next one. Don’t feel like waiting? You can speed things along by hitting the vending machine with your pickaxe. You can buy as many items as you want from any vending machine as there is no purchase limit, regardless of the rarity of the items for sale.

Where to find Fortnite vending machines

As usual, the people at Fortnite Intel have been all over where to find the vending machines. Here’s their map:

Fortnite vending machine locations
Image credit: Fortnite Intel

Of course, the map only reveals approximately where they are. What we’ll tell you on top of it is that vending machines are almost always found inside, so if you’re near one of the points marked on this map, head inside if you don’t see one out in the open.

Another important thing to note is that the machines appear to rotate randomly, appearing in some of the above locations in every match but not all of them. So if you search for a bit and come up empty, head for the next closest location on the map and you should be okay.

How to complete the vending machine Week 8 challenge

This one is easy: To fulfill the Week 8 challenge, all you need to do is find any of the vending machines and use it. Your best bet is probably to land, immediately start collecting as much wood as you can (since wood is generally easier to find in large quantities than the other materials) and then head for the closest machine location marked on the map. You’ll probably want to have at least 300 wood just in case you run into a machine set to a slightly higher rarity.

Then just purchase something and you’re all set. Maybe some of the easiest five Battle Stars you’ll ever earn playing Fortnite.

Be sure to check out our other Fortnite mobile guides, including tips on combat and building for beginners, where to find Dance Floors to complete the Week 8 Dance Floor challenge, and much more.

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