Fortnite mobile: Where to find the Hidden Gnomes

By Nick Tylwalk |

One of the more amusing content plays that Epic Games has made with Fortnite is the idea of weekly challenges. Not that the normal goings on in the game aren’t entertaining enough, but the addition of extra things to hunt down or accomplish is a great way to help keep things fresh.

In Week 7, one of the challenges involves seeking out and finding Hidden Gnomes. They’re exactly what they sound like: Little gnomes that are located in different places around the Fortnite map, one in each of the named locations. The gnomes give off a crazy laugh as you get closer to them, so you can use the audio to help locate them like you do chests, except that in this case, it’s like following the trail to the Joker.

To actually collect the Hidden Gnomes on mobile, you’ll need to get close to them and tap like you would for any other object with which you can interact. Note that they only spawn once per game, so it’s a race to get to them and you’re likely to run into other

Trying to find them yourself is part of the fun, but we also know that when you’re busy trying to stay alive and eliminate other players, it helps to have a guide to the Hidden Gnomes. So we’re on the case with that, offering you both a general idea of where to search and more specific tips if you want them.

General Map to the Hidden Gnomes

Thanks to some detective work by Fortnite Intel, here’s a map of seven of the Hidden Gnome locations, which is enough to complete this part of the Week 7 challenge.


Simply follow the link above and hit up their article for more detailed directions on how to find each of the Gnomes in those seven locations.

Stop reading now if you want the joy (maybe) of searching for the exact places the Hidden Gnomes are … well, hidden in these spots on the map.

Hidden Gnomes: Detailed Instructions

The fine folks at VG247 have done even more legwork on where to find the Hidden Gnomes in specific places, so if you need step by step instructions, you can thank them. There are even video tutorials courtesy of YouTuber niitq.

Fatal Fields

Perhaps our favorite hiding spot, this one can be found in a haystack in the southeast corner of Fatal Fields. Easier to find than a needle if you ask us.

Flush Factory

This guy is pretty much smack dab in the middle of a factory, in a building within a building. He’s also very appropriately behind a toilet.

Haunted Hills

This Gnome is sitting underneath an archway, and as you can see in the video, you can pickaxe your way to it if necessary.

Junk Junction

Arguably one of the most well-hidden Gnomes, this one is on the top floor of a building slightly east of the area’s center and behind not one but two pieces of furniture.

Lonely Lodge

Check out one of the cabins on the eastern side of the area, and like many of his brethren, you’ll find him in a corner behind some furniture.

Lucky Landing

It pays to check the bathrooms. Destroy the tub in this one and you’ll find another one of the Hidden Gnomes.

Retail Row

The Retail Row Hidden Gnome isn’t in any of the shops, but rather tucked away in its power station.

You now have all the info you need to complete the Hidden Gnomes challenge. Happy hunting, and don’t let their creepy laugh and other noises hant your dreams too much.

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