Football Strike: How to Earn More Coins for Free

Money, money, money, money. Money! Oh, sorry, was just thinking about money and how you need it even in mobile games. Some kind of currency, anyway, and in Football Strike, what you often need is coins.

For starters, while coins don’t get you the best stuff in the game, like equipment bags that open instantly or new soccer balls — you’ll need Cash, the game’s premium currency, for those things — they do help you with one crucial component, which is upgrading your soccer balls (for power, accuracy or curve) or goalkeeping skills. Even once you’ve collected enough cards to level one of them up, you’ll also need a whole bunch of coins to do the actual upgrade.

In addition to that, since each game you play in the Shooting Race or Free Kicks mode is essentially gambling with your coins against those put up by your opponent, it’s difficult to ensure you have a steady stream of them coming in strictly from playing matches. If you hit a rough patch or need to move up to a higher tier where the entrance fee for each match is higher, you can find yourself with a low coin balance awfully quick.

Happily, there are multiple ways to earn free coins in Football Strike, so let’s take a spin through all of them now.

Log in Every Few Hours

Football Strike

Football Strike will simply give you some coins every couple of hours. Like, just hand them over to you. Simply tap the ‘Free rewards’ button near your icon, then look for the ‘Free Coins’ section at the top. If you’ve been there too recently, you’ll also see a countdown timer letting you know exactly when you’ll be able to come back for more.

Underneath the free coins, you’ll also see four daily rewards you can earn simply by watching a video. The first two are usually coins. The third is generally a bag that opens immediately, and some of the goodies inside may also be coins. So as long as you can stomach three short ads for other mobile games per day, you can make out pretty well here.

Make Some Friends

Did you know you can send free coins to your in-game friends? Now you do. Hopefully, they’ll reciprocate, as Football Strike players can send each other coins once per day.

Spin That Wheel

We’re not talking about Wheel of Fortune, but rather the prize wheel that you can spin once per day. While you aren’t guaranteed to win coins, they are on the wheel, and since the other possible prizes are better, you’re going to be satisfied no matter what you get. There’s also a premium wheel you can spin for 99 cents, but we’re talking free coins here, and that’s not really free, is it?

Check Out Your Achievements

Football Strike

Football Strike has 88 (at the time of this article) different achievements it tracks as you play. Some give you Cash upon completion. Others pay out in … wait for it … coins. Take a peek through your achievement list and you just might find something not that difficult to check off that will give you the coins you seek.

Follow these tips and you should keep your coffers at least partly full at all times. We’ve also got more general tips, hints and cheats if you need them, so good luck on the pitch.

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